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The hunt and the Ally -chapter 36


Kade. He was here, right at our borders, we have been tracking the man for weeks with no luck, he was somehow covering his scent and his tracks always evading my scouts, teasing my pack, and promising his revenge. This has to end.

For the pack's sake, for her sake, I need to find him and kill him. 24 years of living out in the open we strived to survive the wilds facing all manner of threats, from rouges to vampires, to hunters. All the cold harsh winters that nearly killed us, all the threats that drove us to continuously move, never being able to settle down and live peacefully. We were always hungry, always suffering, with no home to call our own I swore on my life that my pack would never suffer that fate again, that we would take back our home, reclaim our lands and kill the false alpha that took everything from us.

He was my fathers beta, he had everything but greed pushed him to take, even more, he was hungry for power, convincing others that my parents were unfit for the title, he gathered rouges from outside the borders and promised them a place in the pack, in His pack.

No one saw it coming, no one saw his plans of betrayal until he drugged my parents and slaughtered them in their sleep. My pack members fought back but they were outnumbered, so they had no choice but to take me and flee into the mountains. I was raised in these woods, in these valleys, in these mountains, after finally taking back our home, I will not allow him to take it away again! He escaped me the first time but not again. He will fall at my feet and pay for the crimes he committed.

Being my father's son, I had the blood of a true alpha flowing through my veins, he is nothing but a fake, a wolf without alpha blood cannot be an alpha they always fall eventually.

Running through the woods, the moonlight guided us through the blur of trees, Leiah was by my side, along with several other warriors. The rains had stopped and left the grounds soaked. I could already see frost covering the soaked flora around us. Winter was nearly here and I could tell it was going to be a harsh one.

We passed the cabin close to the border, the scent of rouges was all over the place and they had been here recently. As we ran, shadows started to play tricks on us in the dark. I could see movement out of the corner of my eye and slid to a stop snarling with my fur on end and ears pressed back. The others followed my lead and faced the surrounding forest, I could hear leiahs snarling behind me, she was ready to end this just as I was.

There were shadows moving around us running through the trees approaching quickly and I could see multiple sets of eyes watching us. A lone howl pierced through the night with a grim meaning. Before it faded each of the wolves before us jumped out of the shadows claws and teeth ready, we were outnumbered, just like the night of kades take over, only this time we were ready. We learned from our mistakes and now kade will realize our wrath.

Teeth. claws. Blood. Fur. The sounds of anguished cries and whimpers, the occasional snap of a bone followed by a pained yelp. The fight was bloody. And the number of bodies increased as we went, all rouges. My teeth snapped around the hind leg of rouge and dragged him down as he snapped and swiped his paws in my direction. Leiah pounced on the unsuspecting rouge, digging her teeth into the wolf's neck until he was no longer bleeding. We were all marred with scratches and blood from both sides. As Leiah killed off the last one the remaining three rouges took off into the trees scared for their own lives. Two of the warriors sustained fatal injuries and were being attended to by the others, leaving five of us to continue the hunt. At least a couple dozen body's littered the area around us, all because of kade. He continues to use rouges as pawns and feed them lies and promises.

We've already lost so much time fighting his minions. I looked back to the trees, rage boiling through my blood.

Throwing my head back I howled through the night sending my own message, this was a promise, a promise of kades blood...

2 days later


Walking down into the dungeon I carried a small tray of food. I shuddered at the reoccurring memories of my time spent in this place, none of them all that great, in fact, all were quite terrible. The rouge who had come here to kill axton was locked away here, no doubt in better shape than I ever was, but he still needed food. I had nearly starved down here on multiple occasions I wasn't about to let the same fate happen to anyone else who did not deserve it.

It's been two days since axton and Leiah went out to hunt down my father, no one's heard from them since, then contacted alpha Nathaniel a few times but neither knew of their whereabouts and I was getting worried. I try to keep myself busy by doing a little self-defense training with Ethan and exercising to get stronger but Ethan says he doesn't want to do anything I can't handle and end up accidentally hurting me. So here I was making myself busy once again, with hopes the rouge might have an idea where my father and axton are.

Walking down the steps I made my way over to the man's cell, he was sitting against the wall glaring at nothing in particular. Once he noticed me I had his undivided attention and he seemed to sit up straighter.

Kneeling in front of the cell I slid the tray of food under the bared door. He glanced at the food than me before coming over and indulging himself, to my surprise he didn't just dig into the food like it was his last meal, he took his time eating it like a proper person.

"You're from a pack aren't you?" He raised his head at my question and chewed slowly watching me like a hawk unsure of my intentions. Swallowing his food be wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"And you are not connected to this pack. If it wasn't for your alpha blood and the fact your living here I would've guessed you to be a rouge."

"You can tell?" I looked at him a bit surprised. He nodded and continued eating, taking small bites between his words.

"Pack members all have a hint of similar scent under-toning their own scent, everyone here but you has that pack scent. And your alpha blood isn't very prominent but I can faintly smell it." I nodded, I had forgotten about the pack scent, those things never really made complete sense to me in school because I couldn't smell things like other wolves.

"Why are you working for kade? What happend to your pack?" He was silent for a moment, gazing at his food in deep thought. "They uh, didn't like me after my father failed to protect the luna from an assassination... My dad was her gamma and when she died the alpha lost it, he killed him and a few other pack members. My family was shamed and they threw me out, that was three years ago..."

"Oh..." I stayed quiet for a moment watching him push the food around on his plate, I guess I ruined his appetite.

"My names evony, what about you?" I held out my hand through the bars for him to shake he looked at it confused before looking up at me with a brow arched.

Hesitantly he reached up and shook my hand. "Darin...Your pretty naive aren't you?" His statement had me glaring back at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" He chuckled and shook his head. "Your down here alone with a rouge and just offered to shakey hand? What if I decided to rip your arm off instead? "

Realizing my mistake I pulled my arm away and blushed in embarrassment. He sighed and continued eating. "As for why I was working for kade, he gave me food, and promised me a place as a warrior in his new pack, I knew it was stupid but I was desperate."

"Now you tell me what are you doing here little alpha, you and the big guy, a thing?" I instantly blushed and looked away waving my hands in front of me. "No no no, we aren't...a thing... I'm kinda just here, as...well...his pet." The man before me nearly spit out his drink at the term pet, but quickly swallowed it and coughed to clear his throat.

"Why the hell is the winter moon packs alpha keeping the daughter of another alpha, as a pet!? Is he asking for a bloody war?!"

"It's not like that, it's... Complicated. You see this was my old pack my father is alpha kade, axton came here and took over, chasing kade out. Now he's trying to hunt my father down before something else happens." The man looked at me like I was crazy or out of my mind, before wiping his mouth and replying with a snarky comment. "Right and I'm the king of the vampires."

Huffing I crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm serious! I didn't just make it up!" He only hummed in response sarcastically while finishing off his drink.

"I have a question, do you know where kade is or might be? Axton hasn't returned yet, if you have any idea then we might be able to find him."

He shook his head. "No idea sweetheart even if I did not sure if tell you."

"Why not? Don't you want to get out of this cell?" I sat up a bit upset. He only sighed and laid back.

"Sweetheart, the longer that man stays away, the more time I have left to live, he'll probably kill me once he comes back."

My sudden anger sizzled down and I went back to sitting before his cell. "Axton isn't like that he wouldn't just kill you."

Darin scoffed and stared at the ceiling. "Yeah your right, he'll probably beat the shit out of me first."

I sat there in silence thinking about how axton would react once he returned and if he was really capable of such, but my doubts were quickly blown away at the thought. Axton was most definitely capable of such, I would have to talk to him about it... This man didn't deserve death, he was here because of my father.

"I'll talk to him into letting you go. Maybe if you help us you could have a place here in the pack." He sat up and looked at me to see if I was serious, and started to contemplate his choices.

"Deal, but only if you answer me one question." I tilted my head curiously and nodded. He looked at me seriously, as his blue eyes stared back at me. "Why haven't you run away? Surely you could have escaped, especially during the storm., they wouldn't have been able to track you, you wouldn't have to be his... His pet."

I stared at my hands and thought about what it would mean to run away, for some reason the idea upset me greatly, even before I had seen axtons good side, it didn't sit right with me it never has, and I'm not sure it ever will. I don't know why the idea of running away from axton upset me so, maybe because I have friends here, because I felt safe? Something told me there was a different reason but I couldn't quite figure it out. Sighing I stood up.

"I guess it's because this is where I belong."

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