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His return- chapter 37


Three days and still no one has heard from Axton. Him, Leiah and a few others were gone and had still yet to return. Before Axton left he appointed ethan as the pack's new beta, usually this would be cause for celebration but everyone was too worried about my father, and ethan was too busy taking care of things. Occasionally we would go out and train but it wasn't much. Only a few tactics of how to dodge or redirect blunt attacks I wish I had known these moves before but something tells me even if I did, I would have never used them. Especially after how I reacted to the news of my father. I was still frightened of him.

When Darin appeared out of nowhere and axton confronted him about working for my father, I nearly blacked out. I had thought he was here to kill me, that my father sent him to finally finish me off, but it was all a mistake he wasn't after me he was after the alpha. I was nothing to him now, not that I ever was but deep down it stung knowing my only family thought of me as nothing more than a nuisance.

I could faintly hear the mumbled voice of ethan talking on the phone in the lounge, he has had a lot of back and forth calls between him and alpha Nathaniel of the blood moon pack. I knew very little about alpha Nathaniel but i knew he was important, axton had mentioned his name once or twice, including the night Darin appeared. Ethan had said there were some family relations between the packs when axtons parents had ruled but he didn't get into much detail, the most I got out of him was that the blood moon pack was the second largest pack in the country and they were good allies.

Whoever alpha Nathaniel is, I just hope he can help us end this fight between my father and the pack before someone I care about gets hurt.

Laying in bed I stared out at the sky through the window, the setting sun bathing it in an orange-red glow. A quiet knock sounded at the door as ethan walked in and gave me a small smile. I sat up as he came over and sat on the edge of the bed beside me.

"The alpha of the blood moon pack should be here in a day or two, depending on his flight and if there are any delays. he's bringing a few men to help guard the pack border and we plan to go searching for axton if he isn't back by the time they arrive. " I only nodded and stared at the bedsheets in my hand, recently I had found some sense of comfort staying in the room, something about the scent put me at ease, it was strange having my senses slowly get stronger, now I can sort out different things around me by smell, my reflexes had become somewhat faster because of my eyesight and hearing as well. Supposedly it's my wolf finally emerging that's causing the change but I still have yet to notice anything else.

He sighed and ruffled up my hair, earning my groan of disapproval and a stern glare. "I'm starting to think you've been hanging out too much with that asshole, your all sulky and grumpy now, your gonna start looking like him too!" He pinched my cheek lightly and I smacked his hand away.

"He's not always grumpy." I gave him a small smile back.

"No but he's definitely an idiot at times, I don't know how he comes up with half the stuff he does, in all honesty, he needs to man up and face what's to come, not hide behind his secrets and keep skeletons in the closet." I understood what ethan was getting at, I've known for a while that axton has been hiding things, im not sure what they are or why but I know he has good intentions, he's done nothing but improved relations within the pack and provided everything we need, no matter what I couldn't bring myself to hate him, it just feels wrong.

"He's a good man. I trust him you should too, after all, your now our beta he trusts you more than anyone if you really think he's doing something wrong then maybe just talk to him about it, im sure he would understand, why else would he have appointed your beta? "

Ethan hummed in response deep in thought. Perking up he took on a grin. "Maybe for my good looks and charms, with me around he doesn't have to worry about the ladies flocking on him!" I snorted and punched his shoulder.

"You know he needs you, his old beta betrayed his trust, and my father did the same with his parents, he needs someone like you, someone he can really rely on." He chuckled and sighed.

"Yeah, I guess so..." We sat in silence for a moment thinking about everything that's happend, I missed ethans company but he had responsibilities, even before axton appointed him as beta he had been helping him keep the pack running so there wasn't much time for us to hang out. Glancing over I could see the small smile on his face, ever since we were kids he had wanted to be someone important like a beta, he wanted to make a change and help the pack in any way he can, now that he had that kind of power he was happy, he enjoyed his new role more and was really helping to change the pack for the better, he found where he belongs and I couldn't be any happier for him.

Anxiety started to creep up on me as our happy little moment faded, I nudged his side and he looked at me confused. "I want to go out for a walk, maybe to the cabin." His confusion turned to a frown.

"Evony I cant-" I cut him off and gave him a reassuring smile. "I know you can't take me out, your busy and have responsibilities to take care of... Leah isn't here to take me either, so I'll just go on my own, I'll be careful and won't be gone long two hours promise." He seemed to have an internal fight with himself before sighing.

"Fine but if you aren't back in two hours im sending a search party out to get you." I rolled my eyes but smiled before pulling on his ear slightly.

"Thanks." Standing up I slipped on my sneakers and hoodie, leaving the packhouse. I made my way through the forest and practiced using my newfound sense of smell to find my way to the cabin. As I got there I could see most flowers had wilted, leaving the place somewhat barren. Something was calling me to this place and I started to remember when I had first met axton here, everything I felt and heard seemed so distant and unreal, even when we had come back here while he was in wolf form, it felt so surreal and strange.

A part of me had wanted to come back here, it had been nagging me for the past few days but I couldn't figure out what it was or why.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up on end as my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a twig snapping nearby. Turning my attention to the direction of the sound, I noticed three wolves coming towards me with their fangs bared. Two of them had blood on their fur and I concluded they just broke through the border and into our territory. I turned on my heel and ran.

All three gave chase, and we're quick to catch up, I could hear one let out a bark before I was tackled to the ground. I rolled to a stop only a few feet away and recovered much quicker than any other time before, looking up at the wolf who attacked me. He snarled and lunged at me fully prepared to rip out my throat. I rolled to the side dodging his teeth as they snapped at me. The other two wolves came up beside me blocking my only way to escape with vicious snarls daring me to try and run again.

On instinct I growled back at them, it felt like I was no longer myself at this point something was clawing to break free just under my skin, driving me to fight back, the one who had originally tackled me was a dusty brown color, with scars littering his body, he started to circle me, snarling along the way as saliva drooled from his mouth. Once again he lunged at me from the side and I quickly twisted my body to avoid him, this time I swung my arm out claws fully extended and slashed the wolf across the shoulder and the side of his face, before landing in my back.

He yelped in pain and tumbled, with a rough landing. One of the others barked at him to get up as I scooted away only to notice the third one was missing. A figure came up behind me and grabbed me by my hair pulling me up.

It felt like fire was exploding across my scalp as he roughly pulled my hair. I swiped at the man only for him to dodge it. He had can't blonde color hair and a large scar across his chest. The man snarled and pulled back his fist before punching me across the face and letting me fall back.

The right side of my face hurt but I was able to quickly shake it off and sit up. The other wolf who was standing by quickly shifted and walked up. "Well, well look what we have here, if im not mistaken this little runt matches the description of the girl perfectly. Looking up at the man I let out a growl of irritation, letting my claws dig into the dirt.

He grunted and crossed his arms, brown eyes and black/greying hair, looked down upon me. "well, almost perfectly." The one who had hit me before came up and grabbed me by the neck lifting me up in the air, I struggled and kicked my feet aiming for whatever I could to make him let go, even digging my claws into his arm in the process.

"So this is the alphas bitch? Not much to look at she's scrawny." The other man came up beside him and looked me over. I growled back at the both of them. I'm not sure what came over me all of the sudden but it felt like my flight or fight instincts had finally taken over. "Weak or not kade believes she's valuable to the bastard." I stilled at the mention of my father's name and dread started to seep in once again.

"Well, why don't we make sure he's right then? If she is useful then we take her with us when we take care of Darin." The other man nodded and he tightened his grip on my throat. I started to choke and began clawing at his hand leaving bloody scratch marks on his skin, but he only seemed slightly irritated by it, it wasn't anywhere near enough to make him release me.

"So tell us, girl, does your life hold any value to the alpha here? Tell us and you might just live a while longer." Gritting my teeth together I glared down at the men before choking out a response. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

The man holding me growled before throwing me to the ground harshly, I could feel my side hit something hard and whimpered in pain. "Stop playing stupid bitch, kade knows there's something up with you! You aren't just some petty prisoner or slave to the alpha, there's something else going on and he's going to figure it out one way or another so spare us the fucking time and tell us! What the hell are you to the alpha?!" Opening my eyes I glared at the two men before me and held my side. I noticed something behind them that caught my attention as the wolf I had injured before was gone, and there was a slight rustling in the bushes.

Glaring back at the two men in front of me I spit at their feet. "I'm just the alphas pet." I grinned as they angrily looked down at me. Before either of them could speak again, ethan jumped out of the bushes attacking the man with the scar across his chest, tearing through his throat with vicious snarls. The other man watched startled and angry as a rustic colored wolf stepped out of the bushes.

"Darin! What the hell is this!?" He snarled at the wolf who only glanced at me, familiar blue eyes seemed to silently debate as he weighed his choices. Before the man could react he made his choice, pulling his ears back and snarling before jumping on the man and mauling him before he could shift.

I sighed in relief as ethan shifted and came over to me. "Are you ok?!" He looked panicked and I just smiled before wincing at the pain in my side. "Never better, just sore, might have a bruise in the morning. How'd you know I was in danger?"

He glanced back at Darin as he transformed back into his human form, with blood covering his face around his mouth. "I got notice that some rouges broke through the border, before running off in that direction he told me they mind linked him, said they were coming and had found a girl in the woods, I knew it had to be you, he begged me to come with so he could prove his loyalty to us, I didn't want to waste time arguing and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I glanced back at Darin who was solemnly staring at the man he just killed. He just betrayed those who he had been with for our sake. "Thank you." His head snapped over in my direction with a slight look of surprise.

"I mean you made the choice to help us despite the fact those men were coming to save you." I gave him a sad smile and he just shook his head.

"No, they weren't going to save me... They just wanted to break me out and get whatever information they could from me, before killing me off. I told your alpha where kade was, there's no way they'd let me live after that."

"Well, either way, you helped us a great deal and saved evony, I give you my thanks." He huffed and gave us both a smug smirk.

"Just put in a good word for me with the alpha hm?" I smiled and nodded. Ethan helped me up to my feet and we both made out way back to the packhouse as the last light of the sun, set blanketing the land in darkness and moonlight.

I sat at the kitchen table as the pack doctor poked at my now bruised side and asked questions about my senses. "Ow!" He hummed and stood up finishing his proving of the tender skin.

"Luckily there's nothing broken just some bruising that should be gone by this time tomorrow, and it seems your wolf is slowly but surely making its way out of the dark, soon you'll be able to communicate and maybe even shift, but im guessing that's another two months away. You miss need to stop getting into trouble."

I scratched the back of my head awkwardly and nodded in agreement. He cleared his throat and started packing up his bag. "Well, it seems my work here is-" he was cut off as a boy came rushing in the front door.

"The alphas back!" Relief seemed to wash over me and I think a small smile came over my lips. I looked at ethan who was also surprised but concerned, his eyes glazed over for a moment as he spoke to who we assumed was axton. I watched anxiously as his face twisted into a grimace and the link was cut.

"Well?" Darin asked what everyone in the room was dying to, as he sat on the barstool next to me. Ethan just sighed and shook his head. My smile fell and my heart sank into my stomach, what did that mean?

The next moment the front door opened and silence washed over everyone in the room. I stood up from my seat horrified by the sight before me.

Axton was standing in the doorway alone...covered in blood.


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