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His prize - chapter 4


We traveled through the territory as quiet as possible, luckily for us the warriors were worn thin in this pack, not enough wolves could fight, their alpha was slowly letting them collapse he would be their demise.

But that wasn't going to happen, once I break his neck I will become their alpha and finally have my revenge. Then I will return this pack to its formal glory.

For years I've waited for this, I'd be damned if I didn't take back what was rightfully mine.

I looked back at my loyal followers. They stayed with me this far I don't doubt they would die for me either. They want this just as badly as I did and nothing will stop us.

My beta mind linked me after scouting ahead.

'Alpha we found a cabin up ahead, we've only seen two enter but one left and hasn't come back for a few minutes now. The other is still inside how shall we proceed.'

I signaled for everyone to hold the position as I went ahead to meet up and see what we were dealing with. This could very well be a trap and I would not endanger everyone here.

I came up to where my beta stood along the treeline, there was a lot of greenery in this area, especially around the cabin, but it was mostly flora from what seemed to be a garden. The cabin was worn down and there was no sign of anyone else.

I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise, something was off about this place and if I knew anything it was to trust your instincts.

'Scout the perimeter, if you see anything alert me at once.' I mind linked bother my beta and the other two who were scouting. They nodded and went off in different directions.

I looked at the cabin and approached it. I caught the scent of something sweet as I got closer and it made my mouth water. I circled around towards the back of the cabin, I could hear the faintest sound of trickling water. I looked around and could see a pond.

As I got closer I stopped and could see someone through the bushes. My mind felt hazy and the hair on my body stood up.

The scent was coming from them. I watched closely and could see it was a female, she was sitting next to the pond with her feet in the water, and dressed in a white dress. Her long black hair almost made her look like a fairy.

I was on edge, she was indeed no human or fairy, she was like us, but I wasn't sure how she hadn't smelt or heard me as I was coming if I moved a muscle im sure she would notice, i was frozen in place.

staring at her through the leaves as she gazed at the pond deep in thought, I felt the urge to go towards her despite the danger of revealing ourselves.

She seemed oblivious to me and even my beta who also got closer to the house for a look, behind her.

'Shall we attack? It will be swift no she won't even make a sound. If they haven't even noticed us by now then they're better off dead, we can't let her warn the enemy.'

I let a growl slip unintentionally, completely enraged by the threat to this woman.

Her head snapped up as she looked directly at my hiding spot. As our eyes met I could feel the wolf part of me become much more anxious.

She stared right into my eyes I knew she could see me and she didn't move a muscle, like a deer in headlights.

I noticed my beta back off a bit and could hear the front door of the cabin open.

She tore her gaze from mine to look back at the building and I quickly got a safe distance away out of sight.

The other wolf who came with her here came out of the cabin and spoke to her, she looked at the spot I had been but she seemed uncertain, not sure if she really saw me or was imagining things.

I watched from a distance and kept my eyes only on her, What was wrong with me? I nearly jeopardized the entire mission.

My beta walked up beside me. 'Alpha?'

Watching as the male wolf helped the girl up and back into the cabin I made my decision.

Looking back at my beta I gave his a small warning growl, 'you know our rules, we do not attack innocents, especially women or children!'

His ears folded back and he lowered his head slightly in submission, but I could see he was a bit annoyed.

Glancing once more at the small cabin behind us I could feel a shiver of excitement run through my body.

'Tell the rest of the pack, that mine.'

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