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His sorrow and their passion- chapter 38

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Axton stood in the doorway for a moment looking at each of us, not speaking a word, I could see his claws extend when his gaze fell on Darin.

I could easily sense Darin's tense posture next to me. To distract axton I took a few steps towards him, easily gaining his attention. He looked me over once but once his eyes met mine he turned his head away, ashamed. He was being his neck to me. The action took me off guard as I watched him stunned. This was wrong.

He stepped out of the doorway to make way for four of the warriors that had gone on the hunt with him, a few of them had some injuries and a lot less blood covering their bodies. I noticed Leiah wasn't with them and glanced up at axton, but he still kept his head turned away. to anyone else, it would look like he just wanted to avoid looking at me but I saw it in his eyes, that he was full of agony, and this was an act of submission.

The old pack doctor broke the silence by sighing. "Well it seemed im going to be here a while, ethan would you mind getting some clean towels and shorts for these men? And Darin you can help me with cleaning them up." Both of them nodded and got to work while I stood there and watched, this was only half of the wolf's who had left with axton. Where were the others? I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I noticed movement from the corner of my eye and noticed axton retreating upstairs, there was a long gash across his backside that looked fairly new, and his movements were sluggish, all of them were exhausted.

I quickly ran up half the flight of stairs and grabbed axtons arm, placing it over my shoulders to help him. He paused and looked down at me confused. I only looked back and nodded before helping him the rest of the way to his room.

Once inside I helped him over to the couch and he sat down, still refusing to look me in the eye. I rushed over to the bathroom and got the shower started before pulling out all the medical supplies and extra towels from the sink. There was plenty of leftover gauze and bandages from when I was bedridden.

Once I had everything on a tray, I went back into the bedroom, axton was still seated on the couch staring at the floor. The sight of him looking like this made my heart, ache for him. Walking over I kneeled in front of him and grabbed both his hands. He merely glanced up at me unsure. In return I gave him a warm smile and stood up, helping him to his feet.

Leading him over to the bathroom, I helped him get into the shower. before I could pull away and shut the shower door his arm snapped out and grabbed my wrist. He was holding himself up with one hand on the shower wall as water poured down his body, taking the wet and dry blood with it, down the drain. He was looking at me solemnly and I could see the pain in his eyes, he wanted me to stay? I nodded and stepped back after reassuring him I wasn't going to leave. I stripped down to my underwear and bra, setting my half soaked cloths on the counter before grabbing a clean towel and stepping into the shower with him.

He kept his hands on the wall and his back turned towards me as I helped wash off the blood from his skin with the towel. Blood and water continued to swirl down through the drain, and I discovered multiple concerning wounds marring his body, on his arms, legs, and even his chest. Deep claw marks and harsh bite wounds made themselves known as the blood washed away.

I felt sick to my stomach at the sight, usually, axton was careful, and didn't get hurt often, yet here he stood as though he fought off an entire army. Once I finished with his back I moved to his front carefully ducking under his arm so I was between him and the wall, he didn't even have to move because of the sheer hight difference, he just continued to stare down at me as I carefully wiped the blood from his skin with the towel, making my way up, from his torso to his neck, then face. I dabbed the towel against his cheek and looked him in the eyes. No matter how many times this happend, I couldn't decipher all the emotions those golden irises reflected, they were always so memorizing.

I didnt even notice his face getting closer to mine until I felt an arm wrap around the back of my waist and, his lips crash against mine. My eyes widened as I realized what he was doing. This time it wasn't just some peck on the lips, this was an actual kiss deep and passionate. I slowly eased into it, as my eyes closed on their own accord. My hands found their place, resting on his shoulder and chest while our lips moved in a swaying dance of their own.

His arm around me tightened, pulling my entire body, flush against his naked front, resulting in a small gasp to escape my lips, but it was quickly silenced as his tongue pushed through my parted lips and took control over my mouth. My mind felt hazy as a muffled moan came from me, the sound, summoning a rumble to come from deep within his chest. We continued our kiss, exploring each other's mouths in a blissful serenity as water cascaded over our bodies.

While his tongue was fiercely exploring my mouth, my own did little more than taste his, I could feel the graze of his sharpened fangs, as he carefully moved, trying not to hurt me with them. We only broke the kiss once our supply of air was completely depleted and I lazily opened my eyes to look up into his. Heat rushed to my face at his smoldering gaze.

He still hands one hand on the wall while the other was holding me against his chest. I noticed the strain in his arm as it trembled slightly, he was barely holding himself up, he was exausted and completely worn out. He leaned in to capture my lips again but I pulled away, placing both hands on his chest to push him back. He didn't let me go easily and a small growl came from him, if I didn't know any better it was more like a plead then a threat.

"You need rest..." He didn't respond or move, he only looked down at me. He closed his eyes and leaned down so our foreheads touched. I took the chance to run my hands through his hair, making sure that it was thoroughly clean. He seemed to relish in my ministrations, and visibly relaxed. Once I was sure his hair didn't have any more gunk in it, I turned the show nobs, cutting off the water, and moved to open the door to help him out. I handed him a towel to cover up with and he did so sluggishly.

I took one myself and dryed off as much as I could before tying it around my body. Grabbing the supply in one arm I took his hand in the other and led him back into the room, making him sit down on the edge of the bed. He was back to avoiding my gaze by staring blankly at the ground. Sitting behind him I worked on wrapping the injuries on his arms and torso, with his alpha blood they should be held in a matter of three days so I wasn't too worried about his external injuries, instead I was worried about his internal ones.

"Axton..." He seemed to flinch as he snapped out of whatever daze he was in. He leaned forward and ran his hands through his hair and over his face as whatever was bothering him seemed to finally sink in.

"I fucked up." I listened closely and sat next to him on the bed. Placing my hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"What happend?" He stayed quiet for a moment and his hands gripped the side of his head, pulling at his hair.

"I let him took us two days to catch up to the bastard, he kept sending wolves after us, rouges. There were so many of them we had to fight, had to kill. And when we finally caught up and confronted him I lost it, I let him get to me, my anger got to the better of me when he mentioned you and I... I lost it. They took advantage of the situation, distracting me. Two of our warriors were killed in that fight, there were only five of us left and by the time I realized what was happening, Leiah...she...." He started at the floor anger boiling at the surface. "She had tried to warn me before hand but I didn't listen..."

Worry started to take control of my own body and I had a sinking feeling. "What happend axton... Tell me, where's Leiah?!" I started to panic as an endless list of possibilities went through my head. He turned to look at me and I could see the sorrow marring his face. "They took her, kade escaped and they took her away, I couldn't do anything to stop them, it's my fault, if I hadn't lost control then kade would be dead, and she would be safe at home with her mother!" He growled and looked away angry at himself. "And I got the others killed!"

I couldn't help the endless agony as I worried about my dear friend, she was one of the first people who truly accepted me for who I was. But I clung to one hope, the possibility that she was still alive, that we could still save her. But first I had to get axton out of the hole he put himself in, if he can't help himself, then how is he supposed to help her? I don't know what happend that made him lose control but I did know it wasn't his fault.

Grabbing his face with my hands I turned his head to make him look at me. "Do not blame yourself, my father is manipulative, you've seen it yourself with all the rouges he sent to their deaths, he knows how to get under people's skin! If you blame yourself for this your only letting him win the twisted game he's playing. Leiah is still alive! We can still save her before something bad happens. But only if you stay strong!" He stared back at me, his worries slowly dissipating. His eyes closed and he sighed leaning into my touch, he was strong and fearless, but even the toughest warriors had a weakness.

"Forgive me." His voice was barely a whisper. And I hugged him close to me as his arms wrapped around me in response. "There's nothing for you to be sorry about." We stayed like that for a few minutes, but it felt like hours until I finally pulled away and pecked a small kiss on his forehead then gave a warm smile. He wanted me with a heated gaze and raised his hand to the side of my face, for once, I didn't flinch away. I didn't hesitate to lean into his touch. He leaned in and claimed my lips once again, in a heated kiss, much like the one we had in the shower.

His hands moved to my waist and I held his face close to mine enjoying the sensations arising within my body, I didn't quite understand what made me feel this way towards him but it felt right. I was pulled from my position, sitting next to him, and seated firmly in his lap, nothing but the undergarments I wore and the towel that shielded his lower half, separating us.

I gasped slightly at the feeling of something hard pressing against the inside of my thigh, from under the towel. His mouth moved from kissing my lips, to my jaw, then down my neck leaving me a dizzy mess, as I bit my lip. My mind became hazy again and his hands traveled across the bare skin of my body. I moaned as he nipped at a very sensitive spot on my neck. I could feel his fangs suddenly scrape across the area and I shuddered as an overwhelming feeling swept across my body. I tried to understand what it was I was feeling, but instead quickly realized he was dangerously close to biting the area where a mate was meant to Mark you.

One of his hands moved down my side to my thigh, as he ground his hips against me. I grabbed his shoulders to push him back and distance his mouth from my neck, this was getting out of hand, I couldn't let him accidentally mark me that right is reserved for his future luna. The pack would be furious and hate me for letting such a thing happen.

"Axton, wait." A growl came from his throat as he pulled away and looked at me. "You're losing yourself... You might-" he quickly cut my off and flipped us over making me squeal in surprise, as I was now laying on the bed, with him hovering over me, his hands on either side of my head.

"I don't care anymore..." His mouth quickly latched onto the side of my neck again, leaving a blazing hot fire to stir in my body. My mind became hazy again as he grinded his hips against the area between my legs, causing an ache to pulse within me. I nearly gave in to the feeling as he made my body weak. The towel around his waist was starting to slip off and I watched as his v-line became, mouthwateringly obvious.

Biting my lip and shutting my eyes I tried to focus on the fact he was still very much injured and that this wasn't the time to lose myself to this feeling. My eyes shot open and I gasped as I felt something hard, and no longer covered, rub against my underwear. A pleased groan seemed to escape from his throat as he continued his assault on my neck.

Grinding my teeth pushed him back with all the strength I could conjure. "No! " I looked back at him with a hard glare and a growl made its way out of my throat. He pulled back and looked down at me surprised. His golden irises glowing brightly. Hesitantly he pulled back some, giving me space. I relaxed and sighed, turning my head away to avoid looking at his nude form. He was still watching me with a heated gaze, he really didn't want to stop... But I wasn't going to keep doing this while he was covered in wounds and bandages. I also couldn't forgive myself for letting him claim or mark me, half hazardly. He wasn't in the right state of mind right now. Sighing I sat up and grabbed the discarded towel before throwing it at him. He caught it and barely covered himself with the cloth, fully prepared to discard the object again and continue his lust-driven exploration of my body.

I gulped and avoided his eyes, afraid his hypnotic gaze would make me lose what little strength I had left to resist him.

"Your injured, we both need sleep, and there are other things we need to worry about." He growled and finally looked away with a pout. I stood up and got ready to go to the couch to sleep but was stopped when his arm hand grabbed my own. Looking back I could see a determined look in his eyes. I didn't understand what drove him to take such actions towards me. Nothing made sense at the moment, my own feeling we're a mess, after the scorching kiss I just couldn't think straight.

"Lay with me... Just for the night." Biting my lip I gave in and nodded, laying down next to him I crawled under the covers with my back facing him. I could feel his movements as he did the same and got under the covers. His arm snaked around my waist and pulled me closer. I looked back to protest but he already had his eyes closed and his head resting on his arm, trying to sleep. Sighing I relaxed and snuggled closer.

Slowly I drifted to sleep, enjoying the warmth and comfort of being in his arms, preparing myself for what's to come.

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