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Lack of privacy- chapter 39

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I awoke, feeling confined. My body felt like a warm, heavy blanket had entrapped me, and I couldn't seem to move very much so I gave up with a light groan, not even bothering to open my eyes or push the constricting object off.

My eyes felt heavy and I was way too comfortable, im sure no one would mind if I slept in a bit longer.

A few minutes later, or maybe even a few seconds, it was hard to tell in my lucid state, I could feel something brushing against my neck, at first it tickled, but the feeling got warmer and more, pleasurable... I started to get a bit more turned on as the strange sensation against my skin, moved lower. It traveled down my neck and made its way down the center of my chest.

I could sense that whatever had me restraining my arms before was now gone and replaced by this weird feeling. Lazily I raised my hand and reached for whatever was trailing across my skin, it kept moving, going down my stomach. I furrowed my brows as my hands touched something firm and... Fluffy?

Finding no wander to what the hell was on me I rubbed my eyes and groaned before looking down. My eyes could make out a head full of black hair- I nearly freaked out as I felt a tongue slide across my stomach. Heat rushed to my face as I got a grasp on what was happening.

"Axton!?" I grabbed to culprit's shoulders to push him off as he made his way down even further! But the alphas arms were wrapped tightly around my lower section.

He barely moved, only tilting his head up to look at me. Glowing gold irises met my green ones, showing a deep hunger, or was it lust? Within them.

He let out a low growl that seemed to reverberate through him. Without saying a word his. Mouth went right back to my body as he pecked a small kiss right below my stomach, lingering much longer than necessary. Unwrapping his arms from around my legs, he sat up onto his hands and knees bring himself up so he was hovering over me. A smug look made its way across his lips as he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed something. My eyes were kept locked onto his until he held up a particular item in my line of sight.

The vibrator. My face flushed in embarrassment at the sight of it, this was not how it was supposed to go.

"Naughty, naughty evony, honestly I thought you'd be to innocent for something like this, yet to my surprise, I found this little item stashed away in my dresser with all those very... Enticing, garments." I swallowed the lump in my throat wishing I could just hide under the covers and disappear at the moment.

"Thing is little one, you dont need this little toy, you already have something much better."

I watched him tear the object apart, making it nothing more than a bit of useless wiring and a pointless switch. I'm now doubting leiahs idea of trying to mess with axton was a bad idea. Also... "What do you mean?" My voice came out much smaller than expected, increasing my embarrassment even further. Why was he acting this way all of a sudden? He never showed any interest towards me or any girl before, sure he made me undress in front of him a few times but he never made any indication he was interested in me, be would always act. Cold or busy himself with things like paperwork, he even told me he was keeping me close in order to keep me safe. Axton cares about the entire pack, yesterday just proved it, he was so vulnerable. So why?

Thoughts were running through my head a hundred miles a minute and I was starting to worry. I opened my mouth to ask him what all this was about but before I could even get the words out, a wolfish grin spread across his face fang and all. He moved back, I expected him to leave the bed, instead, he grabbed both my legs, lifting them over his shoulders. My eyes widened in realization before his head went down between my legs.

A cry of both surprise and etscay as his mouth glided across my undergarments, his fangs grazing across the cloth as he kissed the area. He wasn't even touching me directly but I could feel the strangely wonderful sensation shoot through my body. My nails were digging into the sheets at my sides. He lightly chuckled at my reaction and looked up at me with that same heated gaze from before.

"Don't worry this is just a taste..." My heart was about to beat out of my chest as a sensual heat stirred in my lower stomach. "Wha-" my words seemed to die in my throat as one clawed finger pulled the cloth away from my innocence, and he delved into the sensitive area, devouring me with his mouth like a starved wolf.

I cried out with a gasp and grasped his hair, but had no strength left in my body to push him away. My arms and legs were locked in place by the strange sense of pleasure he was sucking out of me. My mind became hazy and couldn't seem to focus on anything, not even what was happening. A low grumble came from the man's throat, but he refused to detach himself from me.

His tongue moved across the area in slow, torturous movements, and lingered on the bud of nerves each time, making small cries escape through my lips. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...or better... His tongue pushed its way inside of me. My voice cracked in a shameful moan at the new sensation as threw my head back. How could something like this feel so good? Or bad? I can't tell what's right or wrong anymore.

His mouth was ripped away from my sensitive flower at The click of a doorknob, and a deadly snarl was ripped from his throat.

My head snapped to the side to look at the door and see both Darin and ethan standing there, as soon as they saw me laying in that bed with a now very pissed off alpha kneeling in front, their eyes widened and they both cursed before fumbling to slam the door shut. I could clearly hear ethans voice on the other side of the door. "What the fuck!"

Dread, embarrassment, and complete horror. Flooded my entire being as I kicked away from the crazy alphas grasp and scrambled to cover myself with the blankets. Axton watched me move away from him on the bed and hide my face. I wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock and disappear, or fall into a neverending hole, never to be found again.

Another snarl came from the pissed off alpha as he shouted at the two intruders. "Don't you know how to fucking knock?!" The door opened behind me and I just curled up under the blankets wishing I could disappear after what just happened. How could I be so stupid?! How could I do that with the alpha?! How could I just let the alpha do that with me?! I mentally cursed myself a hundred times over.

"Sorry but we had important information to tell you and you were blocking the entire pack out! " ethan spoke up and I could already imagine him shaking his head while pulling out his hair. If I could id probably be banging my head on a table. Maybe now's a good time to run away from the pack, it's definitely a good enough reason for me too.

"Yeah next time put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door, then people won't walk in," Darin spoke, probably with a shrug, earning a deadly warning growl.

"Why the hell are you even out of your cell?!" Axton spoke lowly and movement on the bed told me he was getting up.

"He practically saved Evony's life yesterday, and he says he can help us find Leiah." Ethan sighed.

The mention of finding lLeiahgave me enough courage to poke my head out and look at the trio. "How? Do you know where they took her?!"

All three of them turned their attention towards me, I didn't bother shying away and sulk in my state of self-loathing. Leiah's still out there, and we needed to save her. Swallowing my courage I hid my embarrassment as much as I could. I would go crawl in a hole later, Leiah comes first. "You said you can help?" I looked at Darin and he crossed his arms over his chest and nodded.

"I know where they took her."

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