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Alpha Nathaniel- chapter 40


My nerves were getting the better of me once again. The blur of trees passed us by as we raced against time hoping that it wasn't too late. Leiah was in the hands of the enemy and we had no idea what they would do with her. Axton, ethan, and Darin were stoned faced but I knew they were thinking the same thing, we might be too late.

No. I shook the thought from my head and looked out through the car window. I wasn't going to believe that, there was no way I would believe it. She had to be alive, she had to. I would never forgive myself if she was hurt. How could I ever face her mother? We can't return without her, no matter what.

A nudge to my side had me turning away from the window and my attention fully on Darin siting beside me. "Don't worry too much kay? If your friend really is as tough as you say then im sure she'll be fine, half those asshats are nothing but a bunch of whimps im sure half the camp will be running for the hills once your boyfriend shows his face."

A low growl came from the front seat as my face flushed at the thought of me and Axton being a thing.

"I never thought I'd be going out of my way to help save a damsel in distress, though, im not sure she'd be my type, I think I like much shyer you ev!" Darin snickered as a warning growl came from axton in the passenger seat.

"I'm not against climbing back there and kicking you out of this car," Axton spoke while glaring at the rouge from over his shoulder. While I shrunk back in my seat, the anger radiating off the alpha,was like a ticking time bomb.

Darin just held back his laughter, he was getting a strange kick from messing with axton. "Touchy I see, tell me Evony have you ever been touched by a real man?" Darin asked teasingly.

I jumped as a snarl was ripped from Axton's throat as he tried to twist around his seat. "You fucking touch her and I'll rip your throat out!"

Ethan groaned from the driver's seat before speaking up. "Both of you knock it off will ya? We need to focus." Axton turned his attention away from Darin and pouted.

I'd be lying if I said the interaction wasn't funny, and was... Familiar? i tried to figure out why it seemed so familiar, Darin never met Axton before so this wasn't some kind of re-occurring spat between the two, usually, it was just Leiah who argued and teased him... Then it clicked, Leiah... Darin is just like Leiah, teasing Axton and getting into trouble.

I glanced over at Darin who winked back and I gave him a small smile. They were similar in personally, no doubt about it. Turning my attention back to the outside world I watched as we pulled up to the lodging that took us three hours to drive to. Before we left, Axton was informed of alpha Nathaniels arrival, and we made plans to meet up nearby, he was going to help us find and rescue Leiah, and I was just grateful for the help, we would definitely need it. Having another alpha with us could help Axton stay in check, he would keep him from hurting anyone if he lost control again.

The memory of the promise I made to Axton's wolf had been bothering me this morning. I had promised to be there for him next time he lost it, to help keep him from losing control, but once again I wasn't there for him. I was determined to change that this time, be almost didnt let me come on this trip because I was dangerous, I had to beg him to let me, saying I had a promise to keep, he hesitated but didnt ask what, he simply nodded and agreed, did he know about the promise? Sometimes I wonder what's going through that man's head.

The four of us exited the car and went inside of the lodge, there were people all around hanging out and enjoying drinks and other things. Just by looking around and sniffing the air, I could tell they were all humans, Except a few of the employees, they were other species pretty sure one was a witch too.

Axton led us to the back where the bar area was, two men were guarding the entrance to the bar and kept all the people out of the reserved area. I discretely took in their scent and noticed there was an underlying scent on both of them that matched, Darin was right, all packs have their own scent that is shared between all the packs.

We entered the bar area where a few other blood moon pack members sat, patiently with stone-cold expressions, they were on high alert and ready for anything. We approached the booth at the back of the room where an older-looking man who seemed like he was in his late forties sat with a glass of what I assumed was whiskey in his hand.

The man had greying hair and a dark expression on his face, as he stared at his drink in deep thought. Axton stepped towards him grabbing the man's attention. He moved from the booth, setting his glass down and faced him, looking much more menacing than before, power radiated off him, proving his rank to everyone in the room. I stood back with ethan and Darin.

Darin had his head turned away in an act of submission towards the new alpha, and I felt this itch to do the same, but somehow resisted it.

A grin spread across Axtons face as he held out his arm. "It's good to see you, Nathaniel."

The other alpha took his arm in a sort of brother's bond kind of handshake. Nathaniel nodded, with the slightest smile on his face, but it seemed a bit forced. Something felt off about the alpha and I couldn't figure it out.

Alpha Nathaniel was older then axton but wasn't as old as he looked, werewolves aged slower than humans yet here stood an alpha who seemed to have aged three times as much as he should have, what could have caused this? I knew stress had effects like these on creatures of all kinds but he must have been on the brink of insanity for it to have affected him this much.

"I'd like you to meet my companions, " Axton stepped aside and motioned towards ethan and darin, I stepped to the side out of the way to let them talk.

"This is Ethan, he is my new beta, and good friend, he helped me keep order in the pack especially after my take over, he's assisted me with most of everything. Darin is the rouge sent by kade to kill me, though he's proven somewhat useful and plans on helping us find kade, he knows where the camp is that they took my pack member to, we will be heading there to free her and hopefully find some information.

The alpha looked at each of them and gave a small nod in understanding. "I see, your both essential to getting us in and out of that camp safely, although I brought my own wolves to help, im counting on both of you to help make it so we all go home alive." Ethan and Darin both nodded in understanding while I stood next to Axton watching the strange alpha. His face seemed nearly expressionless. And gave me an uneasy feeling.

His attention turned to me, and my eyes met his cold dead gaze. My heart seemed to skip a beat as it pounded in my chest. Some kind of recognition seemed to flicker in his eyes but disappeared seconds later as he watched me. Strange familiar green eyes were locked to my own and I become more and more uncomfortable.

Axton moved beside me wrapping one arm around me pulling me against his side protectively. "And this is Evony... kade's daughter, she will be staying on the sidelines for the time being because she is unable to properly fight. Your consider her as" I noticed the hesitance when he spoke that last word, he really didnt like calling me that, but kept up the facade anyways."The pack member we are rescuing is also a friend of hers so I thought it was only right to bring her with." Axtons once-friendly tone of voice seemed to change, I swear there was an underlying threat in it, pointed at alpha Nathaniel.

The alphas cold gaze broke away and I was able to breathe again as he acknowledged axton. "I see..." He glanced at me once more time before signaling to his own men who gathered up their things and started to leave the room. "Let's discuss our plan then."

Hours later outside a rouge camp near a neighboring packs territory~

As we arrived at the location everyone was on edge and ready to go, the strange encounter with the other alpha had me a bit shaken up and I couldn't seem to relax, his eyes made me feel uneasy with how cold they seemed. The alpha in general didnt seem very friendly or talkative, He was a very serious man.

The cars stopped and both ethan, Darin and axton got out. I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door to follow but was stopped as axton came up and blocked me. I looked up confused as he gave me a small smile.

"You're going to stay here with some of alpha Nathaniel's warriors, it's too dangerous to go into a camp full of rouges. We will be back soon with Leiah ok?" I sulked but knew there was nothing I could do, I would only be a distraction if I went with them So I nodded.

Axton shut the door, keeping me inside while I sat back and sulked. Sitting alone in the car I had an uneasy feeling of being watched, and glanced outside through the window. My eyes met the same dull green ones of alpha Nathaniel as he watched me. I sank lower into the seat and turned away avoiding his gaze as my anxiety continued to grow. There was something very off about the alpha.

Hours passed by slowly after everyone left the area, leaving me with three of Nathaniel's warriors. I sat in the car waiting anxiously for their return, hoping that Leiah was there, and alive. Worry kept tugging at my mind, that they would get hurt or something bad was going to happen, I tried to distract myself but nothing was working, the three wolves standing guard outside over the cars also seemed on edge.

One of them seemed to pause and I watched as their eyes glazed over. I sat up in my seat and watched the man carefully as he finished his conversation and spoke to the other two nearby, they nodded and moved to get into the other cars. Weren't we supposed to wait here for the others? I glanced around at the forest, there was no sign of anyone returning.

The man then proceeded to walk over towards my car. He opened the door and got into the driver's seat before starting up the car. Red flags started appearing in my head. This seemed wrong.

"What are you doing?" I sat up straighter in the back seat. The man glanced at me through the rearview mirror with a nonchalant expression.

"Alpha gave us orders to move, a few rouges broke off from the camp and went into the woods, so we're moving to a different location..."

Something felt very off about the whole situation and I watched as the two cars ahead of us started to moved. My instincts were telling me something wasn't right so I acted before the car started moving.

I scrambled to open the door, and jumped out, running at a full sprint into the woods, I could hear the man behind me shout, telling me to stop, but I didnt listen. I needed to find axton, or ethan, even Darin, just someone I knew I could trust, because I couldn't trust alpha Nathaniel's men.

Running as fast as I could, I headed in the direction that they had left, and used what little ability I had to follow their scent. It was faint but I could pick it out as I ran, and I hoped that no one else would catch me.

Soon I came across a wolf on the ground and I stopped in my tracks. It wasn't moving and there were no signs of breathing. I noticed some blood on the wolf's fur and stepped closer. Much to my relief, it wasn't one of ours. It was a rouge, and it was dead. I felt bad for all the poor souls who were being manipulated by my father, he was a monster. So many died because of him, and they will continue to die the longer he's out here.

A voice shouted out a short distance behind me and I continued to run, hoping that the man wouldn't be able to track me because there were so many other rouge scents in the area. I came across more dead wolves. None of them I recognized from the group of Nathaniel men and toy relief none were my friends.

I stopped as I came across one of Nathaniel's wolves standing over a dead rouge. His head lifted and he looked at me surprised before he started snarling and taking steps closer. No no no, he saw me as one of the rouges, I didnt have the pack scent on me. I glanced around looking for something to defend myself with, but that was my first mistake. As soon as I looked away he ran at me.

I fell back as another wolf jumped out in front of me making them stop in their tracks. I was beyond relieved to see the familiar red fur of Darin's wolf.

He growled at the wolf while standing over me protectively. The wolf snarled back in return, Darin also lacked the pack scent but they should have known that he was friend, not foe.

The other wolf started walking towards us again, an angry snarl on his face. I had to do something before they got into a fight, ethan or axton needed to stop them before Darin and I were killed.

"Wait please!!" I shrieked as they jumped at each other. But to my surprise, Darin quickly overpowered the other wolf pinning him down without hurting him. Darin snapped at the downed wolf in warning before backing off. They realized their mistake and stood up with their tail tucked and ears back.

Darin huffed before turning towards me with an accusing glare. He then shifted into his human form, and I averted my gaze to the ground. "What the hell are you doing here? You should be back at the cars!"

I opened mouth to speak but stopped, and paled as a dark grey wolf stepped out of the brush, his dark green eyes bore into me as he approached.

Darin noticed my reaction and glanced back at the alpha confused. I grabbed his arm and he looked back at me, completely oblivious to the clear danger we were in. "We need to find axton, now!"

Two more of the alphas wolves stepped out of the nearby shrubbery, completely surrounding us, And my heart sank into the pit of my stomach.

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