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Love And Fear- chapter 41


Three warriors and a alpha now stood surrounding us, blocking off all paths, leaving us no room to escape. Darin glanced around us, staying crouched down in front of me, be looked at each of the wolves before turning his attention to the alpha.

Green eyes filled with anger bore into my very being as I held onto Darin's arm. The alpha was on edge and I could not only see it in his eyes, but his entire being screamed danger for the both of us. We both watched as he stepped forward and a glaze covered his eyes as he tried communicating with someone. I glanced at the wolves around us but none of them showed any signs of being talked to.

A sharp pain made its appearance in my head out of nowhere leaving me holding my head and squeezing shut my eyes. What was going on?! This was a really bad time for my body to act strangely. Trying to ignore the pain I opened my eyes and looked up to see the alpha still staring me down with his eyes glazed over. Was he somehow doing this to me?

Just as sudden as it had appeared, it vanished. The glazed look in his eyes disappeared taking the head-splitting headache with it. What was that?

I was shaken from my thoughts as the alpha snarled in our direction. Darin put his arms out, staying in front of me protectively. "Hey, evony? Is there something you should be mention to me right now, as in what the hell is going on?!" He angrily spoke in A hushed tone.

"I know just as much as you do!" I looked around at the other wolves as they started to step closer to us.

Darin let out low warning growls in their direction, but none of them were phased by it, considering we were completely outnumbered and outmatched with the alpha here.

"You sure about that cause they are looking pretty hostile right now and that alpha seems real, pissed off! You two dont have any old secret rivalries or by chance know each other do you?!" Darin looked around for a way out but our chances of escaping looked barren.

"I just met him today! Though im pretty sure he doesn't like my dad, that's the only thing I can think of..."

Darin cursed under his breath and flinched when the alpha stepped closer with a snarl.

Seconds later he stopped and looked towards the treeline fully alert, causing the other wolves to stop their approach and back off. I followed their line of sight to see three approaching figures and sighed in relief as axton, ethan, and Leiah came towards us.

Alpha Nathaniel took a few steps back keeping his eyes trained on the three, with a completely neutral face, be didnt want to alert Axton.

I was happy to see Leiah well and alive, being carried by ethan. Both me and Darin relaxed as they came closer and stood up.

Axton glanced around and assessed the situation carefully looking between us and the alpha.

"What's going on here?" He questioned as he came over to me and wrapped his arms around me, watching alpha Nathaniel carefully.

One of the warriors from the car came into the clearing and handed out clothes to those who needed them. The alpha and other wolves shifted back to their human forms and took the cloths, slipping them on. Darin as took a pair of shorts hesitantly, he was still skeptical of them as well.

I held onto Axton and watched the strange alpha dust himself off with a blank expression on his face like nothing just transpired between us. His eyes met mine and I held onto Axton even tighter.

"Why are you out here? You should be in the car!" Axton scolded me with a confused look.

I looked at the other alpha who crossed his arms over his chest and watched me, his gaze burning holes into the back of my head.

"They were moving the cars, I didnt know what was going on, I got freaked out and ran to come find you..." Axtons face twisted into a confused frown before he faced Nathaniel.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Alpha Nathaniel only sighed and looked towards the man who had chased me into the woods.

"I ordered my men to move the vehicles so they wouldn't get attacked by that stray group of rouges that ran away. But the girl decided to jump out of the car and run off into a dangerous battlefield, we found her here with young Darin. One of my wolves mistook them as rouges and he corrected them, that's when me and the other soldiers arrived, nothing else happend." The alpha spoke confidently leaving no sign of panic or uncertainty, like most people who lied did.

I was stunned by how he easily lied about the situation, most of it was truthful but that didnt mean he could be trusted. His gaze turned to me as Axton sighed and pulled away from me, keeping his hands on my shoulders.

"Evony? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was." I looked up at him as he stared down at me with a questioning gaze. I didnt know what the strange alpha was up to but he played it off like nothing was wrong, I was even starting to wonder if he was actually up to something or if I had just overreacted. The last thing I wanted was to accuse the man of wrongdoing but I also wasn't going to fall for any tricks of his.

"Sorry... I just panicked." I hugged Axton ignoring the alpha behind me, I knew whatever he was planning, couldn't be good.

Ethan came over and set Leiah down on her feet and she groaned. "Well, it was about time you fools came to my rescue." She was covered in some bruises and had a large cut across her calf but overall was in better condition than I expected. Smiling I went over to her and gave my friend a great big hug. She laughed a bit and hugged me back. "Hey now im supposed to be the tough one, if you keep this up your gonna make me cry!"

I smiled and laughed with her, tears pricking the corners of my eyes, I was so happy to see her safe and to know she was alive.

"So who are these people?" She asked awkwardly looking around at everyone else. I stepped away as Axton introduced her to the others.

"This is alpha Nathaniel and his pack warriors he came out to help us rescue you from the camp and to help us track down kade." She looked at Nathaniel and his men and I could see she already disliked the alpha.

I tapped her shoulder to grab her attention and introduced her to Darin. "Leiah this is Darin, Darin Leiah... he's the rogue who broke into the packhouse, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have been able to find you!"

She glanced up at him and her eyes seemed to widen. I followed her gaze to look at Darin and found he was standing in the same spot as before, starting at Leiah with a surprised look on his face.

Glancing back and forth between the two I wondered what the problem was, did they know each other? No that wouldn't make any sense.

I watched closely, as my mind came to a subtle conclusion.

"No way..."


I watched closely as Leiah and the rouge stared each other down, were they going to fight? If they do I can't wait for Leiah to kick his a-

Both of them lunged at each other and embraced like two lost lovers, wait...what the hell?! I stepped back with evony as Leiah wrung her arms and legs around the rouge and kissed him, was everyone losing their minds?!

Noticing evony smile I glanced down at her with a questioning look and steered her away from the crazy couple before they infected her with whatever big they had.

"What? dont like watching others kiss?" She smiled and only rolled my eyes.

"No, I just dont want their crazy to affect you." I crossed my arms and stopped a good distance away from everyone so we were out of hearing range.

"You mean you can't see it?" She asked tilting her head to the side. I looked down at her questioningly, what was she going on about now?

A smile spread across her face as she watched the other two eat each others face in front of everyone. "They are mates."

I watched Leiah and Darin break apart and hug each other, it made sense they were mates, the two knew how to get themselves into trouble and had a knack for getting me angry. How didnt I see it before?

We watched as the two talked to each other and sat down on a nearby rock, they were perfect for one another, guess it was a good thing I didnt kill the annoying bastard.

"They say mates appear when you need them most or when your the most vulnerable, I guess her needing rescuing counted towards that."

I hummed in agreement and glanced down at Evony she had a sad smile on her face, her entire life she's gone through so much pain. I came around when she was vulnerable and weak, was there a chance kade would have killed her if I hadn't appeared? Is she sad because she doesn't know her mate is here? That im here? After everything she's been put through she thinks her mate isn't here for her, does she even believe she has a mate?

Leiah and Darin looked happy together even though they just met. I took that from evony, I lied to her face, did I destroy her hope too? I can't do this anymore. She needs to know...

"Hey, Evony..." Before I could continue she spoke quietly.

"I'm happy for them... Honestly, Darin and Leiah are meant for each other, I've never seen someone so happy before. Despite that, I think im glad I dont have a mate."

My breath caught in my throat as I listened to her speak. "If the goddess was so willing to let me be Born to a tyrant then it would make sense that my mate was no better, at least that's what I've always scared of what they might do to me, and now that im finally finding some sense of happiness im scared that he might take that away from me..." She looked down at her hands that were trembling. And my chest ached, did she really think of me like this?

"I dont want my mate to take me away, not from my home, not my friends, I dont want him to take my freedom." Tears started to streak down her face and I tried to register what she was saying. She's scared of me, she thinks im a monster. Am I a monster?

My thoughts stirred up mixed emotions and I tried to block them out. Regaining my composure, I would deal with my own emotions later, for now, I couldn't stand by and let her fears... Of me... Take over.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my chest as she cried. "No, that's not gonna happen. I swear on my life Evony you'll never be taken away, Ever."

She sobbed holding onto me as I ran my fingers through her hair and hushed her quiet cries. She's terrified of me, of her mate. I sighed holding her close to me. Nothing is ever easy.

What am I supposed to do now?

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