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Friends and Foes - chapter 42


After my small mental breakdown, we returned home, I sat in the back with axton and Darin while Leiah sat in the passenger seat and Ethan drove us home. When we arrived Leiah immediately took Darin to go meet her mother and Ethan took care of showing where the blood moon pack would be staying. Darin had looked at me, one last time before he left with Leiah, clearly worried about what had happend with the alpha, but I only waved it off, this was something I had to deal with.

As soon as we had gotten out of the car, I immediately felt the alpha's eyes on me. Axton was quiet and seemed a bit out of it but still noticed the alphas lingering eyes, he took me inside to his room out of sight.

Once inside the enclosed room, I was able to finally relax, but Axton seemed out of it, he was upset about something, even in the car he never said a word to anyone, just silently stared at his own hands.

Once he sat down at the edge of the bed I went over to him, taking his hands into my own and pulling his attention away from whatever was plaguing his mind. "Thank you..."

His face adorned a new look of surprise and confusion.

"I didnt mean to get all emotional and depressing about the whole mate thing, im really happy for Leiah and Darin, but my dark thoughts got the better of me."

Lifting my hand up I stroked his cheek and his head leaned into my touch as he closed his eyes." I wanted to thank you for comforting me, and for everything else you've done."

His eyes opened as he looked down at me, I could see the sadness behind his eyes. He took hold of my upper arm and pulled me against his chest embracing me in a tight hug.

"You dont need to be afraid. Your mate... Will never hurt you! I swear it will never happen! I will show you that you can be happy, you will be happy, you will be safe and you will be loved!"

I could feel axtons entire body start to shake, and I wrapped my arms around him. What's gotten into him?

"I promise I'll protect you... No matter what." I could feel tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. Letting out a shaky breath, I closed my eyes as we stayed like that for a moment, I didnt want this to end.

He pulled away for a moment only to crash his lips against my own. I kissed him back just as passionately and wrapped my arms around his neck. Time seemed to stop as we pulled away from each other to breathe. Why was I so drawn to him? Every time we're alone, a strange feeling blossoms in my chest and I can't control my urges, my wants, or my needs.

He pulled me into another hug and we laid back in the bed cuddled up against each other. I'm not sure what he meant earlier but I believed his words.

We laid there together for what seemed like hours but was merely minutes. I was startled and pulled from my thoughts as he sat up straight, with his eyes glazed over. He sighed when he was done speaking to whoever contacted him and looked back at me. There was still a deep sadness in his eyes.

"Ethan said Nathaniel is requesting a meeting, to go over our plan to find kade. " the mere mention of the alpha had my anxiety returning, and I looked away remembering how he looked at me before when we first met.

"Evony, I want you to stay away from alpha Nathaniel." He spoke in a dark tone, surprising me.

"He's a good friend and has helped us out a lot, in truth im in debt to him... I trust him with my life, but not yours, I've seen the way he looks at you, and I dont like it." He paused for a moment before looking back at me. "I'm not sure what he's thinking but I dont want you to ever find yourself alone with him, he has a deep-seated hatred for kade and will do anything to kill him, or get revenge. I dont want you to get hurt. So please, just be careful."

I nodded and we both hugged before axton left the room. The blood moon pack was one of the largest and strongest packs, if we went to war with them, we would ultimately lose, and I didnt want to be the cause. I needed to figure out what the alpha had against me and show him that im, not his enemy. I'm nothing like my father.

Sighing I made my way outside and headed towards leiahs mom's house. If anyone knew how to dig up information, it would be her.

Taking a deep breath I walked up to the front door and knocked. Leiah's mother opened the door with a bright smile and to my surprise, hugged me. I was a bit taken back at first but quickly hugged her back.

Leiah's voice sounded from inside asking who was at the door. We pulled away from each other and walked inside.

Darin and Leiah were sitting at the dining table, with their arms linked together. I smiled at the sight of them together, they were truly meant for each other. Once they saw me Leiah got up and gave me a hug which I returned.

We all sat down at the table and talked, sharing stories with each other, it was easy to tell leiahs mother was ecstatic about leiahs new mate and they were Both head over heels for one another.

After a while it started to get dark outside, leiahs mom asked during to help her go prepare a room for him to stay in leaving me and Leiah alone together drinking some hot chocolate.

"So what's bothering you? You're not still nervous about our little stunt to frustrate the alpha are you?"

I nearly spit out my drink at the mention of the little scheme, my cheeks flushed as I remembered exactly how that turned out, Axton found it all too amusing breaking the small trinket before-

I was quickly drawn out of my thoughts as Leiah snapped her fingers in my face. "Earth to Ev, hello do you copy?"

I pushed her hand away and set my coffee mug down. "N-no that's not why im here, besides, that plan kinda crashed and burned."

"What do you mean?! You didnt give in and actually have sex with the prick did you?!" Out of panic and embarrassment, I covered her mouth and shushed her.

"No, I didnt we just... That's not important! He just didnt fall for it." She narrowed her eyes at me questioningly. I really hope Darin would keep his mouth shut about what he saw that day otherwise, I might just die from embarrassment.

"That's not what I came over here for, this is really important, possibly life-threatening." She nodded in understanding and kept quiet as I pulled my hand away from her mouth.

I sighed and stared at the warm liquid in my cup trying to figure out where to start. I figured this first question was as good as any other. "What do you know about alpha Nathaniel?"

She looked at me confused for a moment before looking at the ceiling in deep thought." well the man's kinda depressing, he's been like that for a long time though honestly, everyone's surprised he isn't dead or hasn't killed himself yet."

I gave her a questioning look wondering what she meant by that, he was the alpha of one of the largest packs in the nation he should be living like a king, so why was he depressed? "Why do you say that?"

She looked at me then at her coffee. "His mate's dead... She supposedly died a long time ago, usually, when wolves lose their mates they practically go insain, get ill and die, or kill themselves. He never got the chance to make her his luna or have a pup with her. The only reason he's still around is because he doesn't have a successor. There's been a lot of people who have tried to kill him, to become the alpha of the blood moon pack, pretty sure even kade was involved at some point. Not really sure why but I think the guy hates kade even more than us. I thought Axton had anger issues but that man is on a whole other level when it comes to his enemies.

She glanced at me curiously while I soaked in all the new information. Did my father do something to piss him off? It made complete sense if that was the case. Nathaniel doesn't trust me because I'm kades daughter and possibly wants me dead. This was much worse than I thought, he was only being civil towards me because he doesn't want to destroy the trust between him and Axton. I guess I'll have to prove to him im not the enemy somehow, then maybe he would leave me alone. But for now, my best bet was to avoid the alpha as Axton warned.

"Why are you so interested in that old man? Did he do something?! Evony is he threatening you because your kades daughter?!" Leiah stood up abruptly pushing back the chair, I could see anger burning inside her, but it was somehow different from the anger burning behind the alpha's eyes.

I grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile before she went charging out the door to hunt the man down because I know she would. "No he hasn't done anything I just noticed he...glares at me time to time, I wanted to know more about him, so maybe I could maybe make him not hate me?"

She caved under my smile and sighed, pulling the chair back and sitting down. "Fine but if that old man touches you, im kicking his ass."

Smiling I stood up from my seat and stretched. "It's getting late I should head back before Axton returns to his room and finds me gone."

She seemed to sulk at the statement and glared angrily at the coffee cup. "You shouldn't let him control you, Ev, it's not a healthy relationship."

I watched her confused, she thought Axton was controlling? My entire life I lived under a controlling abusive father, he was nothing like that. In the short time I've been with Axton I've had more freedom than I did my entire life. Sure he calls me his pet but he told me himself that it's all a facade to keep others off my back, so far it's worked, pack members almost never bother me and my father hasn't come after me. To anyone who didnt know his plans im sure, it seemed like I was his slave but to me, he was only protecting me.

I smiled and gave her a hug. "It's ok, im happy, you dont need to worry." My words seemed to help her relax and sigh in defeat. I told leiahs mom and Darin goodbye before my way outside and towards the packhouse.

Felling the hair on the back of my neck rise I felt as though I was being watched. As I made my way home I noticed two wolves that I recognized as blood moon pack members, walking towards me. I changed the direction I was headed in, toward a much more secluded path to the packhouse. I glanced back to see if they were following me, and they were. This wasn't looking good. Making a few turns between the houses, I hid myself behind a small tool shed. Watching through a crack in the wood I could see both the men looking around for me. My heart continued to pound in my chest and I feared they might be able to hear it. Both men looked at the shed and I held my breath, but to my surprise, they just turned around and walked away. I sighed in relief and leaned against the old worn structure, thanking the moon goddess they didn't see me. Once I was sure they were gone I came out of hiding and continued towards the packhouse by walking behind the cabins out of sight, avoiding the stray blood moon pack members wandering around the village. I had to fix this thing between me and the alpha before I could face him one on one.

I groaned looking up at the stars in the sky, how am I supposed to prove im, not a threat? Maybe if I helped him and Axton with getting information on my dad then I could get on his good side? Who am I kidding I had no resources for something like that? Sighing, I turned the corner and ran into something hard, making me tumble back and rub my sore face. "Ow?"

Opening my eyes I looked up and dreaded the sight before me. Alpha Nathaniel, standing there with his arms crossed over his chest with the same dull look in his eyes. This is the last person I wanted to see right now. I glanced around to see it was just the two of us, this both was relieving and frightening because he didnt have his men there to trap me, and there was no one there to help me.

"Don't even try to run." I nearly jumped out of my skin when he spoke. I stepped back as he watched me carefully. I swallowed hard and tried to keep my composure, I may not be proud of sharing the same blood as my father, but it was still alpha blood, I would not cower away like a pup. He seemed to tilt his head to the side intrigued by my lack of submission.

"I have no intention to hurt you. I'm merely curious about something... Such as why you are with the alpha." As he took one step forward, I took one step back. I knew it, he thinks im a threat, that im probably playing Axton. If he feels that im a danger to either of them then I doubt he would hesitate before trying to snap my neck.

He looked me over and lowered his arms to his side, ready to use them if needed. I glanced around at our location, if ran im sure I could make it to the packhouse before he caught me, Axton or someone else inside would then be able to stop him before he could kill me.

"I'm sure your quite nervous, but I needed to talk to you privately. That's why I had my wolves steer you over here."

Dread filled me even more, how could I be so stupid, they knew exactly where I was this entire time, they were just herding me towards their alpha! This is all a bloody trap, I needed to get away from him now.

"I'm really not comfortable speaking to you without Axton around. I need to get back before he gets angry." I had hoped this would have deterred him but the persistent alpha only seemed to get angrier at my statement.

"This matter is between us, he does not need to be involved. I know who you are..." His hand reached towards me and I made a run for it. Going straight for the packhouse. I didnt dare look back to see if he was following. As the packhouse came into view I saw Axton coming out the front door. He looked up just in time to see me running at him before I barreled into him wrapping my arms around him tightly nearly knocking him over.

"Evony?" He looked down at me confused as I held onto him like a lifeline, completely out of breath. He looked past me for a moment, his confusion turning into anger. I glanced back to see Nathaniel watching us a fair distance away.

A growl came from Axton's chest before he gave his warning to the other alpha. "Evony belongs to me, this is the only warning I'll give you, stay away from her. If you touch her I won't hesitate to send you on your way Nathaniel."

Axtons golden irises met Nathaniel's glowing green ones, he was not happy. I squeezed Axtons arm hoping he would understand. I didnt want them to fight, I didnt want to tear open a rift between Axton and him, we are supposed to be allies.

He glanced down at me and my pleading eyes met his, he must have understood, as he nodded his head and wrapped his arm securely around me.

I glanced back at alpha Nathaniel and gave him a sorry look, he seemed a bit surprised by the action and tilted his head slightly, watching curiously as we retreated into the house

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