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Loves passion- chapter 43

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(Longest chapter in the story of 4300 words all dedicated to some passionate scenes.)

2 days later~

Night of the winter moon festival~


Two days passed by since the night Nathaniel cornered me, and Axton warned him. Since that night the alpha has all but avoided my presence and kept his distance, though I could still feel his eyes on me from time to time. I'm not sure if im relieved that he's not attempting to approach me, or worried. Axton and I both know the alliance is important, ruining it could mean war. And neither he nor Nathaniel wanted that.

I still wonder what the alpha meant that night when he knows who I am. Was her referring to me being kades daughter? No. That didnt make sense, Axton clearly introduced me as such so there was no question about that subject. I sighed and stared up at the ceiling thinking of all the possibilities that came to mind.

Being pulled from my thoughts I let out a small squeak as a muscular arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me into a warm body. I didnt need to look to know who's body it was, and I bit my lip as a warm breath fanned across my neck.

Axton, gods, and goddesses did not hold back while creating this man. Silky black hair, piercing golden eyes, a well-toned body with unimaginable skills in nearly all departments. He was a man to be removed with, I guess it's no wonder I've become so entranced by the beast.being in his arms I've never felt so safe and helpless at the same time.

"You make the cutest fucking noises you know that?" I smiled and snuggled up closer to him enjoying his warmth and attention. How did it come to this? After years of torment at my father's hand to having the attention of a dashing alpha. "What are you thinking about?"

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye as his sleepy gaze flickered over my face, to my neck.

"That it's already noon and neither of us have even taken a shower? The festival starts in five hours." He grumbled something like a grouchy puppy and closed his eyes. I wonder if he knew how cute that was. "We can't stay in bed all day. If we dont start now both of us won't have time to take one."

Turning over to face him I touched his cheek with my hand and traced his jaw with my fingertips. His eyes opened and golden irises looked into my very soul. I noticed a gleam flicker in that hypnotic gaze of his, as a grin spread across his face. "Let's go take that shower then." He quickly climbed out of bed in haste. I sat up and watched him confused. He grabbed my arm pulling me out of bed before slinging me over his shoulder, A shriek escaping my lips at the sudden movement.

"What are you doing?!" I watched from my upside-down view as he strode over to the bathroom in quick strides.

"We, are going to go take a shower, besides I think I owe you a 'deep cleaning' for washing me off last time." My eyes widened at his statement and I could already feel a tingling rising in the pit of my stomach.

"W-wait your not serious, are you?!" I stuttered as he took us into the bathroom and shut the door with his foot.

He set me down on the counter and I could see in the mirror my face was flushed red, weather from blood rushing to my head or just pure embarrassment, im not sure.

Trading me in place while I sat on the counter, he had one arm on either side of me and his face only inches from mine. His gaze flickered from my eyes to my lips. And I gulped as he leaned in and gave a small kiss on my cheek. "I dont like to joke around Evony..." The way he spoke my name made a shiver run down my spine.

Slowly, as if taunting me he pulled away, never breaking eye contact until he walked over to the shower to turn it on. My nerves went through the roof as my mind played out all the bad scenarios it could as if to remind me this was a very bad idea. Axton is an alpha, no thee alpha, of the winter moon pack, what would people think?! What would they say if they found out about this?! They would be able to smell him on me for weeks! Much less the blood moon pack would think im seducing him! How would that make Nathaniel trust me?! What if his luna showed up?! She would kill me!

As all the horrible scenarios played out in my head, I didnt even notice the man causing all this chaos in my brain, was stripping right in front of me. My brain finally registered him when he started to pull off his boxers.

No doubt if anyone saw me gawking at him right now they'd think of me as some kind of pervert. His back was turned on me as he removed the last article of clothing and threw it to the floor giving me the strip show of a lifetime. But what really destroyed what little comfort I had left was when he turned around to face me, and this time I didnt look away. I only brought my knees to my chest and pressed my back against the mirror. Gods have mercy.

A husky, deep chuckle came from him as he stepped closer and lifted my chin with his finger so I would look him in the eyes. His glowing irises where like molten gold and I literally melt under his gaze, as my tense posture became weak and my uncertainty washed away.

"If it scares you that much I might just have to tie you down so you dont run away." His smirk had my uncertainty returning like a hurricane. Why dont I ever have control over my emotions? Or my body for that matter.

He hummed as his eyes trailed down over my body, leaving a blazing trail across my skin. Stepping back he offered his hand out to me to help me step down. I took his hand reluctantly and removed myself from the safety of my perch, my feet landing on the cold tile floor. I furiously tried to find somewhere else to look at other than down, knowing exactly what the fates had in store for me. Axton only continued to smile in turn as he turned me around to face the mirror.

Looking at my reflection seemed odd now, I was no longer pale as a blank sheet of paper or as thin as a toothpick, my hair was smooth and shiny, it flowed down to my lower back without looming like a rats nest, and the dark circles under my eyes had disappeared. It was refreshing seeing myself this way, I wasn't a weak and scared pup anymore.

Axtons hands played with the hem of my shirt as he watched my reaction to how I now looked, he pecked a kiss to the side of my head drawing me out of my trance. As he started to lift up my shirt I grabbed his wrist and stopped him. Scars still marred my bod, underneath the clothing and I didnt want him to see them, they were far from appealing no doubt hideous, and the last thing I wanted was for him to look at me like I was a freak. werewolves dont scar easily it takes a really deep wound or injury from silver in order for a scar to appear, yet every wound inflicted upon my body left a mark, physically and mentally. He paused as he looked down at me and watched my mood turn sour.

His hand brushed a stray lock of hair from my face as he turned my head upwards to look at him. "Let me see you. All of you." Relaxing some I released his arm and allowed him to slowly peel away my shirt. In the mirror I could see the few scars across my arms, and some of the scars that marred my back, peeking over my shoulders and sides. Curiously though they seemed, smaller than I remembered.

He unclasped the top that held my breasts secure and removed it with ease. My arms instinctively moved to cover my chest and he smiled. Looking in the mirror I hesitated before turning to look at my backside. My eyes widened in shock at the sight before me. The scars that once littered my back were smaller than before, some that had marred my skin for years were suddenly gone. I was healing.

I tired around to look at Axton, to see if I was just losing my mind. The surprise was evident on my face, but he just smiled. Kneeling in front of me he planted a kiss on my stomach, then another, and another. Slowly making his way down lower and lower. His hands took hold of the hem of my pants and he slowly slid them off, allowing me to step out of them once they hit the floor. Carefully he ran his hands across my skin back up my legs to my waist, before hooking his fingers onto the last piece of clothing on my body. His eyes looked up to me before he continued as if asking for permission.

Slowly I gave him a small nod and he turned his focus back to the task at hand. He closed his eyes and left a kiss upon the spot right below my stomach, before slipping off the last barrier, causing a stir within. Blushing I turned my head away and he stood to his feet.

Taking my hands in his he pulled us into the warm shower, and I reveled in the feeling of hot water pouring over my body. With my back turned to him. He glided his hands up my waist, to my sides, and left kisses across my shoulder. He didn't need to be patient with me or take things slow, he was the alpha, he could get away with anything and usually, no one would care or try to stop him. Yet here he was, a man thought to be ruthless and cold, was being gentle and serene.

His hands left my body momentarily to grab something from the small shelf littered with shampoo bottles and soaps. He took some shampoo into his hands and started to massage it into my hair. Smiling I relaxed and enjoyed the ministrations, leaning back against his body. I could feel something hard press against my back and imagined what he looked like before when he had turned around after stripping. The thought had me involuntarily squeezing my legs shut. I've never done this before or had much experience so I wasn't sure what to expect, I heard it felt good, and how it started but that was the basic extent of my knowledge, I didnt even know if my body's reactions were normal or not. Thinking about his size made me wonder if it was even physically possible for him to enter me.

I gasped as his hands started to spread soap across my stomach, and work their way up. His hands moved over to my arms that were covering my chest and grabbed each of my wrists to pull them away. Once my arms were at my sides I looked down and watched his hands trail back up my body before grabbing my breasts. A small whimper escaped my lips as his palms kneaded my chest. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he brought his face to my neck and nipped at the skin there.

Gods if this was how it felt for my breasts to be touched what was it going to feel like when thoughts were interrupted as he spun me around to face him and grabbed my hands.

A smirk was planted on his face as he cupped my hands and squirted shampoo into them before kneeling down. "Your turn to wash my hair." Confused I moved my hands to his head and started to knead the soap into the silky locks, only to be started when one of his hands grabbed onto my left breast and his mouth latched onto my right.

I looked down as he glided his tongue across it and made small movements to suck on the peak of it. A small squeak came from my lips at the feeling of his touch. His mouth pulled away and was replaced by his other hand as he glanced up at me. "Don't stop washing... You just started." I held back another noise as his mouth now latched onto my left breast giving it the same attention as the other. Gods this man was going to drive me crazy.

I continued to run my fingers through his soapy hair as he kissed, nipped, and sucked at the skin of my chest, to my stomach, and then...oh God.

I gasped and grabbed onto his hair for dear life as his mouth made itself known for the second time to my forbidden area.

He growled and moved his head back grabbing one of my hands in his own. "You've got to be a bit gentler little one, your claws still hurt me." Looking down I released his hair and looked at my shaky hands, I didnt even notice my claws extend before.

Grabbing both my legs he stood lifting me up and pushing me against the wall. Knocking off all the bottles and letting them fall to the shower floor as he set me down on the small shelf that stuck out.

Lowering himself once again he ran his hand up my inner thigh up to my core. Kneeling down on one knee, he was now eye level with it. I watched his tongue dart out and lick his lips as he used his fingers to spread me open. "Such a cute little pink flower...and look here's a little rosebud." His thumb pressed against my clit and I bit my lip to stifle back a moan.

His mouth moved in again devouring my 'flower' and tormenting me with slow skillful laps of his tongue. I gasped as his tongue prodded the entrance a few times before he pulled away.

He hummed and started to insert a finger making me instantly try to shut my legs. His other hand grabbed one of my legs to hold it open while he leaned his head against my other thigh watching as he pumped his finger in and out of me. A feigned frown appeared on his face as he wiggled his finger around inside.

"So small, it's going to be hard for me to fit inside... Have you ever even touched yourself before?." His eyes glanced up to me, as my face was twisted into a wince, as I tried to keep myself from crying out or making any noise. I shook my head no. And watched as a mischievous glint shined in his eyes.

"So fucking innocent...what am I going to do with you, you're so tight and all these years you've never bothered to touch yourself, how am I supposed to pup you if I can't even get inside?" Wait, what?! I looked down at him in surprise not sure if I heard him right or not. Did he just say pup?!

Before I could speak he stood up and captured my lips with his own, claiming my mouth. "Mm?!" His hand continued its exploration as he inserted a second finger. My mind felt hazy as his hands made slow torturous movements inside of me, I could feel everything as he curled, pumped, and traced his fingers along the inside of my core. The showerhead rained down water onto both of us watching away all the soap from our bodies.

Once his mouth detached from my own he went for my neck, kissing and nipping at the skin. Closing my eyes I moaned grabbing onto him with what strength I could muster.

He suddenly stopped as a growl made its way from deep in his chest. He leaned back to look down at me, clearly struggling to control himself, his eyes glowing bright gold, showing how close to the surface his wolf really was.

He removed his fingers from my core causing a small whimper to escape me. Turning the shower knob to turn off the water. Both his hands grabbed my thighs lifting me off the shelf and pressing my core against his hard shaft. I held onto his shoulders as he carried us out of the shower and set me back down on the counter. The cold marble against my skin made me want to cling to him more like he was the only source of warmth left in the world.

He chuckled as I refused to let go of him, not wanting to look the body heat. Leaning in, he pressed himself against my aching core and whispered into my ear.

"Your making it very hard for me go not just ram myself into you here on the bathroom counter. I'm trying to make this as enjoyable as possible and this isn't exactly the most ideal position, not do I want to smell like a wet dog while doing this. Are you going to let go or do I need to pry you off?" Gulping I nodded and reluctantly released him closing my legs once he stepped away.

I watched as he stepped over to the folded towels and grabbed one for each of us. He handed me one before quickly drying himself off and lightly drying his hair the best he could with the towel. I did the same but once I tried to dry between my legs he stopped me. Confused I looked up at him and only smiled. "Trust me, the wetter you are down there...the better." I didnt quite understand what he meant by that but nodded anyway. He tossed away the towels and picked me up bridal style before going into the room and taking me to the bed. He set me down in the middle of the bed before climbing over me.

He hovered over me holding himself up with each arm on either side of my head. My mind was a bit clearer now and I could feel my stomach churning from my nerves.

Leaning in he started to kiss my neck trailing down the center of my chest, to my stomach. He stopped when he got close to my legs that I had squeezed shut, and glanced up at me questioningly as I watched him.

Sighing he ran one hand through his wet hair before sitting upright. "Don't worry too much I'll make sure it feels good. But you need to relax, the more tense your muscles are the less... pleasurable it will be." Gulping I uncrossed my legs so they were no longer clamped together. He smiled before grabbing both and spreading them apart and slipping them both over his shoulders, leaving the lower half of my body in the air.

With a tight grip on both my thighs, he brought his mouth back down to my flower, using the same torturous movements as he did in the shower, teasing me with his mouth all over again. The haze started to take over my mind once again, as my breathing came in short pants. How was he so good at driving me crazy?!

He continued to eat me out for a few moments teasing and prodding, and I could feel my mind getting more clouded by the second. Once he pulled away, he let my body lay back against the silk sheets of his bed. My eyes were barely open and my body was quivering with need. I wanted his warmth to surround me, and I wanted him inside me.

He held my waist firmly and I could feel him grind himself against my core, making his shaft just as wet as me.

My gaze moved down to him and I could see how he was struggling to keep himself in check, he wanted it badly, probably worse than me. He knew what was coming while I was completely unaware. Reaching down I lightly touched his manhood making him take in a sharp breath and look up at me. Feeling the heat rise to my cheeks I looked back up into his eyes, giving him all the permission he needed. I wanted this, we wanted this.

He moved forward, leaning over me, he supported himself with one arm and used his other hand to help me guide the tip of his member to my entrance. I bit my lip as I felt it starting to prod my entrance.

"I-is it going to hurt?" He stopped and looked at me with a sad smile.

"It will feel good after a moment. You do t have to do anything, just relax." His mouth came down onto mine and he kissed me passionately. Relaxing into the kiss I closed my eyes and enjoyed it as he pushed his way inside.

I broke the kiss as I felt him starting to stretch my core. He stopped as soon as he saw my reaction and turned my face to look at him. "Evony, no matter what... I love you." My eyes widened at his words but my shock was quickly replaced and he trusted the rest of the way into me. I cried out in pain as tears pricked the corners of my eyes.

A strangled grunt came from him as he let out an uneven breath. He didnt dare move an inch for both my sake and his own, I could feel my insides trying to adjust to him as the sharp pain slowly dulled. My claws were digging into his arm and the sheets below me. Small rivets of blood coming from where my claws had pierced his skin.

He rested his head against the side of my own, whispering hushed words as I whimpered. It hurt, a lot, but the pain was subsiding.

After a moment he slid his free hand down my side and grasped my waist before slowly pulling out. I closed my eyes to relax but was jolted back to that mind-shattering feeling of bliss when he trusted back inside. I gasped the first few times as he slowly got into a rhythm of driving himself in and out of me.

Each movement making me whimper as my head became hazy and the feeling of bliss took over.

"So fucking tight!" He growled before thrusting hard into me, making me squeak in surprise. He slowly continued to drive himself into me with fluent movements, filling my core as much as he could. We were both breathing heavily as we went and I couldn't think straight anymore.

A bundle of pressure started to grow in the pit of my stomach, and he must have felt it too, as he paused and sat up straight. "Fuck your already clenching around me... Heh, it feels like your sucking me in..." He grunted as he made a hard thrust into me making me gasp with a moan. It felt so good, despite never being able to enjoy this pleasure all my life, I dont think I regret never doing this before, I was happy that Axton was my first, I wouldn't change this for the world.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better he took hold of my waist and lifted my lower half up so I was lined up with his member. He gave me a devious smirk before plowing into me, even deeper than I thought possible. I couldn't help but cry out in pleasure at the sensation, and throw my head back. He pulled out, nearly completely before doing it again, with little to no restraint. "Ahh!!" My claws dug into the sheets, tearing them open as he continued to pound into me, getting faster and faster.

The pressure in my core was growing at an alarming rate, as each thrust had me crying out. Trying to get a grip my legs and body squirmed in his hold and I found myself kicking at the air each time or trying to anchor around his waist.

"Fuck! Evony!" His thrusts became harder and faster until he withdrew, and pushed himself back in as deep as he could go with a snarl ripping from his throat.

My back arched, and my head was thrown back as I screamed out in ecstasy and, black dots filled my vision. An explosion of pleasure filled my core as something warm seemed to pump into my womb.

My body trembled as I came out of my momentary high, and fell back onto the bedsheets, nothing more than a shaking, panting mess.

Axton grit his teeth with his eyes squeezed tight and his grip on me refusing to release as he stayed buried in me. After a few moments, he grunted with a sigh before his grip released my sides.

Warmth flooded into me from where we were connected and I slowly regained my self-awareness. "Damn that...was something else..." Axton removed himself from be and laid next to me pulling my body against his and he traced his hand over my stomach. I could feel something wet coming from my ravaged core but couldn't conjure words.

Axton hummed to himself as if admiring his work before leaning in and whispering in my ear, making me whimper. "Your gonna need another bath..."

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