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Alphas last order- chapter 45


I watched as Evony ran away deep into the forest, what have I done? The alcohol got to my head and for some reason, my anger just shot through the roof while I watched evony laughing and having fun with everyone, and Axton stood by acting like anything was fine.

Everything wasn't fine though, we found out those rouges who nearly kidnapped Leiah and her weren't coincidentally there. Darin had known them and when he heard Leiah tell him about how they were. Nearly kidnapped, he realized something, something big.

We immediately told axton about it, it seemed to bother him a lot at first but he told us both not to mention it, no... not told, he ordered us. I couldn't believe he was acting so carefree now, and he still hadn't told Evony.

I wasn't thinking properly when I decided to call him out on it, and because of my drunk rage I didnt listen to what he had to say, I just spoke my mind, not caring who heard or what the results would be. I was tired of his secrecy towards her, it wasn't helping anyone.

And in the end, the worst possible thing happend. Evony heard everything. She now knew the truth and I swear it nearly broke both of them.

Axton just stood there not saying a word and not going after her, he was in shock. I fucked up, this wasn't supposed to be how she found out, this isn't what I wanted. They deserved to be happy together, she made him happy just as he made her, and I just possibly ruined it all, I might be just destroyed their happiness.

I slumped back sitting on the ground, grabbing my head. I just broke the trust between me and both of my best friends.

"Do you think she hates me?"

Surprised, I looked up at axton, he still didnt move, he just stood there, blankly looking in the direction Evony ran off in.

I hated it. His distant stare and the sad tone to his voice. I'd rather him scream at me, blame me for what just happend but he didn't he just silently stood there.

"I don't know..." I whispered. He nodded and left me to go after her. I watched him disappear, going out to find his mate.

How could I have been so stupid, would he ever trust me after this? Would she forgive me? My thoughts continued to swarm in my head as I sat there in self-pity.

"What are you doing?" Looking up I noticed alpha Nathaniel standing before me, he seemed a bit different.

Starting at my hands I wondered what I should do, what could I do?

"I messed up..." My voice nearly cracked at the end and I fought back tears.

"And?" Looking up at the alpha before me he seemed genuinely confused by my words.

"I mean I really messed up..." He scoffed before shaking his head, making my frustration grow. Was he trying to be an asshole?

"Everyone messes up at some point, every man, woman, and child deals with it, the question is, what are you going to do about?" He started down at me and I looked back at my hands, he was right, I could just sit around and sulk I had to fix this and make it up to both Evony and Axton.

A distant gunshot rang through the air grabbing both of our attention and causing everyone to start panicking. Nathaniel visibly tensed and his face turned to one of genuine worry before he shifted and ran into the forest. That's when I realized what direction he was headed in. Leiah and Darin ran over to me and I could see everyone trying to figure out what was happening.

"Get everyone inside! Have all capable wolves guarding everyone else and make sure there are no intruders are in the area!" They both got to work directing everyone to safety. I shifted into my wolf form and went after Alpha Nathaniel. How did hunters manage to get this close to the village?! Being this deep into the forest it shouldn't have been possible without help from... I mentally cursed as a second gunshot went off, this time I was closer and could see Nathaniel running just ahead of me.

Kade was now dealing with hunters?! Could this get any worse?! We both stopped at the treeline and I caught sight of the black furr of axtons wolf as he tore into a man.

Before the second hunter could shoot he was tackled to the ground by the black beast and had his throat ripped out. Did he lose control again?!

Looking around for evony I noticed something strange, there was a dead man lying in the field, next to him was...axtons wolf?

Then it clicked and i looked at the black wolf who was tearing into the hunters, looking closer I could see it's glowing free eyes.


I watched in complete shock as the once shy and timid girl was no mercilessly killing men. Nathaniel snapped at me, snapping me out of my trance and motioning towards axton. Getting a hold of myself I ran over to his side and was horrified by the amount of blood, the rise and fall of his chest was all that signified he was still alive.

Shifting back to my human form I immediately called for backup and the pack doctor. I glanced up and watched as Nathaniel approached Evony. She snarled at him, with her fur sticking up and her lips curled back showing her fangs. He growled back fully prepared to take on the inexperienced she-wolf if he had to. This seemed to have a mixed effect on her as her eyes changed back and forth and she started to back away shaking her head. Her and her wolf we're fighting for control.

A strained whine came from axton and I looked down to see he was watching what was unfolding. My heart started to sink at the strange look in his eyes. His injuries were bad. A yelp had me looking up just in time to see evony dart off into the forest. Nathaniel ran after her in hopes to stop the enraged she-wolf.

Axtons voice spoke within in my head through the mind link telling me to call off the backup. I looked at him confused and our eyes met. I hated that look he was giving me and was unsure what to do blood covered his fur and I could see the gunshot wound clearly. It wasn't healing meaning it was a silver bullet that was oftentimes fatal to any wolf.

I listened closely and, My spirit seemed to die as I listened to my alpha give me his last order...

The End.


Ahaha yes yes I know you all are probably screaming your throats raw but before you try hunting me down I hope that you will be willing to follow our lovers on their journey in their second book. Alphas Mate.

That's right you heard me, there's a book 2 and oh boy I can't wait to get started in fact once you finish reading this your gonna see alphas mate pop up (I think im not sure if it has to be approved first or not, I'll post first chapter tomorrow May 5th), I hope you all enjoyed this and I can't thank all of you enough for the amazing support, all the reviews and comments you guys made has literally helped shape this story and given me many ideas, if it wasn't for all you amazing people, then alphas pet would have never made it this far. I hope to see you all again in alphas mate and can't wait to see your reactions (kinda scared 😆) and for those of you who are like "he'll no this talk sad I can't deal with reading book 2 after this) please continue to read I promise you all you won't regret it, book two is still considered a romance and you will enjoy all the juicy twists and turns I have planed, hope to see you all on the other side.

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