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Encounter -chapter 5


Sitting in the gardens I stared at my reflection in the pond. My black hair framed my face and hid the bruise on my face that was slowly healing. I toyed with the dress I now wore, my mother's dress. I didn't feel comfortable wearing such a thing. I was nothing like her, not that I ever met her.

She died giving birth, something rare among werewolves and often seen as a bad omen. Werewolves are resilient and strong it takes a lot to kill one.

We take pride in our strength and honor. The pack is one, the pack is all. the strong thrive while the weak die. We are the top of the food chain. Or at least 'they' are.

I'm different. Weak. Worthless.

I'm inferior to all the others, treated like an outcast, nearly a rouge. Even my own father hardly acknowledges my existence in the pack. I'm a disappointment to him, so how could I do something like wear my mother's dress.

A snap of a twig right behind me caught my attention dragging me out of my thoughts and making me forget about those dark thoughts. I could see eyes staring back at me from the brush.

I could feel my adrenaline start to rush through my veins and my heart pounding in my chest. Goosebumps appeared on my skin across my entire body as I was frozen in place.

Usually, I would think that I was just completely terrified or scared but this felt different somehow, and it was hard to think about anything at the moment.

I stared into the eyes of the wolf and they stared right back at me, if not into me. my entire being felt exposed and on edge as if the slightest movement from the wolf would cause me to make a run for it, not that I could outrun them, yet the thought seemed, tempting?

What was happening to me?

The creak of a wooden door caused me to snap my attention back toward the hut where Ethan had just exited from, coming back with whatever he left to get.

I looked back at the bushes to see the wolf was gone. It felt like my heart was about to rip itself out of my chest and I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. I had to be fear. I scooted away from the pond and Ethan must have noticed my distress because he quickly came over to me.

"Hey, what is it? You look like you've seen a ghost."

I couldn't form words at first and just pointed at the bush where I had seen the eyes. He followed my finger and went over to inspect it but he didn't seem concerned just confused. "What?" He asked.

"I- I thought I saw a wolf. " I whispered.

He looked through the bushes more and looked around the area but found nothing.

"Damn I wish I could smell." He muttered under his breath before coming back to me. "There are no signs of any wolf tracks or anything, no one usually watches the area either, you sure you saw a wolf?

I looked at the ground. Did I just imagine it? Am I just losing my mind now? "I thought I saw eyes, maybe. I'm not sure."

He sighed and offered his hand to me. "It's probably best if we get you inside, I got some pillows and blankets so you can stay here tonight"

My head jerked up and I looked at him surprised. "But my father-"

He smiled and cut me off. "Alpha had some business he had to go take care of he won't be back for at least a day or two."

I smiled slightly and took his hand as he helped me up and we went inside the but, before we entered I looked back at the forest one more time I still felt like I was being watched.

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