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The stranger - chapter 6


As night fell I laid in the pile of blankets and pillows Ethan brought me and watched the night sky from the small window in the cottage.

Ethan went back to the packhouse to take care of some things, he wasn't worried about any rouges coming into the territory, being this close to winter they probably wanted to find somewhere warmer to be.

I sighed and got out of my cozy little bed and stepped outside, I glanced over to where I imagined the wolf earlier. Chills ran up my spine and I shivered. Did I really imagine it? It seemed so real. If only I could search for a scent or tracks, but my sense of smell wasn't very good and neither was my eyesight at night. I really was a pathetic, excuse for a wolf.

Looking up at the full moon in the sky I wondered why I was being punished? While my father lived the nightlife. Was it because of the circumstances of my birth? Probably, the so-called moon goddess only cared for the strong and able.

I turned back and went inside the cottage, before laying in my little makeshift bed I blew out the candle and turned my back to the window. I had a feeling my torment would be over soon, one way or another. I repeated those words in my head as my eyes grew heavy and started to close. Soon after I fell into the darkness of sleep.

Hours later.

I woke up later in the night, I could tell I was only asleep for a few minutes because I was lucid at the time, but something woke me up, I could feel goosebumps running across my skin, but I wasn't cold? I closed my eyes to try and resume my sleep but something was bothering me.

When I heard the doorknob turn I froze and a deathly chill ran down my spine as my stomach dropped. Who would be out here at night?! Was it Ethan? I glanced back at the door carefully making sure not to give away the fact I was awake.

The door slowly opened and a tall male figure stepped into the cottage. It was too dark to see much but I could tell that definitely was not Ethan.

I adverted my eyes and shut them while remaining as motionless as I possibly could. i didn't want them to know I was awake. Maybe it was one of the scouts? He probably was looking for somewhere to rest for the night. I kept my breath short and as steady as possible but my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest or give away the fact I was awake. If it was a scout, once he noticed me he would leave.

I Could hear the click of the door shut but I could sense the man was still in here with me. I wouldnt dare look at him. I listened closely for footsteps but he was silent before I knew it he was next to me, he laid down behind me and I swear my heartbeat increased tenfold. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping he would disappear or leave, I couldn't fight off another attack, not in the state I was in... but that wasn't going to happen my luck had long ago run out.

Feeling his hot breath on my neck, a feeling of helplessness overcame me. He wrapped his arm over me and whispered in my ear." You're not fooling anyone little one, I know you're awake." His voice was gentle and Huskey it caused a strange feeling to run through my entire body. Before I could process what was happening, I was forced to turn over onto my back and squealed in shock, my eyes flew open and I was met with the dark figure, all I could see of him was his glowing golden eyes that stared right through me.

The vulnerability was only the beginning of what he made me feel, and it terrified me. I stared right back into his eyes that felt like they were burning into my soul, I didn't understand what this new feeling was, building in my stomach but it was similar to one I already knew. Fear.

If it wasn't for the burning pain in my back I probably would have melted on the spot or become hypnotized by just his eyes alone, but if I did, I had a feeling something bad would happen to me, so my fight or flight instincts kicked in and I grabbed the closest thing to me and smashed it across his head.

He snarled and jumped back slightly. I struggled to quickly get out from under him and get onto my feet. I made a dash for the door only to be pushed into the wall. I cried out from shock and pain. How was he so fast?!

He held me by the shoulders against the wall and growled. "The hell was that for?!" I could see under the moonlight comeing from the window, half of his face, and it was now covered with blood running down from his head. I must have hit him pretty good.

Attempting to push him off seemed to be futile because he was way stronger than I expected. He got more agitated the more I struggled but because of the pain from him pinning me to the wall, my back was burning and fueling my instincts to try and escape.

"Stop it!" He snarled and I flinched before freezing for the moment. He wasn't an pack member as far as I could tell but he had dominance radiating off him in waves.

He brought his face closer to my neck again and Inhailed my scent, I swear he purred before wrapping his arms around me and running his lips across my skin. I gasped from the feeling, it felt good. I wasn't sure why, I should have been disgusted but instead I was, enjoying it?

He squeezed me tighter and it caused my backside to sting. This embrace felt so good, so much so that I wanted to melt in his arms but again the pain was a hook to draw me out of whatever death pit he had in store.

So I did the first thing I could think of and bit his neck.

He snarled and pushed me away, before putting a hand to his neck and looking at the Blood I drew. I could see his reaction he was getting pissed.

I took the chance and ran out the door into the forest. No way I was looking back or stopping, I needed to get back to the packhouse asap so I ran.

I could hear the crack of bones and his grunts as he shifted. Shit, he was going to hunt me down, there's no way i can outrun him in his wolf form.

Soon after I could hear him howl into the night. Was he crazy?! My entire pack would hear him and hunt him down! I quickly made my way towards the packhouse. Hopefully, someone would stop the man before he could reach me. But as I ran I could smell smoke, what was going on?! Where were the scouts who patroled pack territory? They should have tracked down this man already!

The wolf chasing me barked and I looked back to see he was close behind and quickly gaining. I ran as hard as I could and could hear him get closer but before he could catch me, another wolf jumped out of the bushes ahead of me and tackled my pursuer to the ground. I stopped myself and watched them both quickly get to their feet snarling and snapping their fangs towards each other, and from behind, I could recognize who my savior was.

"Ethan!" I shouted both happy to see him and concerned that this was going to turn into a bloody fight.

They both started to transform back into their human selfs for a fight. Ethan glanced back at me during his transformation.

"Run! Get out of here and get as far away as you can! Find somewhere safe!" He shouted over his shoulder before turning his attention back to the man.

As he stood in the moonlight I could see just how beautiful my pursuer actually was, I was frozen in place and when he looked at me, our eyes were locked. I could see he had a burning desire to continue his chase but he couldn't with Ethan in the way. And his smirk gave me chills. His body was that of a gods and his face just as equally handsome with messy black hair and a 5 o'clock shadow any girl would fall head over heels for this man.

Ethan snarled at the man grabbing his attention.

"What are you doing! Get out of here!" He shouted while crouched down ready to fight.

I snapped out of my daze and swallowed hard one of them might get hurt or die in this fight. I forced myself to turn and run, I couldn't watch, and I couldn't help. I need to get back to the packhouse and get help!

I ran as fast as I could away from the fight before he could even start, my lungs were burning and my wounds started to ache and my previous adrenaline started to lessen.

As I got closer to the packhouse I realized just how bad our situation was. I watched in horror as all our pack soldiers were outside bound by their hands and kneeling before a few men I didn't recognize. I took a few steps back. What am I supposed to do now?! Who do I get for help?

Two of the strange men happened to notice me and started coming towards me. I snapped out of my panic and decided to run another direction maybe find somewhere to hide until someone came for me.

But before I could they grabbed me and threw me to the ground hard.

"Where do you think you're going? Trying to escape are you?" One spoke above me.

I tried to push myself up but the other man pushed me back down with his foot on my back, and searing hot pain started to make its appearance. I cried out in pain and tears started to well up in my eyes making my vision blurry along with the pain. I tried to speak but my voice was quiet.

"You're not going anywhere she-wolf, I don't know how you got away but let this be your first lesson, we are faster, stronger, and better at tracking then any of you so if you try to run again, we won't be so kind. He put more pressure on my back and I cried out in pain again. It hurt so much, I feel my wounds open again and my blood starting to soak the bandages.

As soon as his foot stopped putting pressure on my back I took a shaky breath.

" God this is pathetic for any wolf! Are all these pack members this weak!? She acts as if I broke her ribs or some shit!" One of them spoke and the other responded just seeming annoyed.

"Just take her back over to the rest of the women and children."

Before I could adjust or let the pain settle, I was pulled up to my feet harshly and taken inside the packhouse where I saw the few women and children of my pack gathered into one of the bedrooms. I also noticed the one's who were guarding them were female warriors, how was that even possible?

I was shoved towards one of them by the man who had a hold on me.

"You let one escape! She's already been warned." He spoke up annoyed.

The female looked me over and growled at the man, if I wasn't in so much pain I would have looked at her like she had lost her mind, no females ever growl at males.

She spoke to the man clearly just as annoyed. "We didn't lose anyone she wasn't in any of the houses we searched. Go back outside and keep your own in check!"

The man mumbled something and left. The female warrior looked me over and I didn't dare look her in the eye.

To my surprise, when she spoke, she had a gentle tone. "Come on go sit down with the others, and get comfortable, it's going to be a long night."

She placed her hand on my back to guide me over and I quickly flinched away from her touch. She gave me a confused and not very pleased look but didn't say anything.

I sat down near the back corner of the room and listened in to what was going on outside, I could hear men shouting orders to each other but after a while it got quiet. My back hurt still and my bandages were soaked in my own blood, I could also smell blood in the house which means there was definitely some resistance from my pack members when they invaded.

I wondered who won and who might be dead, Ethan or the strange man.

My vision soon became blurry as my head felt lightheaded from blood loss. I found myself laying on the ground just like some of my other pack members who were sleeping. Before I knew it the darkness took me under.

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