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The assault - chapter 7


As night fell in the territory everyone was beginning to get anxious. We were all itching to start the raid but I was also itching for something else. I couldn't get that female out of my head, without saying or doing anything she made me feel things I've never felt before.

I never understood what others meant when they tried to explain how it felt when they first met their mates but I think I understand it now, it's almost indescribable, you just feel it. And when I looked into her eyes, I felt it.

"Alpha everyone is getting restless, we've been in enemy territory for hours now everyone's been worried we will be found." My beta spoke.

I glanced over at the young boy we had tied up and knocked out he was the only scout in this area as far as we could tell. I scoffed their alpha was foolish he didn't even properly train his recruits before throwing them out into the field.

I looked back at my pack, in total there were 17 of us here 3 of us stayed back to watch over the children. We were short on numbers but just one of us could overpower 3 wolves in this pack.

I'm not worried about it, priority is securing the civilians of this pack, then subdue any resistance or soldiers. Last but not least we find the bastard alpha and his kin and I'll have my revenge.

"Everyone stand!" I spoke through the pack link. And everyone got to their feet.

"Today we take back out home and rid these lands of the false alpha! " they all barked and yipped in excitement.

"Your all aware of the risks and know the plan. The alpha and his daughter belong to me, I will have their heads. And we will have our revenge!" They barked and bared their teeth showing they were ready.

"Let's take back our home." I gave the signal howling at the moon above. My pack ran past me and headed straight for the packhouse. And I tailed behind them quickly catching up and running ahead. Once the packhouse was in sight, there was bloodshed. I stopped and watched my pack overpower the guards and warriors of the pack while also rounding up any strays who tried to run.

Those who didn't submit and protected the false alpha would perish. And those who submitted would join us, I would reshape this pack into its former glory.

My beta came up beside me. "You will not join the fight alpha?"

I watched my pack proceed with the plan, they had everything under control. "No, I trust that you all can handle everything, I have...other arrangements." Turning away from the fighting I walked back towards the direction of the cottage in the woods.

I need to pay a visit to a certain female.

As I got to the cottage I could see there were no lights on inside, the area was completely silent.

I transformed into my human form and walked up to the small building, I could smell her inside the scent of lilies was strong but I also could smell smoke and blood. Probably from the packhouse the scent was in the air. It bothered me but there wasn't much I could do about it, a werewolf's sense of smell was strong, but could easily be overwhelmed.

Stepping into the cottage I glanced around to see the place was old and seemed to rarely be used And the scent of herbs filled the small cabin nearly blocking out all other scents.

I looked over to where the girl laid, she had a few blankets and pillows set up as a small bed. I smiled slightly at the sight she was curled up under the blanket and had her back turned towards me but I could hear her erratic heartbeat in the silence, she knew I was here yet didn't move a muscle. I wonder if she realized who I was earlier? If not, her attempt to fool me was cute.

I shut the door behind me and made my way over to her. Once I was close enough I could see just how small she was. Crawling onto the small bed with her I could hear her small intake of breath. She was wide awake now.

I smirked and leaned down to breathe in her scent, she was alluring as all hell but I still could smell blood.

"I know your awake little one," I spoke as softly as I could but it still came out rough, oh well.

I grabbed her shoulder and turned her over to look at me and I stared into her eyes that were wild with what my guess was excitement.

I smiled looking at her shocked face, she was too cute, I had waited so long for her my entire life. I wanted to know everything I could about her and how she grew up, I would know every detail and cherish her, treat her like a queen, she was now this packs future luna. From what I could tell she had long silky black hair, fair pale skin, soft pink lips and...a bruise on her cheek?

Before I could get a closer look I took a hard object to the side of my temple. I was shoved off and a bit dazed from the hit but quickly recovered, what in the bloody hell? A snarl went through my lips and I noticed her trying to getaway. Before she could I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall.

"What the hell was that for?!" I growl and she just continued to struggle, I didn't understand if she didn't like me she should have just made it known a growl, snarl even a simple whimper and I would back off this she-wolf made no sense.

As she continued to struggle my instincts got the best of me and I raised my voice more than I wanted. "Stop it!"

She stilled instantly and I took it as a chance to show her I was no threat. I embraced her and held her small body against mine in a comforting manner?

She made a small noise and I took that as a Que that she was also feeling the mate bond. I took in her scent again and held her tighter, for some reason that seemed to trigger her because she then bit my shoulder.

Snarling I pushed away from her and put my hand over the spot, she made me bleed slightly but her bite was so weak surely she wasn't very agitated otherwise it would have been much worse.

She ran out the door and into the forest I stood in the doorway and watched, confused for the moment. She wasn't transforming to run in her wolf form? That's when it clicked, this must be some kind of game of chase.

My own adrenaline started to kick in. She wanted me to chase her like cat and mouse or in this case vixen and the big bad wolf.

I transformed, the pain of shifting bones and mending flesh was hardly noticeable, as I finished I howled at the moon warning her that the chase was on. Her small frame hardly helped her go any faster as I quickly caught up to her and she knew it.

As I caught up and nearly got ready to pounce another wolf jumped out of the bushes and tackled me before jumping off and snarling. He was trying to defend her?

I watched my dear mate stop in her tracks, worry and surprise were written on her face, was she worried for me or this boy. I growled at the thought of them being possible lovers.

She called out his name more out of confusion then concern."Ethan!"

"You will fight me like a man!" His voice rang through my thoughts and he started to transform, interesting he thought he had a better chance in hand to hand combat? Whoever he was he had guts as considering how good of a mood I am, I shall entertain him this once. I quickly transformed as well.

"Run! Get out of here!" This 'Ethan called out at her and I watched her hesitate, I stared at her and she seemed to stare back, I internally promised her we would continue our chase another time.

"Get away from here!" He shouted again and I looked at his posture he would lose balance in seconds the way he was.

My mate ran away towards the packhouse, my pack would find and secure her so I didn't need to worry much.

Ethan growled at me and I tilted my head with a smirk he was still only a pup compared to me. He lunged, claws out and each swipe he took I dodged with ease after the fourth I hooked my foot under his leg and knocked him onto the ground.

He snarled in response and to my surprise attempted to kick me across the face, if I was even a second slower he would've hit.

"I'm impressed anyone knows how to fight in your pack..." I crossed my arms.

"Don't get cocky bastard!"

He lunged again, quickly sidestepping his attack I avoided it but he managed to twist his body just in time to scratch me across the leg, before hitting the ground. Luckily for me, it was a minor wound. ill give the kid some credit he was fast but he lacked skill and coordination.

"You'll be a fine warrior someday. Maybe even my lunas own personal guard."

Unfortunately, he didn't seem to like the compliment or the idea of working for me. Ethan attempted to go for my injured leg, so I kicked him back with my good one and sent him flying back into a tree.

"You lack proper training, don't worry, I plan to fix that." Making my promise, he groaned and sat up. Two of my warriors came up behind me. "Sir everything is secured except, well.... you're needed back at the pack house". I nodded in response.

"Grab him and take him back, see to it he is taken care of, he will be a loyal warrior to this pack and I don't want anyone to ruin that chance for him". I turned and walked in the direction my dear mate ran off in. No matter what happens tonight I can't wait to start our new life together once the sun rises.

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