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Alpha Axton - chapter 8

I awoke to the sound of voices and sunlight shining into my eyes. I was dizzy, my stomach was in knots and the pain in my back was starting to return.

I groaned as I forced myself to sit up, I was surrounded by the other woman and children of my pack some seemed scared and some were attempting to comfort each other.

The sound of shattering glass and shouting from the other room grabbed my attention and a few others. We could hear the muffled shouting through the walls.

"What do you mean he isn't here?!" A familiar voice spoke clear rage laced his tone and I couldn't recognize whose voice it was.

"We searched everywhere there's a chance he knew and left before we attacked." The second more calm voice spoke.

We could hear something else shatter and a few of the other women awoke from the sounds. And some of the younger children whimpered but we're quickly shushed by their mothers. I looked at the windows that were covered to see it was slowly becoming lighter out, a bit of the light seemed to trickle in from the cracks between the curtains. As I glanced around the room I could see there were fewer warriors guarding us and they seemed anything but enthusiastic about their position.

"Gather all the survivors outside, men, women, children, all of them, it's time we address ourselves and make a statement." The familiar voice spoke then the guards watching over us quit their sulking and went to work by starting to wake everyone.

Everyone was being forced to wake up and get to their feet. I noticed some of the women shooting glares in my direction. And mumbling insults and prophanities about me. At this point, I was used to it and just ignored them. This seemed to piss a few females off because as we were being drawn out of the room I was shoved harshly against a table causing a ruckus and drawing the guard's attention.

"Get up!" Before I could recover and get to my feet I was quickly pulled up by my arm and given a harsh shove to the back to move. I winced as pain blossomed from the warrior's touch and on instinct I moved away from her, turning and knocking her hand away. She obviously didn't take too kindly to it and growled at me. "Move!" He snarled and I followed behind the others.

As we got outside I noticed all that remained of our packs males were kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs, in the crowd, I noticed Ethan who looked to be bruised.

I felt relief knowing he was alive, but a tight feeling pulled at my chest as I thought that the other man was possibly dead. These feelings confused me.

One of the warriors came around and cut each of our ropes releasing our bindings letting the few women who had mates go over to their other half that was still kneeling tied up. They then moved on to cut all the men's bindings.

A few other warriors stepped out of the packhouse followed by what seemed to be the higher-ranking wolves of their pack. I also noticed they had a few warriors surrounding us but most of them stood before us. But what really caught my attention was how few of them there were. This couldn't possibly be their entire pack? My pack was at least three times bigger yet they overpowered us with so few.

One of the higher-ranking wolves of their pack cleared his throat making all the worried cries of relief and uncertain chatter go silent.
"You all may be concerned about what will be happening. I can assure you nobody will be harmed unless they attempt to retaliate or rebel. You're now under the protection of alpha Axton nova."

Some crys and shocked gasps came from those around me and I swallowed hard, alpha axton was notorious and known far and wide by the many packs of this country, he was known to be cold and ruthless, destroying anyone in his path, he is best known for ripping the hearts out of some of the old werewolf council leaders just because he didn't get what he wanted.

"You will all listen to his command from now on, he is your new alpha! " I could hear a few growls and cries of worry from my pack.

"Go to hell!" One of our men shouted gaining some reinforcement from the others.

"Your murderers!" Another outcry.
The crowd becomes more and more riled up. I was worried there was going to be more bloodshed as they continued to protest and get louder.

"Quiet!" The familiar voice I heard shouting before yelled out over the crowd and a wave of overwhelming dominance and power washed over us all causing everyone to instantly go silent.

I felt something strange run through my body nearly making my knees buckle due to a tingling sensation left from feeling that dominating voice, what was happening to me?

Everyone seemed to stop as the owner of the voice stepped out of the packhouse and walked over to the man who spoke before, he faced us and then I realized, he was the same man who attacked me last night at the cottage. He was alpha axton. I gulped as I watched from the back of the crowd hoping he didn't see me.

His eyes swept over the crowd seeming cold an calculating, unlike last night where they seemed to be filled with excitement. I shivered at the thought.

He spoke again in a much calmer manner but the agitation was clear in his voice. "Your alpha has abandoned you!"

Everyone was silent.

"Your alpha has left you all here, like a coward he ran away to save his own hide instead of staying here and standing to fight. He would rather live than protect his pack." He spoke with venom in his voice clear hatred and fury for my father.

He scanned the crowd seeing how some of us knew he was right but there was still fear and anger mixed into the acceptance of my father's betrayal to his pack.

"My goal here today was to end your alphas life so that I may get my revenge, but I also wished to claim this territory. He has done nothing but lied and abuse all of you! Spilling rumors no doubt to you and the other packs about us, making you grow to hate us. He has left this pack in shambles...your warriors were to weak to even defend you! And those who were loyal to him are gone? Why is that? Have you wondered why he ran things the way he did? It's because he wanted you to all submit, he didn't want anyone to try and take the pack from him! He's done nothing but ruin this once thriving pack!" He paused looking over everyone.

"From now on I am your alpha, those of you who are reluctant to accept this fact are free to challenge me."

There was a silent pause until Ethan's father growled and stepped forward. He growled at us and shouted. "Cowards!"

Ethan stood up and grabbed his arm. "Don't!"

His father pulled his arm free snarling at him. "I am not weak like you!"

Ethan stepped back and his father transformed into an older brown wolf marred with scars.

Alpha axton kneeled and transformed into his pure black wolf he was bigger than any wolf I had seen before and his fur was so dark it looked like he was void of any color or shine like it was vanta-black.

Ethan turned away more annoyed and disappointed in his father than worried, I know they had a bad relationship but he told me it was his fathers doing and he wouldn't be dragged down with him.

Everyone watched intently as he snarled and snapped his teeth at the alpha as they circled each other, but Axton showed no aggression. He simply watched beta Jace closely, waiting.

When the snap of a stick being stepped on, broke the silence, beta Jace lunged for his throat. Axton jumped to the side and made his own lunge, knocking into Jace causing him to stumble over.

Beta Jace landed on his side with a yelp before standing up and shaking his head before snarling and running at axton again.
They got into a bloody dog fight with barking, the snapping of teeth and yelps of pain coming mostly from beta Jace.

In the final seconds of the fight, jace had bitten onto axtons front leg in a last-ditch attempt to disable him somehow but the alpha wolf grabbed onto him from behind with his jaws and tossed him away with little effort.

Ethan's father attempted to stand but was shaking from the strain he was putting on his body.

The alpha transformed into his human form and stood proud with little to no injuries. "Stand down. You've lost the fight and continuing will only get you killed, if you are smart you will give up." Axton stood back away from beta jace who just snarled in response.

Axton only huffed before turning his attention to the higher ranking members of his pack, they seemed to be discussing something.

I noticed ethans father get to his feet while they were distracted. He was going to attack?! I glanced at the alpha who seemed too distracted to notice.

Beta jace lunged at the alpha with his fangs bared. I barely stopped myself from calling out to warn the alpha before he looked back and moved faster than anyone I've ever seen.

Within a second of jace jumping at the alpha, there was a snap of bone breaking, and he fell to the ground motionless with axton standing above him.

I covered my mouth staring at the body of what once was our packs greatest warrior.

Everyone was in shock including myself, me both because I nearly warned the enemy and the fact that this was the first time I've watched someone get killed.

Axton growled in annoyance. "Is there anyone else who wishes to devote their lives to your worthless coward of an alpha?"

No one spoke, instead, everyone turned their heads away in submission from his dominance.

I glanced over at Ethan who was staring at his dead father, he seemed angry but it wasn't directed at alpha axton.

"Good, now I will make one thing clear, from this day forward our packs are one, you will all show your submission to me personally and be accepted into the pack's mind link. And if I find out anyone is hiding or aiding alpha kade, I will deal with you personally! He is nothing more than a coward and traitor to this pack now. He is no longer alpha."

No one protested or spoke up. I stared at the ground to avoid looking at the body. Now that my fathers gone will I be free? What if he comes back? Will axton kill him? For some reason the thought of axton killing my own father didn't seem to bother me, have I become so heartless that I won't even grieve my own father's death?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when axton spoke again.

"Oh and one more thing. Not only is your previous alpha the enemy of the pack now but will also be getting rid of his kin and any relation to his bloodline." My blood ran cold and I became frozen in place.

"So, where is she." He spoke with a seething hatred that I have grown so used to. I realized that I was far from being free, instead, I had a feeling it was only the beginning.

Those who stood in front cleared a path stepping out of axtons way and left my out in the open. Very few of my pack members gave me looks of pity or remorse, most of them either didn't know me or hated me.

I couldn't move I was too much in shock to do anything except stare ahead of me.

Alpha axton looked towards where the crowd separated and stared at me with wide eyes, swirling with emotions I couldn't understand. "You." He spoke sending a shiver down his spine.

I could hear a commotion to my left and slowly looked to see Ethan fighting to get free from two of the warriors in an attempt to get to me. "Leave her alone!!"

When I looked back towards the alpha he was standing right in front of me. I could see the anger in his eyes. I tried to take a step back but his hand quickly grabbed me by the throat in a secure grip, it wasn't enough to choke me but it still hurt.

In a futile attempt to make him let go I grabbed at his fingers to pry them off my neck.

"You're his daughter?" The anger was clear in his voice and only made me struggle harder.

Ethan started to thrash and the guards holding him had to pin him down to the ground.

I looked up at the man before me as he stared right into my very core. So many emotions swirling in his golden irises.
"Answer me!" He grits through his teeth slightly tightening his hold.

I cringed at the pain from the amount of pressure he was putting onto my throat.

"Y-yes..." My voice was barely above a whisper and I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes.

He seemed to dislike my awnser even more and pushed me back, away from him. I stumbled not having any footing and fell back into the dirt. Before I could recover two warriors grabbed me by my arms and hauled me up to my feet.

"Take her to the prison area, do not let her escape," Axton spoke quietly but with malice.

The two warriors that held me dragged me back into the packhouse and down the stairs to the basement. I didn't resist, I knew from experience it was futile to try, it always ended up with me getting a worse punishment. They threw me in a cell and chained my wrists to the wall.

"Piece of trash" one man spoke. I looked up to see it was the same guy who had stepped on me the night before.

He kneeled in front of me glaring at me with clear hatred. "If I knew that was you last night then I would've given you something to scream about."

He roughly grabbed me by the hair and forced me to look up at him. The pain from his hold on my hair felt like pins and needles on my head.

"What's wrong princess? Don't like being touched by commoners? Is that why you were crying out last night? Was I not good enough to touch you?" He growled in my face. He let go of my hair and for a moment I felt the slightest bit of relief, but I was short-lived as my head was whipped to the side and my cheek stung from a harsh slap to the face.

"Just wait till the alpha comes down to visit you. Your screams will be nothing short of music to our ears." He chuckled before walking out and slamming the iron cell door. I could hear the rattle and click of keys as he locked me in.

I stared at the stone floors covered in dirt, grime, and dried blood. I didn't want to think about what else might cover the grounds of these cells. I pulled my knees closer and couldn't stop the trembling and shaking that started to rack my body. The only thing I could think of was, 'what now?'

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