Blind Desire

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Chapter 2

Arriving at his place, I park my car in the driveway and get out after switching the engine off. Jogging up the pathway, I stop at the door and ring the bell. The door swings open and he greets me with a smile.

I watch him unlock the gate and my eyes catch his muscles flexing under the white muscle shirt he’s wearing. He also has a red shorts on that stops at his thighs. The gate swings open and he jumps into my arms. I quickly stabilize us both before I fall over with him and his arms drape over my shoulders. Hugging me to himself, I wrap my arms around his waist hand hug him to myself.

“Ahhh you piece of shit, I’ve been so lonely without you, how could you do this to me?” he complains into the crook of my neck. His breath fanning against my neck is sending goosebumps down my neck and the rest of my body.

This never happened before since we always hug intimately, “You do the same to me no? And didn’t you say you have a business meeting in Rome next week, so what’s your problem?” I ask him and he huffs while pulling away and for some odd reason, I frown. The warmth of his skin felt amazing against mine.

I walk in behind him as he rolls his eyes at my question. I lock the gate and door behind me and follow him in after kicking off my shoes. “Welp, when I’m not busy and you are I get bored because I can’t go disturb you when you’re out of country,” he says as I follow him.

I keep myself composed while my eyes trail up and down his body and stopping on his butt. The shorts he’s wearing is a tight fit and it’s framing his ass well, I wonder how soft it is. Speeding up my steps, I lift my hand back and slam it down against his left cheek making him yelp and glare at me.

Squeezing it, my body stiffens slightly as my fingers dig into his skin making him hiss – so soft. Chandler grabs my hand and looks into my eyes, “You could always just come with me, I don’t mind taking you with,” I say and his tight grip on my wrist loosens.

I let go of him and he pulls me to the dining table. Forcing me down on the chair I usually sit in when I have dinner here, he pats my shoulder then walks off into the kitchen saying, “I might take you up on that offer sometime in the future.”

I nod my head without commenting as I look down at my right have that grabbed his butt. I pull my hands under the table and adjust my erection. I’m so screwed now that I’m actually considering all of this.

Chandler comes into the dining room with two plates of food and sits it down on the table. One in front of me and one on my left side where he sits down. The table isn’t big and can seat four people. He usually sits on either, my right or my left. We’re never in each other’s way so, we don’t comment on it. It’s the same when we’re out with other people, he’s always by my side.

We start eating in silence and I can’t help but look at him from the corner of my eyes. Tian’s words are like a rope wrapped around my neck and its suffocating. I honestly don’t know what to do, just touching his ass turned me on and I would have never done it if I didn’t have all these thoughts swimming about in my mind.

“Are you okay?” he asks pulling me from my thoughts. I turn my head to look at him. He points with his fork at my plate, “You’ve been picking at your food and I can see that your mind isn’t here, did the deal with Wei Lan go south?” he asks.

I put my fork down and sigh heavily. I didn’t know that I was spacing out. Turning to look at him I smile slightly, “No, it’s just that I’m tired. The deal went well and I’m expecting them over in two weeks.” I say and he nods his head.

“If you’re tired then eat up and go sleep, you know where the bed is but I did invite Bianca over since you’ve been out for three days,” he says making me nod. I quickly rub my forehead, rubbing away the frown that was about to form.

The thought of sleeping with Bianca should excite me like it usually does but it currently doesn’t. I look back at my plate of food and eat while talking to Chandler. It’s not right of me to bring my problems with me to his home so it’s best if I just deal with it some other time.

An hour goes by and Chandler hops into the shower after we get notified that Bianca is ready to come over. I message Brian to pick her up so that she can be taken back later. I don’t actually want to partake tonight so I’ll just watch but Chandler doesn’t know yet.

The doorbell rings so I get up and make my way to the door. Opening it and unlock the gate, she walks in swaying her hips, “Alexander, how are you doing?” she asks hugging me and kissing my cheek.

I return the greetings and start complaining about my daily life and how tired I am. She’s wearing red bottoms with black stockings on and I’m sure she’s wearing black lingerie under the beige dress coat. We walk over to the master bedroom where Chandler is wrapped in a towel waist down.

I head over to the chair in the corner of the room and they both look at me with raised brow. Bianca strips off her coat and chucks it on the floor and kicks off her heels, then climbs onto the bed with her knees, crawling to the middle. Turning herself over she bends her knees and moves them slightly with a wave-making us chuckle.

Chandler looks over at me with a questioning brow and I wave my hand, silently telling him to start first. We don’t have sex at the same time with her because she can’t really handle us both at once but we do take turns and she can go for a few rounds which is pretty impressive for someone as petite as her.

He climbs onto the bed and spreads her legs open. Pulling her nearer to him, he leans down and grabs a fist full of her long black hair and slams his lips against her. My hands curl into a fist as the two of them get into a heated make-out session.

Chandler’s hands glide over her sides and massage her C-cup breast expertly while her hands caressed his sculpted and defined body. Swallowing my saliva, I calm myself down and look down Chandler’s back. His spine is straight and his shoulders blades are moving without difficulty. His body, moving in waves and elegance making my already erected member throb.

He turns around and Bianca goes down on her knees on the bed while he rests against the headboard. We make eye contact momentarily and the lust, hunger and need for release in his eyes make a growl erupt from my throat lowly.

Bianca’s hands massage his cock expertly, tugging him from the base up to the tip. Opening her mouth she places it over his mushroom and licks the slid lining the centre of his mushroom. His head shoots back while her mouth cups his tip and starts bobbing her head.

I watch as his swollen member disappears into her mouth making him moan. I want to make him moan like that but more crazily, I want him screaming my name, begging for me to stop while I ram myself into him and drive him over the edge into subspace.

Slapping his cheeks red and shooting my load into him. My body shudders at the thought as his voice echoes as he releases into her mouth. I close my eyes as they start going at it. Bianca’s moans mixed with Chandler’s low groans are really stimulating. I slip my right hand into my pants and palm myself to the sound of both of their skin slapping against each other as the room enrichens with the smell of sex and musk.

Chandler grunts as Bianca screams. I open my eyes and see Chandler laying on her. The two of them are breathing heavily.

Chandler gets off her and lays beside her. I get up and walk over to them. Chandler has a satisfied smile on his face and a sated look in his eyes. I look over at Bianca and her eyes are slightly hooded. Smiling at Chandler whose eyes close and I quickly move my hand to the back of her neck and press her pressure point knocking her unconscious.

I peek over at Chandler and his eyes are still closed. A smirk tugs at my lips and I take off my shirt. “Ah, look what you did Chandler, Bianca’s knocked out,” I say and his eyes shoot open. He looks over at us and sees that she is indeed knocked out and grumbles.

“I didn’t do much, I can’t believe she’s out,” he says while running a hand through his damp hair. I frown at him and pick Bianca up bridal style and he quickly gets up from the bed. Picking up her coat he draped it over her and I carried her out the house to Brian.

Instructing him to get her out of here, he nods and drives away after securing her in the back seat. I lock the house up and walk back in. I walk in on Chandler putting pants on. I tackle him to the bed and lock his arms above his head.

“What the fuck?” he starts as he struggles from my grip. I lock both of his hands with my right hand and press my left on his chest holding him down firmly so that he can’t move. Leaning down beside his ear I say, “You had my hopes up when you said you invited her over, but you tire her out, now that I have a hard-on, what shall I do because jerking off doesn’t help me and you know that all too well Chandler no?”

I sit up and straddle him. He’s looking up at me with widened eyes and I know he can feel my erection press against his stomach. “What do you want me to do? Why don’t you just jerk yourself off then force the rest of it down like you normally do,” he says making me raise a brow.

Sighing, I bring both of his hands down and hold them firmly against his stomach. Pulling my pants under my erection, I bring his hands to it and look into his eyes, “It’s your idea and your fault, so you do it,” I say and his eyes widen. About to protest, he opens his mouth but I cut him off by slamming my lips against his.

Shoving my tongue in his mouth, I close my eyes and I can feel him struggle under me. I let go of his one hand and hold his face down and force his hand over my erection. He bucks his body trying to get me off him but it doesn’t work.

I start moving my hand that’s holding his and I can feel both of our bodies shuddering. I grunt into his mouth as my head falls over his shoulder and I cum all over his naked chest. Breathing heavy against his neck, I feel him stop struggling under me.

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