Blind Desire

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Chapter 3

I let go of his face and his hand, even though I’m still hard but I don’t want to force him anymore. Gripping fist full of the silk bed sheet, I open my mouth and lick my tongue up his neck. Sucking him into my mouth, I hear him groan as his hand’s grip onto the skin on my back and his nails sting me as they dig into my skin.

Pulling my left hand down, I dig my fingers into the band of his pants and pull it down, “A-Alexander,” he calls out and my eyes roll to the back of my head at the sound of my name rolling off of his tongue sounding exotic.

Tugging his pants down, I kick it away with my feet. Taking in a deep breath through my nose, I slide hands under his cheeks and grab on to them tightly. Squeezing him, I let go of his neck and lick my tongue over the bruise my mouth made.

“Chandler, right now, you are so delicious,” I purr into his ear. Flipping us over so that he is on top of me. My erection slips in between his cheeks. My swollen purple head passed his hole that sent shivers through my erection, up my body.

Chandler sits up and straddles me. Looking into his eyes, I see the frightened look. I cup his face with my hand and caress his cheek with my thumb, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” I say and slide my hand around his neck and pull him down.

Our lips encase each other and our tongues dance inside his mouth and I’m glad he doesn’t fight for dominance. I push my tongue past his and his lips hold my tongue as he starts sucking on it and bobbing his head. I’m stunned momentarily then close my eyes and lean. I let him have his way with my mouth while I get back to my lower half.

I slap his cheeks making him “Ah” in surprise and squeeze his cheeks around my erection. I start moving my hips while making sure he’s squeezing me tight. We continue in this position as the sweat pile on my forehead and the slapping of our skin sings.

I feel my balls tighten and quiver while my erection pulses. Flipping us over with Chandler laying under me, our intense kiss is disrupted and my mouth instantly locks onto the other side of his neck with no bruise and I start sucking on him while slamming myself into him.

I grunt as my orgasm exits my shaft and floods the silk sheet under Chandler. Pumping the last of my load out, I feel something warm hit my stomach, looking down I see his hand pumping him and pumping out his orgasm too.

I reach over and cup his face. I gently place my lips against his and suck his lips into my mouth. Making sure that I’m done, I pump him too and taking out the last of his orgasm. I pull back and kiss his chin then his bobbing Adam’s apple.

Moving my body slightly down, I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat loudly against his rib cage. My eyes close listening to it and the black spots take over my vision.


A blare wakes me up from my slumber and my eyes shoot open. Looking around, I see that all the lights are off and the room is dark. Turning my head, I look at the alarm clock going off. It reads three am and I reach over to switch it off.

Three am is the time Chandler wakes up to get ready for work and is out by four am. I lift up and get off of him. He turns slightly and stops moving. His breathing is evened out and I’d hate to wake him.

Nuzzling my nose against his cheek, “Wake up Chandler, you have to get up for work,” I say and he grumbles. I reach over and switch on the lap situated on the nightstand. I rub the last of the sleep that’s still in my eyes and yawn, “Now Chandler get up!” I order and he slowly gets up.

Stretching my body, I follow after him to the bathroom and we both urinate at the same time. I flush the toilet while goes to the mirror and brushes his teeth. Walking over to him, I see the two bruises I left on either side of his neck through the mirror and frown, fuck I went over bored.

Our eyes meet and he quickly averts his gaze. I walk up to behind him and rest my head against the back of his and I hear the sound of him brushing his teeth halt. I kiss the back of his neck and sigh into it as my nose inhales the scent of sex and sweat on him.

Wrapping my hands around his waist I hug him tightly and rub my nose against the back of his neck, “Make sure you cancel your appointments after lunch and come see me at my place, we have a lot to talk about,” I say and give him one last look through the mirror. His eyes are shut and his head is facing down.

I kiss the bruise on the left side of his neck and squeeze him tightly against me and kiss the back of his head and leave the bathroom. I head to the master bedroom and put on my scattered clothes. After pulling on my socks and slipping into my sandals, I grab my keys and cell phone and head out of the room. I hear the shower on so I guess his in there.

Walking out of the house I lock it behind me and get into my car. I’m honestly surprised that he hasn’t yelled at me or hit me yet but it’s making me worried. I don’t want this to end our friendship and I don’t know, I shouldn’t have done it but I don’t regret it. It was amazing and I know he felt it too.

After jumping out of the shower, I head to my walk-in closet and dry myself. Grabbing a grey three-piece suit, I shrug on a white button-up shirt and black briefs. Pulling on my pants, shrugging and buttoning it and shrugging on the jacket. I step into my black dress shoes after pulling on socks.

I head out of the house and climb into the SUV and as early as it is, I head off to the office. Arriving I walk in and am immediately greeted by two rows of my subordinates welcoming me. I’m pretty surprised that they’re here but pleased none the less.

Sitting down behind my desk, I switch on my computer and wait for it. I’m frightened that Chandler might not show up but if he doesn’t, I’ll make my way to his office, there’s no way I’m letting him go, not after last night.

My day passes slowly and at ten, my commanders step into my office for the daily meetings that we conduct. Time flies by as I get absorbed into the contents of the meeting. We have to get rid of those motherfuckers selling drugs without my permission and I know there are a few of my subordinates.

The telephone on my desk rings and the intercom goes off, “Mr Stone, Mr Cross is here to see you,” my assistant says and my body instantly freezes. My eyes snap over to the time on the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen and I see that it’s already one in the afternoon.

Clearing my throat, I press the speaker button, “Send him in,” I say and hear my commanders going off about how long it’s been since they’ve seen Chandler. My heart is racing and the speaking goes down when we hear a knock on the door. I look over and so do my eight commanders when the door opens and he enters.

“Yo,” he greets everyone and they immediately start speaking nonsense. I watch as he walks over slowly to my desk while laughing at the others who he considers friends. He sits his soft bubble butt down on the visitor’s chair opposite me and doesn’t look my way.

He’s wearing an emerald green suit with a white coloured turtleneck on under the jacket. He doesn’t seem bothered so I leave them to speak while I go back to answering my emails. After answering five emails, I shut the computer off and stand up. Looking at my commanders, “You all are excused now,” I say and they start grumbling while getting up.

The two women give Chandler hugs while the men nod their heads at us both. I walk over to the door and close it after they leave. Turning the key, I lock the door and slowly turn around. My eyes meet with those of Chandler and he immediately looks away.

Sighing, I walk over to him and stop in front of him. I reach out my hand to him and he looks up at me. I smile down at him and he hesitantly takes my hand, I pull him up to his feet and hug his body when he slams against my chest.

He buries his head into my chest making me smile. I lay a kiss on the top of his head and put my right leg between his two legs and sway him with me. I start a little dance to the music in my head and rub circles against his back to soothe him. I don’t want him to be uncomfortable around me so I’ll start here first.

After a while he pushes away from me, I look down into his worried eyes. “What’s this all about Alex?” he asks me and I give him a sad smile. Pulling back, I sit down on my desk and look at him after I force him to sit down on the visitor’s chair.

“Well, for starters, I want to ask you something first, can I?” I ask him and see him frown. He nods his head giving me the go-ahead and I ask, “How was last night?”

Immediately his body tenses and his head hangs low. Sighing I start, “You don’t have to be embarrassed Chandler, I know you enjoyed yourself last night because I did too. After the meeting with Wei Lan yesterday, I realized that I – I wanted more than just a friendship with you. You’re the one I trust most and I thought that if we could, I’d like to be in an intimate relationship with you. As selfish as it sounds, it makes sense. I don’t find what we did disgusting but when I think of others doing it then it’s disgusting in my eyes or well I don’t care but what I’m trying to say is that I know I haven’t searched for a partner because of the dangers that this life brings me but if it’s you, then I’ll be reassured. You can hold your own and we’d both support each other as we do now, it’s just that if we do decide or well if you accept then the only thing will be that’s different is that you and I will be intimate,” I say and he looks up at me, or well my chest.

I kneel down in front of him and his eyes follow me down. Looking into his eyes, I nervously ask, “So what do you say Chan, will you be my partner?”

He tilts his head looking at me and frowns. His frown makes me nervous but then he surprises me by smiling. Nodding his head, he cups my face, “Alright but on one condition,” he says making me nervous.

“What is your condition?” I ask and a smirk tugs at the corner of his lips.

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