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***"SIGN IT TOO! AND WE'LL HAVE HELL ON EARTH AFTER THAT! I HATE YOU! YOU'RE SO FUCKING ANNOYING! I CAN'T STAND YOU! I'LL NEVER FUCK YOU!" I agree with everything you say... Why yelling at me? I'm not the one forcing all this or fucking wanting it! I grab the contract in the rage of the moment and sign it too so fucking fast. "THERE! LET'S START THE HELL ON EARTH WAR NOW! YOU FUCKING KID! YOU'RE NOT A MAN! YOU'RE A KID! REMEMBER THAT! IF YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A REAL MAN, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BROKEN UNDER A FUCKING LETTER!" I throw the pen and two contracts on him and on to the door, all fuming.*** Vivian Doreen is a single 29 years old curvy girl. She's a crazy one, living two lives. One morning, a storm announces the tragedy of her family. She then gets to know she must marry a billionaire, a contract signed by her late father. David LeAngelo is a single 26 years old billionaire. He's a playboy, a rebel, towering, Adonis looking and Greek God in built. They both loath each other when face to face at first meeting as they're both forced in it. War starts between them. But who's going to fall in love first and who's going to stay lunatic? Their crazy love will involve shooting and deadly moments. Will it be between each other or on others? You can only read to find out... SHOOTING A HOT BILLIONAIRE by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © 2020. All Rights Reserved

Romance / Mystery
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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that... OK, guys. Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


Vivian’s POV:

It’s still dark outside. The sky gets angry, snapping in thunders, cutting the sky in lightnings. The grey clouds start crying in a heavy rain, forming mist when it hits the ground. It’s 15th May and I’m caught in the smell of fresh brewed coffee, with perfect cinnamon buns in front of me, scrolling through my phone to see if I’m called in. I had it on silent, as I’m in a break after last night’s mission. I have some coffee that calms my taste buds and the fine texture tickles my insides that are empty as I haven’t eaten since yesterday at breakfast. I had a busy day and didn’t have time to eat. Yeah, it kind of happens sometimes. My stomach growls and I have a taste of a cinnamon bun. It’s 6:30 am and I would fucking sleep, yet I can’t. I have fucking insomnia. You get that when you have my fucking life. I’m in a coffee shop, near my place. Who am I? Yeah... Who the fuck am I? The official me is Vivian Doreen, I’m fucking 29 years old, a curvy bitch, hot babe on some standards, fucking fat on others. I don’t give a fuck if I’m hot or fat. I have no interest on others’ opinion. I’m me for me and not me for others. They can go and fuck themselves for what I care. I’m a company owner, with my parents. So, I’m a Financial and Planning Manager as a position in the company and having shares in the company, landing me in the shareholders board as well. The fucking company is practically mine, but my ass goes there only when it’s strictly necessary. I do my work from where I am in the world. My parents gave in eventually in this... The company? Real estate. Doreen Real Estate Investments Ltd. We’re in Los Angeles. We buy proprieties and then sell them after investing in them for repairs and remodeling. They get good profit, but not so much lately, because of the economic crisis. We have a shit load of loans and we’re kind of at our limit in paying it back. The properties aren’t selling any longer, at least not at the right prices, which lands us in huge losses. Yeah... Never mind with this shit... I’m not a tall one, nor petite, kind of in the middle. I’m a porcelain skinned one and have some hypnotic emerald eyes. My hair is shoulders length with a natural dark blond shade. It waves in form. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration and have a lot of master’s degrees, but that shit is whatever. I’m at a point in my fucking life where I don’t give a shit on those. I have a baby brother. He’s 18 and he’s a fucking pain in the ass, for the whole family. However, that’s another story. No, no boyfriend. I don’t give a shit on those either. The unofficial me? Well, I’m... Oh, wait... My phone is ringing... Sorry, guys... I need to take this shit now.

“Vivian Doreen speaking.” Just don’t call me in... I’m so fucking depressed right now... It’s an unknown number...

“Miss Doreen?” A man’s voice is asking me what I’ve already confirmed. Is this guy hit in the head or something? Still, his voice is a bit not that strong... Like some bad news coming in... I look outside on the window, seeing the storm raging and it hits me in my guts. A penetrating fire of dim pain, ravaging me, covers my being, making me have shivers down my spine.

“Speaking.” Just say already...

“I have to give you some not very good news. Are you sitting?” What?! Who the fuck is this guy?!


“I’m detective Henry Calkin. I’m very sorry, but your parents had an accident last night on their way home.” What did he say? What? Sorry? Accident? Mom? Dad? I look at the phone now and put it back at my ear. I’m dizzy right now and I feel like I’ll pass out though I’m the strongest bitch there is out there.

“Come again? You are sorry for what? What accident?” The man pauses to my increased tremor inside and exploding heart and brain. I saw my parents last time two weeks ago. They were well and happy to see me. We get along very well and... No... I don’t want to think... I don’t want to accept... I don’t want to believe... I...

“Miss Doreen, you need to come in and identify your parents over the morgue... I’m so sorry to give you the news... They’ve lost their lives in a tragic accident and we believe it’s murder, but we don’t have enough evidence yet. Can you come now? Your brother is with us but he’s having a breakdown and can’t go in and identify, and he’s young and we don’t want to force him over this.” Steven? Baby brother? I can’t... Tears knot under my chin and I’m so hit inside that I can’t move. I’m on automatic when I hear about Stevie... He’s alone in there and mom and dad... FUCKING SHIT!

“Send me address. I’m on my way.” I hang up the call. I’m cold and strong outside and in voice, but inside? I’m fucking dead... This? This has just sent a ninja sword in my heart and threw me to my grave. If it weren’t for my baby brother, I would have fucking died right now. Mommy? Daddy? You guys better joke with this shit! You aren’t allowed to die! Why?! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!

I take my car keys and wallet and go to my car with light speed to go to the location I’ve been sent by the detective who called me. I try calling Mom, Dad and Steven on their phones, but no one answers. I’m so fucked up right now! I can’t even see the road ahead while driving! I don’t even fucking know how I reached here safe and sound and nailed the address. I had my fucking sports car at maximum to reach here.

I go inside storming. No, I’m not crying now. I have a normal appearance and pretend to be a strong bitch. My baby brother needs me strong and protective. I’m his only fucking family right now, no matter our differences. “Vivian Doreen. I was called by detective Henry Calkin about my parents having an accident last night.” I say to the officer from the reception. He checks the computer and makes a call.

“Detective Calkin? Miss Vivian Doreen is here. Should I send her up? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I’ll send the documents in a few minutes. Yes. I’ll bring miss Doreen right now.” He hangs up. “Come with me, miss Doreen.” He takes me to the elevators, and we go up at the fourth floor. He’s silent but checks me out. “Miss? Do I know you from somewhere? You kind of look familiar...” Not having time for this shit! I keep an iced exterior, all serious, a fucking cold bitch.

“I don’t think so, officer. I don’t remember you. And I get all the faces I ever see.” I don’t give him any look, being focused on the fucking doors to open and get out, hoping all this is a dark joke or wake up from the fucking nightmare. He goes silent seeing my attitude. Not happening... Not happening... Viv? WAKE THE FUCK UP! YOU’RE DREAMING! NOT REAL!

When the doors open, I go out with an all mighty attitude, which is fake, but whatever, and see my baby brother on one of the chairs in front of an office door, with his head on his hands, sobbing and saying something between his tears. I go to him, all crumbling inside at his sight, with hurried steps. “Stevie? Baby?” The moment he hears my voice, he moves his tormented, crying eyes at me and breaks. Oh... My... God... It’s fucking real... Hold it in Viv... Be a cold bitch for baby bro... He needs you strong... Don’t you fucking cry! Ice your heart! RIGHT NOW!

“VIV! MOM AND DAD DIED! They... died... Viv...” He’s on me, crying and crazy... I clear my throat to keep it in and hold him, rubbing his back. I’m here... I will never leave you... I know... It hurts so fucking much... It’s death inside of me too... Don’t cry... You rip my soul, baby...

“Shh... Calm down... I’m here, baby bro...” I kiss his head and keep him tight in my arms.

“Viv! Tell me it’s not real! Mom and dad are alive! Please... Viv... Please... No...” I hold him tighter now as he’s going crazy, raging in crying for the plague that hit our family... I take such a deep breath and release it. I cup his face and make him look into my eyes that I don’t know how they look at this point. I might look as a psychotic bitch right now... I don’t fucking know...

“Stevie! Look at me!” He looks at me, all crying and shaking. “No matter what, we are together. Okay? If they were killed, like the detective said... I’ll kill the motherfucker who did this to us... Alright? Now man up! Mom and dad are relying on us to be strong. They loved us and they want us to be strong and overcome this. Trust me. They’ll pay...” He nods at me as he’s the only one that fucking knows what I mean. I don’t fucking care what I’ve just said in front of the officer. I’m a fucking bitch all the way, the strongest ass out there. No one puts me down. I’ll find them, I’ll hurt them, I’ll kill them... This is not going to end here... Mom? Dad? I’ll revenge you guys... My soul and heart are gone... They’ve gone with you guys... My everything has just been taken away...

“Yes... Viv...” He’s sobbing.

“Take a seat. I’ll talk with the detective and then we’ll go home. Okay?” He nods again and I kiss his forehead while he’s slowly letting my right hand go. I know kiddo...We’ll see after...

When I turn around to go in the detective’s office, the man is out, looking at us, at me to be more exact, and checks me out, narrowing his stare on my face. He’s in his thirties, a towering guy, with a typical detective attitude, hands in his pockets, under his suit jacket, his gun in sight a bit. We have a lock of eyes. I’m all fucking crazy in stare, as I usually am. “Miss Doreen? Please, come inside.” He shows me in. I walk in, straight in stance, like a lion, like I always am. I’m so fucking pissed, hurt, revengeful... I take a seat in front of his office.

“Spare me with the take-it-easy normal procedure and cut to the chase, detective. What happened, when, why, evidence. I need to know them now. This case is going higher as of now. It’s my parents we’re talking about.” He’s just taken a seat on his chair and taken aback of my attitude, having his eyebrows raised at me and surprised eyes. He’s now laying back on his chair in a thinking pose, studying me. Yeah, yeah... Cut the crap. I need them now. I won’t wait after your fucking ass for ages to get to the bottom of this shit. I’m fucking higher than you...

“Miss Doreen. You’re not a very normal family member for victims in a case. You can become a suspect. Do you know that? After what you said outside, you show you can be a killer. It wouldn’t be first time when a close family member murdered his own. Plenty of such cases. As long there’s a reason, you could have done it." Is this guy for real now? I study him too with a lunatic stare, moving my head a bit while scanning him, with my jawline clenched and all contracted.

“Detective. You don’t know with whom you’re speaking to. Open your system and insert the following.” He’s looking at me surprised, but silent. “NOW! MY parents have died... I don’t have time for the protocol shit. Hit in the following, ‘raven dark star’. What you get as results, that’s fucking me. Look at it and then give me what I’ve asked of you.” He’s curious and does what I told him to. When the results come in... Three, two, one...

“HOLLY SHIT!” He stands up in front of me now after that. “My respects, Madam... I didn’t know...” I take my black leather suit jacket aside a bit and show him my badge. I’m a fucking top secret agent, the worst kind there is. Criminals shit their pants when I get to them. Yeah... That’s the unofficial me... I’m well known worldwide and I’m so fucking handsomely paid for my services. From my family, only Stevie found out, by accident, when he was 14, when I came home late at night, shot, bleeding. I couldn’t cover it in front of him and had to tell him and to keep it a secret forever. Next day, I moved alone in a fucking apartment, to avoid the shit that happens sometimes, and I have become a loner when it comes to family to not be caught again, to protect them. But I feel that this has to do with my unofficial me. This is what my guts tells me. I’m guilty for my parents’ deaths, because of my under job.

“Yeah, yeah... Sit down.” I cover my badge. “Give me the details.” He sits and gives me the files he has for now. I look over them and when I see mom and dad... It fucking trashes my heart and soul... They are smashed and covered in blood... Mom... Dad... NO! NO! NO! FUCK NO! In appearance, I look like a stone, no emotion, no nothing. Inside, I’m dying. I stand up with the files in my left hand. “These are my parents. You’re off the case now. Send the case over my office, at my agency. I need full forensics report, and all sent the soonest. We’ll keep in touch. Have an easy one.” I leave him there shocked and walking out all angry, not waiting for him to say another thing. Fucking shit! I’m the guilty one! I’ve killed my parents! Because of what I fucking do! No... I can’t... I can’t...

“Viv?” Stevie is standing up, still having tears and looks at me all hopeful... I’m sorry, baby... I’m so sorry... Blame me... I’m guilty for this... I’m dead from now on...

“Let’s go, baby. Stop crying! We don’t solve anything with crying, baby... I’m sorry...” I take him by his shoulders and go. He’s going with me, wiping his tears with his hands and taking me with his right hand by my waist. He’s getting strong now. I kiss his temple. “They’ll pay... You know they will...” I won’t rest until they’ll get their death sentences...

We are in the car now. I’m driving to our home. “Viv? What am I going to do now?” What? He’s looking in front, worn out and heartbroken, but not crying anymore. He’s in the blocked feelings stage.

“What do you mean?” I send him a look and I go back on the road.

“I don’t want to live there alone now... I can’t... Don’t leave me there alone... I have no one there now... Viv...” He’s looking at me with pleading watery eyes and grabbing my right hand. “Please, Viv... Take me with you...” I won’t leave you alone, kiddo... You’re my only family left... Alright... I’ll take you to my place for now... It’s not like I have a personal life, and someone is waiting for me there. Not that I would want that.

“We’ll go to my place, baby bro. I would never leave you alone. I was just trying to protect you guys...” And look what fucking happened... SHIT! I caress his hair and he releases a prolonged sight. He’s manning up now. I turn the car around and change the route to my place.

“Viv? There’s something you don’t know...” What? I look at him, but he’s hesitant to tell me. He avoids my stare. What’s the matter?

“There’s a loan mom and dad took, without you knowing. And there’s a collateral.” I break the car mid road at this point. What did you say? What’s that concerning? WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE?!

“Loan? Collateral? Stevie?” He turns his lost eyes at me. Don’t make me nuts... From your stare, it’s not good news...

“Viv? Don’t freak out... OK.” He swallows hard. Fucking tell me already... Cars are honking behind us...

“A big investor they met last year. They’ve contracted 10 million for investments on a new company that has me and you as successors. They’ve messed up and the investment is failing. They were last night to get another investor to back up the monthly payments as they’re back a few months. The investor is a guy our dad’s age and said to dad five months ago that if he doesn’t pay back as agreed, he wants you as...” WHAT?! ME?! AS WHAT?! This is madness...

“As what?!” I’m losing my temper now...

“As a wife for his son... Dad signed the agreement... The guy and his son are billionaires... I’m sorry, Viv... I couldn’t tell you as dad interdicted me to... He said he’ll deal with it before reaching to you... But now he’s dead... Mom too...” He’s crying again. WHAT?! THAT ISN’T EVEN LEGAL! I’M A FUCKING ADULT! I DIDN’T CONSENT FOR THIS SHIT!


First chapter. Two big hits on Vivian who was already in a bad state before all this... So? How was it? What do you think comes next? Hope you enjoyed it! :) <3

Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

P.S. A comment, follow, vote are all welcomed! Just say “Hi!” at least! :) *sending kisses to my readers*


SHOOTING A HOT BILLIONAIRE by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © 2020. All Rights Reserved

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