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Alpha Callum Sebastian is perceived as one of those ‘big bad alphas’ he is the leader of a very large pack which requires great discipline and a tight rule. It has been planned since his coronation of alpha that he will mate the daughter of a neighboring packs alpha (Heidi.) Only when he finally arrives to claim her she admits to being in love with another man. Callum is not the type of man to force a woman to be with him so he tells her he will cancel the alliance with her father and find another luna for his pack. However Heidi’s father is hell bent on an alliance being made. While on his trip to the neighboring pack he grows fond of another female, the beta’s daughter and Heidi’s best friend Lacey. Now his one and only condition to this alliance is that Lacey become his betrothed, what happens when Lacey is already promised to another?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hi, welcome! This is a werewolf story based loosely on norse mythology. If you are unfamiliar I will explain along the way. Please enjoy. Let me know your thoughts! - KBF

It was raining and that was never a good sign for wolves. They hated the rain and in most packs it was meant to bring bad luck, something Callum was not prepared for going into his trip. He drove through the rain for what felt like forever to reach the Western pack. There were 4 main packs throughout the US. North, South, East, and West. Callum was the alpha of the Northern pack. Callum’s father the previous alpha had negotiated with the alpha of the West that Callum and his daughter Heidi would be mated to unite the packs. War was brewing now more than ever with the South and they needed all the strength and numbers they could get. So here he was, nearly thirty years old and finally alpha after his father’s passing. His mate to be was younger than him, almost 10 years but she was of alpha blood which meant she was strong and most importantly she was groomed for the position of an alphas mate since infancy.

The truck approached a large gate which was guarded by two men, well wolves. They nodded for him to pass through as they opened the gate doors. The alpha looked to his right where his beta sat. His best friend Simon, he gave a beaming smile.

“Ready to meet your lady?” He nudged.

“Not really.” He answered truthfully. Callum wasn’t a romantic by any means and he really wasn’t ready to settle down and be mated. Mating requires constant contact with that person and he really liked his personal space.

They drove through passing many cabins until they reached what must have been the main pack house. Callum Parked the truck and got out, stretching his limbs. Well this is it he thought as he looked around. The rain made everything look much gloomier. It was nearly dead outside give or take a few people walking quickly to get back to their homes. Two heads of long hair ran passed and into the pack house giggling and Callum hoped one of them wasn’t his mate to be.

“Lets get this over with.” He said as he made his way to the pack house door. He knocked twice and a young man answered, he couldn’t be more than sixteen and he was the son of the alpha, Callum could tell by his size and his scent.

“You must be Alpha Sebastian come on in, my fathers expecting you.” The boy let both men inside and led them down the hall to the alphas office. Two sharp knocks from the son and the door opened, revealing a young woman. One of the girls running in just moments before him to be precise.

“Alpha Sebastian, please come in.” She opened the door wider and Callum and Simon stepped in.

“Alpha Sebastian good to see you, how are things?” Alpha Sommers stood up from his desk and shook Callum’s hand.

“Please call me Callum, and things are well. Your daughter I presume?” He asked looking toward the girl who was still standing by the door.

“Yes, please come here Heidi.” He beckoned her, she was reluctant at first Callum could tell but she came and stood by her fathers side. Something was off. Heidi looked very uncomfortable for a girl who knew she was to be mated.

“May I have a word with your daughter in private first? Before we discuss any treaty details.” Callum asked alpha Sommers.

“Of course, please take all the time you need. Your beta and I will grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen.” The alpha whispered something to his daughter, she nodded and then took a seat in his chair as he left. Callum studied Heidi, she was definitely beautiful and definitely young she had beautiful long blonde hair and mouse like features. She was fidgeting with her hands in her lap avoiding eye contact, this was not a good sign.

“Heidi?” Callum called to her.

“Yes alpha?” She raised her head and a single tear slipped from her eye, this was so not what he was expecting.

“Why are you crying?” He asked concerned. Clearly she was aware of the situation right?

Heidi quickly wiped at her eyes, she promised she would do this for her family and for her pack even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness. Callum wasn’t ugly thats for sure, but he also wasn’t Jeremy her twenty three year old boyfriend and best friends brother.

“I’m fine, I’m sorry alpha.” She gave a weak smile and studied his face. Callum was gorgeous beyond words, if you were into that rugged older guy look.

“You’re not fine, we wont start this mateship out on a lie now will we?” He asked.

Heidi downcast her eyes, she felt horrible and wished this whole alliance was never made. It was her own fault, she new she was to be mated to another man but Jeremy was her sole mate, there was no denying that, they loved each other since she was eleven years old.

“Answer me honestly, do you want to mate with me?” Callum lifted her delicate chin so she was forced to look into his green eyes. She shook her head.

“I’m in love with someone else, and I wish nothing more than to be with him. I am so sorry alpha! Please, I-I can do this. I can’t ruin this alliance for my pack.” She started to get hysterical and Callum wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. Learning how to comfort young crying girls was never on the list of alpha training duties.

“Shh, calm down. Your father and I will work this out. You don’t need to worry about a thing. Come with me.” He stood up and brought the girl with him down to the kitchen where her father, his beta and the other giggle girl stood, drinking coffee.

“What happened?” The girl asked pulling Heidi into a hug, Heidi only cried harder. Her father looked upset but held it in and turned his attention to Callum.

“I won’t mate your daughter.” He stated. Alpha Sommers’ mouth gapped open several times, like a fish.

“I’m not that desperate to make a woman be with me who clearly doesn’t want to. We can work something else out.” He assured the alpha who looked as though he was going to pass out.

“Come on Heidi.” The other girl whispered, she pulled her in tight and started to walk out of the room. Callum glanced at the girl, she was beautiful also but young too young. They made eye contact for several seconds, she gave a shy smile and the girls were off. Callum turned his attention back to the other alpha and gave a reassuring smile. So he wasn’t leaving with a well groomed alphas daughter but he would get a mate from this pack someway or another, he hated to admit it but he needed this alliance just as much as they did and he also really needed a luna.

Lacey and Heidi left the pack house and went back to her families cabin. She didn’t understand Heidi and her brothers relationship but she knew they loved each other. Their mate ship however was forbidden as she was promised to alpha Callum Sebastian. Lacey knew this all to well as she too was promised as a mate, to the son of the beta from the Eastern pack.

The two girls sat on Lacey’s bed, Heidi’s sniffles had subsided now.

“What happened exactly?” Lacey finally asked.

“I couldn’t do it, he asked me if I wanted to mate him but I couldn’t lie to him. I don’t want to mate him!” The tears started again. Lacey gave her shoulder a rub and shushed her.

“It’s going to be fine Heidi, he said he wasn’t going to force you to mate him.” Lacey reassured.

“But my father, he’s going to be furious. We need this treaty or we wont be strong enough to defend ourselves from the South.” She fell back on the bed dramatically and covered her arm over her face. Lacey laid beside her, they were both silent for a while.

“I’m going to mate the beta of the East, they may not be as big as the North but they’ll do. In just a few days I’ll be eighteen and he will come for me and everything will work out.” Lacey said after a while. It was true, the East was the smallest of the four packs but with their help they could fend off the south. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her best friend and brother. Even though she really didn’t have a choice.

“Thank you Lacey, for being such a great friend and so understanding.” Heidi smiled at her and she returned it.

“Alright, sappy stuff is over lets talk about this alpha.” Heidi popped up into a sitting position.

“He said he will still work something out with my dad, maybe he will mate someone else in the pack?” She questioned.

“He’s hot.” Lacey blurted out and then covered her mouth, her cheeks heating up. Lacey was never the type of girl to say such things, she was quiet and reserved and didn’t show much interest in boys. What was the point? She already knew she was to mate with Ben the son of the beta from the East. He was only a couple of years older than her which meant he was probably very immature like most guys that age, she wasn’t very interested.

“Lacey I cant believe you just said that!” Heidi laughed causing Lacey to blush further.

“But I mean yeah I guess he is if you like that sort of older, rugged, brooding type.” Lacey shook her head in response, she never gave much thought to what she liked in a guy mostly because she never had a choice in the matter but now that she was thinking about it, yes she definitely liked that type.

“Who do you think he’ll choose to mate with if he picks someone from our pack?” Lacey asked shyly.

“Who knows, probably someone like Ronnie.” Veronica was a war widow, a rare beauty but she never got over the loss of her husband and mate Liam. He had died in a small battle against the south nearly 2 years ago.

“Yeah, she’s beautiful and more his age.” Lacey agreed but found herself slightly upset at the thought.

The door burst open startling both girls, Jeremy came running in and jumped on Heidi, kissing her all over causing her to laugh.

“Whats gotten into you?” She asked in between fits of giggles.

“Your father came to me a few minutes ago.” He pulled away from her.

“Can we have a moment Lace?” He asked his sister, she nodded not liking being too close to them when they were being affectionate. Lacey got up and left the room walking out of the cabin and sitting on the front porch. It was quiet out, the rain had subsided but it was still pretty gloomy out. Gravel crunching from her left had her turning her head in the direction of the pack house. Alpha Sommers, her father, alpha Sebastian, and his beta all walked out deep in conversation headed toward the Sommers home. Lacey watched alpha Sebastian as he walked by his white t shirt was a little wet from the rain as well as his long dark hair, it stuck to the nape of his neck dripping down the back of his shirt, he was huge not like the guys her age who all had skinny abs and small biceps. He could crush her head with one arm, but in a sexy way she thought. His head whipped in her direction and she blushed. His green eyes connected with hers and she turned away almost immediately trying to reign in her pheromones. She looked out of the corner of her eye to see his nostrils flare, he definitely smelled her. Quickly she jumped up and ran back inside her cabin. That was embarrassing.

The alphas had come to an agreement, Callum would choose a mate from the Northern pack just not the alphas daughter and the treaty would still stand. They went over some details for boarders, what females he may be interested in and want to court, and many other topics.

“How about some lunch?” Alpha Sommers asked the men that had all been holed up in his office.

They all agreed following him out of the pack house and to his home where the luna would be preparing lunch for them. The rain had stopped Callum noted, which was a good sign. As they walked across the gravel a sweet smell invaded his nostrils, a smell only unmated females and males could smell. Arousal. He turned his head to see Heidi’s friend sitting on a porch staring at him. Long dark hair framed her face, and big hazel eyes stared back at him, her lips were slightly parted; big beautiful plump lips. She quickly averted her gaze and got up, running back into the cabin.

“Who lives there?” He asked curious to know who the girl was.

“I do, with my mate Jenna, our son Jeremy, and my daughter Lacey.” The Beta answered.

Lacey, it suited her. And she was of beta blood? That could work he thought to himself.

The men entered the Sommers home and sat at the dining table. The Luna Jamie had prepared a meal for them and set the plates for them as they all sat quietly. Callum looked around the dining room, it was dark due to the gloomy weather but with heightened sense’s he could see clearly. The table was a deep cherry red with intricate designs on the legs and the edges. A wood burning fireplace with a dark stone frame sat in one corner and a large china cabinet that matched the table in another.

“There is a lake party tomorrow alpha Sebastian, its mostly young adults that are unmated. You should go maybe you’ll find a mate to your liking.” Jamie suggested as she filled his plate with pasta noodles. Jamie was glad her baby girl was getting what she really truly wanted, she loved her daughter more than anything and she knew how special her and Jeremy’s relationship was although her father had forbidden it.

“Yes, thats a great idea. There’s usually a boat load of unmated females. Lacey tells me that’s how most of the young unmated males and females get together around here” The beta agreed.

Callum nodded, if Lacey would be there then he wouldn’t mind attending.

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