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The Day We Met

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The Day I Moved

Zina's POV

After I was rudely awoken by my dad saying "Wake up Zina we're moving tomorrow, I'm sorry sweetie," I went to shower then I texted all of my friends telling them the horrible news. They all drove to my house as quickly as possible, maybe to help me pack was my first thought, untiiiiil I heard Alexis yell "THIS ONE DAY IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVER, WE CAN CRY LATER." They have never seen me cry, I like to hide my emotions I am like a mom but friend to them but I never wanted anyone to see me cry, not even my parents, but today that all changed. They walked in and I hugged them all as tightly as possible and cried. They looked horrified, and Remi just laughed and mumbled "We were almost convinced that you were a robot," I laughed through the tears and looked around for Harley.

They saw me and Erin just whispered "She went to a party" then she showed me her phone, Harley texted her saying "Why would I want to see her, she's never helped me at all and now she's leaving, I would rather be with my real friends." I nod and grab the list I wrote after I let them go. "How have I never helped her, I've helped her with everyone she's broken up with, and given her advice, I guess that's just not enough," I whisper. I rip the paper in half "I'm not going to be here forever so I refuse to follow any rules," I say smiling widely.

Then it fades as I hear the familiar sound of a hair band breaking, that was trying to sorta tame the curly hair on my head. They all laugh at me and I just smile getting another one from the millions I have on my wrist.

Time skip

We sneak back inside through my bedroom window at precisely midnight. I go through last and fall and we all laugh silently so we won't get in trouble, but my parents know, because they are both standing at my bedroom door.

Wait why are they smiling? They close the door and we all laugh harder and start packing the few things my parents left for me to pack... I'm really gonna miss this place

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