After the affair (Red sequel)

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After the Affair

Romance / Drama
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Beep Beep Beep!

The alarm goes off and I fluttered my lids to the spewing light escaping through the window.

Glancing to the right, it's no surprise that the bed is empty.

Slowly and reluctantly, I sit up and dragged my feet off the bed, and rubbing my knuckles onto my eyes. I flung the covers and jumped out of bed, walking straight into shower.

I almost forgot what day today was.

I showered and wore a dress before making it out to the kitchen, where I poured myself a cup of coffee, whilst I dawdle for Karl, for our 9:00 A.M appointment.

With coffee on one hand, I pressed against the counter and reflected on the happy times-

It was our two year anniversary and Karl had planned a special dinner for just us. While we cackled and wined over our latter expeditions. A familiar tune began to play, 'Maroon 5- Moves like a jogger.”

Karl hopped to his feet,

"Oh, no!" I let out a laugh, watching Karl starting to jagger.

"Come on, I know you're feet are hitching to show me some of those mad moves." Karl slurred, holding out his hand for me. "Come on.."

He began to rock his way towards me, while snapping his finger and bouncing along with the beat.

A grin plastered it's way onto my face, whilst, my feet began hitching to dance, I want to dance but I had so much wine, I didn't want to fall of my face or worse embarrass myself,

"Come on, what happened to that sassy Jersey girl I fell in love with." Karl urged me as he halted on his terrible dancing, humming and snapping his fingers to the song.

I chuckled,

He was so drunk.

So was I.

I couldn't hold it back any longer and jerked to my feet, dancing and bouncing in the air with Karl, while we laughed our eyes out.

I smiled fondly at the reminiscence, when it was that simple. When it felt like we could take the world together. Now we could barely say two words to each other. I can hardly remember the last we smiled or laughed. but today was the day, the day I was going to talk to him. We are going to lay it all out and of our system once and for all, we are going to go back to being the, 'Us' we were before all this.

I sipped my coffee slowly, peering out into the green yard, so deep in my thoughts that it took Karl walking into the kitchen to snap me out of it,

"Are you ready?" He asked me.

"Yes." I answered.

He nodded slightly, walking over to the single serve coffee maker to pour himself a cup,

"We are early...I can fix you something to eat." I waved between the silence,

"No, coffee is fine." He whispered and left me him to stare.

I stood in silence, watching him pour the remaining coffee into a flask, believe it or not, this is the longest we've stayed in the same room in days.

"I'll be in the car." He said and walked out of the kitchen.

I let out a frustrated sigh and rinsed off the cup before joining him in the car and with that, we drove for our 9:00 A.M meeting.

We arrived at our appointment early so we had to sit and wait for the doctor to call us in. Each of us silent and lost in our own thoughts. It was like we were in two different planets, but yet so close.

I didn't know what he was thinking at the moment but I knew I was thinking, how this happened? How I had let it get this far?"

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