After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 9


My limbs stretch out as the morning sun shines and peaks through the blinds, what's that smell? Was my first thought as my eyes picked open to an unfamiliar room,

"Morning?" A man appears out of nowhere, having my thoughts freezing and recollecting. "Oh, boy... you don't remember, do you?"

"Who are you?" I jumped out of bed, back to the wall.

"I knew it was a bad idea to let you order all those shots." slowly and reluctantly, everything flashed back to me,

"You're the bartender from last night."

"There you go.."

My eyes widened at his words, "Oh, my God....please, tell me we didn't..." I gagged, I couldn't even utter the word.

He sighed, "Look I know what you are going to say but this was consensual, in fact, you threw yourself at me all night and being a man that I am, I couldn't resist such a hot piece like yourself."

"Oh, my God!" I shrieked, running my hands through my hair, "I need to get out of here." I went around and gathered my things, storming out of the door, what was I thinking? How could I let this happen? How could Caleb do this to me?"

I got home to find him watching some crappy commercial, and that just made me even mad, "How could you just leave me with a complete stranger?" I growled at him.

"You were having so much fun, it had been a while since I saw you like that..."

"I was drunk.." I shot back. "And, you left me."

"I thought that was what you needed. But you are right it was stupid to leave with him." He tried to touch and I shoved him off,

"Fuck off.." I spat and stormed past him.

I threw myself into the bathroom, splashing some water on my face, whilst trying to recollect everything that happened last night, I remember drinking all those glasses and then there was the dance mashup-

"Fuck!" I cursed out and heard a knock on the door. I tried to ignore it but he was persistent. I exhaled deeply and went to get it, after all this was his house.

Just when I stepped out of the bathroom, the door opened and my heart leaped abruptly.


Karl was standing in front of me, how's this happening right now? He chose today of all days to find me?

"Delilah, Are you okay?" he worries, and tries to reach me but I backed away.

"Why are you here? And, by the way, I got your message loud and clear, you didn't have to come all the way here..."

He sighed deeply, muttering. "I didn't send that text, Massey did. I'm really sorry--"

I scoffed, "That bit*ch..."

Karl's brows narrowed at me, "I'm sorry..." I mumbled, averting my gaze from him, he does the same before he starts to speak again,


He didn't get the chance to speak when Caleb barged in, panting out of breath, "Del, look at this, I just saw it-" he says showing me something on his phone, "It happened this morning."

My chest constricted, it says my father had a heart attack.

"What hospital is this?"

"Memorial..." Caleb said and I quickly went to change before hurrying out of the door, I let Karl drive because my thoughts were spiraling everywhere. How's all these happening all at once?

We arrived at the hospital to see Mother pacing around frantically, "Mother.." I gasped, she stopped and hurried to me. "What happened?"

"He was having breakfast and just fell... I don't know what else is happening the doctor hasn't said anything." she said, sobbing. I reached and pulled her into a hug, while looking over for the doctors.

Karl and Caleb were standing clueless by me, the doctor appeared sometime later to ask mother to sign a consent slip for immediate surgery, they said he suffered major cardiac issues and they needed to operate on him immediately.

We waited all night, Caleb had to leave at some point to get to his night shift, so it was just Mother, Karl and I,

"You should go." I whispered to Karl, while leaning on his shoulder, waiting. The room wheezing and silent.

"I want to stay.."

"Your phone is dead, and Massey is all alone, she's probably worried about you, it's not safe, you should go home and be with her." I sniffled, getting away from him, "Dont worry about me, I would be fine..."

He sighs and stares at me hesitantly for a while before leaning for a kiss, but just when he reached I turned to the side, having his warm lips on my cheeks. There was a breathing silence before he pecked my cheeks, whispering.

"I'll call you in the morning."

When I don't respond, he turns and starts to leave. I just sat there watching him walk away for a while, doctor soon appeared to notify us that the surgery was successful and father would be okay, they didn't know the relief I felt hearing that, the past few hours was scary, our last heated conversation just kept playing in my head, I was afraid it would be our last and only conversation, and I didn't want it to be, I still had a lot to say to him and him to me.

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