After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 10


"Massey is getting out of hand, she's been this way since she got back from camp, I wonder what happened? it's like she's this whole different person...I know something is wrong, I can feel it." I complained indistinctly to Lorenzo, I stopped talking for a while, each of us savoring the silence of the lazy afternoon.

"Have you two thought of counseling?" he suggested suddenly and I lifted my head from his lap to look at him.

"She's too young."

He chuckles, fiddling a strand of my hair

"No one is ever too young to learn communication skills, Mi amor. Massey needs to share her feelings with someone or it would eat her up." He smiled at me, and I smiled back before gulping a little. "Are you okay?" he whispered.

"I had a talk with Karl after I stopped by yesterday and we agreed I should move in." Lorenzo's eyebrow arched, having me gasping, "It's only for a little while, at least until we figure out what's going on with Massey." I whispered the last part, I didn't want to bring it up before, I didn't know how he would react, "I would have suggested she moved here with us but.... You know."

"What's wrong with Massey staying here with us?"

"Pfft, C'mon.. Lorenzo. Are you serious? Look at this place, We live in a two-bedroom apartment, with barely a tv or a kitchen, and for you and I it's perfect but to add a child to it..."

I wish we hadn't sold the old house.

He got out of bed and paced to the end of the room, muttering, "Do you even know what you are asking of me, you are asking me to let you go live with your ex-husband."

Okay, he's mad now...

I got out of bed and reaching him I made him look at me, "I'm asking you to trust me, Lorenzo and believe me when I say Karl and I mean nothing to each other, this is just about Massey. Okay...." I paused and exhaled, muttering, "the truth is that Massey wants us to be a family again."

Lorenzo starts to pace and laugh, "Wait, let me finish..." he stops and turns to me, " So we were hoping living together would make her understand that there's no going back to that."

I'm hoping that myself because lately I seem to be having all these mixed feelings, and I can't marry or be with Lorenzo if I'm feeling this way, it would be very unfair to him.

So I was hoping this plan would remind me why Karl and I ended things in the first place.

"I don't see this working, leaving together is the opposite of what you two need to do to make her understand." he said.

"I don't see it either, but Karl and I have a plan--"

"Karl and I?" He scoffed hysterically, "A few days ago you couldn't even bear to mention his name or be in the same room with him and now it is suddenly, Karl and I. That's hilarious."

"Lorenzo, you are misunderstanding the situation."

"No, I understand perfectly well. You want to live with your ex--" he halts abruptly and scurried towards the stand to grab his key. "I'm going to buy tickets," he said and left without another word. I exhaled loudly running my hand through my hair in exasperation, what the hell is wrong with me?


I was gathering my things when I heard someone behind me, "Are you still mad?" I turned swiftly to notice Caleb in the doorway.

"No.." I continued packing. I heard him sigh and approach me,

"Look...Delilah, I'm sorry, I left you... I only did it because I missed you, the fun you, the real's been a while since I saw that side of you."

"That me, huh? the me that got wasted and slept with every stranger that showed a bliss of attention or is it the me that ended up drunk on your couch every last weekend, which one? I thought you were my friend." I choked at the last part.

"I am your friend." he shot sharply and I laughed hysterically.

"I hate to break it to you buddy but friends don't fuck up each other's lives, because of you, I cheated on Karl with some bartender I don't even remember his name, Karl is never going to forgive me and it's your fault..."

"I'm sorry about that, but you can't blame me for wanting to cheer you up, that's what friends do."

"What an amazing friend you are." I sniffled, grabbing my remaining things before zipping up my bag, "I'll be back for the rest of my things." I said, and clutching my bag I went home.

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