After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 12


I sit across the room studying some files for a case, whilst hearing Jenna and Karl scolding Massey--

"What you did was very wrong, sending selfies to your art teacher is very inappropriate, Massey. You could have gotten him fired, or worse gotten expelled."

"And, from now on no more texting and Instagramming, you are grounded for two weeks," Karl waved in.

"No! I have a party this weekend...Okay, I promise it would never happen again, I would even apologize to him if you want... Mom!"

"Your father is right, hand over the phone or would you rather we make it 4 weeks-"

Tired of hearing whatever that is, I shut my study files and went to change, what that child needs is some whooping and not that sentimental bs,

I was pulling on my shirt when I heard the door to our bedroom open, I turned to see Karl placing Massey's phone away, "That went well...." note the sarcasm.

"Don't do that... I'm trying my best here..."

I scoffed, "Best is when you actually discipline the child, all I see is you letting her ride over you, taking away her phone is not going to change anything, she's just going to get another phone or use yours to send random pictures to people, her specialty." I finished getting ready and grabbed my Keys.

He sighs, "Delilah, where are you going?"

"To get some air..." I reached and pecked him on the cheeks before walking out of the door, running into Jenna pacing up and down in the hall, she was on the phone-

"I don't know what I'm going to do with her, I think you were right, the best option is counseling--"

God! It's like a circus around here, I rolled my eyes and got away. I got into the car and drove to somewhere I haven't been in a while, with Caleb and I still in bad terms, I really need someone to talk to, or I would just go mad.

I walked into the familiar bar to find him flirting with some blonde girl, he notices me and grins, waving the girl off. "I guess some things never change." I taunt him.

"You mean being handsome."

"I mean you flirting with the customers.." I said and Kay laughed.

"This is a nice surprise, what brings Delilah Jones back in the sharks? I never thought I would see your face here again with the way you left."

"I didn't leave I was fired.." I sat on the barstool, leaning on the counter, "James was an ass, I'm glad you snatched this place from him, who better to run it than you, another asshole..."

He laughed,

My last days here weren't so pretty, that's a topic for another day, right now I just want to clear my head and forget my worries.

"So what can I get you?"

"Surprise me.." I said, he chuckled and went to whisk me a drink, I took the time to look around the place, aside from the New chairs, and grey painted walls, nothing much had changed.

He returned minutes later with my Mimosa, "So how's dear brother?"

I took a sip before muttering, "When was the last time you two talked or saw each other?" He puckered his lips as if thinking about it, "That long, huh? Talk about brawling, you two really drag out the mance in bro." I took another sip.

"It's complicated.."He chuckled, and leaned forward, "So what's up with you? I heard about your father on the news, is he okay?"

"Yeah, he's currently in recovery and he will be out soon." I answered.

"That's good... And, you and Karl, are you guys okay?"

"Honestly, I love what you have done with the place-" I tried to change the topic but he caught on to me.

"That bad, huh?" he snickered, and I averted away, he leans even closer, whispering. "What's going on?"

I sighed and placed down my glass, whilst considering whether to tell him or not. I really don't like people up in our business, but I have to get it out somehow or it would just eat me up.

"Jenna, moved in with Karl and I.." I muttered.

He cackled and when I don't say anything else, he gasps, "Oh, wait! You are serious."

"Dead serious...." I sighed, "apparently Massey is acting out and they needed to stick together to figure out what's wrong with her.."

"That doesn't even make sense, why live together?"

"Right! That's what I said, but you know your brother, he doesn't listen to anyone but that thing in his head that tells him things...."

"That doesn't sound like Jenna?" He added.

I huffed slightly, "I feel like this is her own way of getting back at us, punishing us for what we did to her, that can only explain what's happening."

"And you, are you okay?"

I shrugged, staring at my empty glass, "As okay as one can be in this situation." I muttered and looked up at him.

He starts to laugh at the situation, "Just when we thought the drama was over, you two start a new series.." he laughed even harder, "poor, Karl.... I can't Imagine my ex-wife and girlfriend shopping in the same store, more less in the same house, no wonder he looks like shit."

"I thought you haven't seen him?"

"I have other ways to check on him--."

I snickered, Karl does that too. I exhale. "I don't know what to do anymore."

"You guys have been at it 2-3 years..I'm not an expert on love or anything but I know it shouldn't be this hard, especially for two people who want to be together as bad as you two."

"What's your point?"

"It's either meant to be or not, Delilah. Stop forcing it." he glances over my shoulder and groans, "I have to get back to work, these new guys are a handful.....order anything you want it's on the house." he said and left with my thoughts and alcohol.

I had a few drinks and went to see my father.

The first thing I noticed when I returned home later that night was the dark lights from the tv. Massey was watching some teen shows. She turned over her shoulder to see who came in before looking back at the tv.


I made it into the Kitchen to have a drink, and ran into Jenna, hovering around the stove, just what I needed to see.

I huff lightly and reach for the bottle of water, shutting the fridge, I drink from the bottle, the whole time my eyes were on her,

I could sense she was uncomfortable but didn't say anything. The old Jenna would have had her mouth full of things to throw at me right about now.

"Where's Karl?" I waved in.

She shrugged and didn't turn, really focusing on what she was doing. I'm assuming she's making pasta, I tried to peep, "Need some help?" I chirp in.

"No, I got it..." she replies, stirring the pot.

If I didn't know any better, I would think she's nervous, let's not forget in a hurry that this is the same woman who tried to kill me, the same woman who threatened me multiple times,

Something is not right with her...

Now that I think about it I think I might skip dinner , "Dinner is almost ready." She said,

I hummed in response and then grabbing an apple off the table I went to wait for Karl, making sure to lock the door while at it.

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