After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 14


"I'm going to ask Delilah to marry me.." I confessed to Jenna halfway to the store, her eyes snapped to me in surprise.

"My God! Karl, does she know?"

"No..." I answered.

"That's great.." She smiled faintly, this is not the kind of conversation you would want to have with your ex- wife, especially when it's the same woman you cheated on her with, but I think Jenna and I have come a long way, far enough to be comfortable with each other's lives. "I'm sure she would be thrilled." She added, passing me a smile.

"This is okay, right?"

Her lids flashed at me confusedly,


"I mean, talking about this seems awkward..."

"Karl, we are living together, it can get any awkward than that.." She said, laughing.

I Chuckled, agreeing with her.

"There are no hard feelings..." She passed me a loving smile, having me smiling back. Okay-- I do admit there was a period in these past few years that I missed our life together, even though not perfect.

I questioned if I did the right thing asking her for a divorce, I doubted my feelings for Delilah more often than not and wondered if we had made a hearty decision,

But Delilah walking away the other day was a reality check, I got reminded why I chose her in the first place, why I wanted her so badly. Ever since the day I met her, her lips brushed against mine, her velvet-like voice reached my ear, I knew I would be putty in her hands.

I have been with her for years, yet I still get the same feeling I got when I kissed her for the first time. Her lips against mine gives me such a rush that nearly makes me fall over.

Each day with her is another day I fall more for her smile, her laugh, her easy-going personality and everything else about her.

No one could make me feel as loved as and cared for as she makes me feel. That woman has been with me through hell and back, and she's still here with me --

"Can you stop here--" Jenna dragged me out of my thoughts abruptly. I cleared my throat and looked around before pulling over on the side of a pharmaceutical store,


"I need to get something real quick."

I was suddenly reminded of Delilah's claim, If Delilah is right, and Jenna is still unstable, then there's a problem.

"Are you coming?" She asked.

I nodded, getting down from the car with her. We walked into the store and browsed into the aisle, appearing at the health section, "Did you run out of meds?" I chirped in, and gradually she reached the pregnancy section.

"Yeah, if pregnancy counts as being crazy. You can also tell Delilah to stop worrying, If I wanted her dead she would be." she spat and walked away.

Each of us didn't say anything after that, I felt like an idiot for asking. We got home and she immediately yelled for Delilah, "What's going on?" Delilah appeared looking from me to her in confusion.

"If you have a problem with me staying here, why don't you just come out and say it?" Jenna yelled.

Delilah glanced at me and scoffed,

"Karl didn't have to say a word, he didn't have to anyway." Jenna cut in before I could defend myself, "Next time you have something to say about my mental state, make sure no one is standing behind the door."

"Now your eavesdropping on us?" Delilah scoffed.

"Can we just--"

"Shut up, Karl!" They yelled in unison, having me sighing and backing away. I went behind to grab a beer,

"You know what...Yes! I do have a problem with you staying here. I find it weird and frightening to live in a house with the same woman who tried to kill me. I'm scared every second, I still have terrible flashbacks from that day and every time I see you I feel like I'm reliving that day all over again."

"We are all in this situation, Massey, Karl, me, this is awkward for all of us, but way too go making it about you. Or you think I enjoy it here? You think I like waking up to my ex-husband and his mistress, the last place I want to be is here, but this is the situation, deal with it."

Whilst the women brawled I stood at a corner with a bottle of beer, wondering how I got into this complex situation, my ex-wife and girlfriend in the same air space. I'm aware how insane it looks, but at the time I made this crazy decision to have Jenna live here, I was in a fucking dilemma, it was either this or the prospect of another custody battle, and that's another thing I can't afford.

"No offense but this living together for Massey excuse is bulshit. Massey doesn't need this, her life is already complicated enough as it is."

Jenna scoffed, "Oh, so now you are going to teach me how to parent, remind me, who are you again?"

"I'm just saying that clearly living together isn't working for her, why don't you try disciplining her for a change? Anything else is better than this, Counseling maybe, Massey needs help, not this mushy bulshit."

"You don't tell me how to raise my daughter--"

"Okay--" I came in between them, "Enough you two, I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear you, if they are not already calling the cops. So can we all just agree to disagree."

"We haven't agreed on anything." Delilah pointed out.

"Agree on this then, if I leave, I'm taking my daughter with me." Jenna spat and walked away.

"Can you believe her?" Delilah laughed and scoffed, looking up at me, "She's clearly doing this on purpose, you have to do something, we---." Delilah continued howling, whilst I walked away to get some air.

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