After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 16


"It even has a balcony." Karl awed our luxurious tower room, whilst my mind was spiraling over and over on what Jenna had said, was she messing with me? Did Karl really plan to dump me? "Babe--" I fluttered out of my thoughts to look at him, he points at the view in front of us, "What do you think?"

"It's fine..." I force a smile.

"Babe, are you okay? For one who's always dreamt of coming to Paris, you don't seem so excited about being in Paris."

"I am.." I walked away from the balcony and went to unpack my things.

He followed me, "What's wrong? You have barely said a word since we got here, don't you like the place? We could change rooms if you don't like this one?"

I don't answer, unpacking my suitcase, somehow it became the distraction I needed for my mind, I didn't want to believe Karl could be that cruel to me, not after everything we've been through together.


And, I just snapped. "Leave me alone, Karl!"

He startled, backing away a bit.

I swore, running my hands through my hair, "I'm sorry I yelled..." I sighed and went to settle somewhere, "It's just Jenna got in my head this morning...."

"I figured." He reached and settled beside me, intertwining his hands into mine. "What did she say to you this time?" he asked.

I stared at him intently for a while, wondering if I really wanted to know the truth. "What happened in Milan?" I whispered nevertheless.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean the first time you went to drop Massey, what happened between you and Jenna?"

He arched an eyebrow, it was either Jenna was messing with me or he was a really good actor, "So you didn't beg Jenna to take you back in Milan?"

Then it hit him,

"Say it's not true and I would believe you."

He clenched, "Why would she tell you something like that?"

"So it's true then? You really were planning on dumping me for her, that's why you went to Milan?"

"It's not what you think." He starts to defend himself,

"Okay, so you didn't plan to dump me last year?"

"I-I was in pretty bad shape, I wasn't thinking straight—"

"It's why you got mad, wasn't it? Did your ego get bruised, because you got rejected?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" He shot,

"Did you even love me at all? Or you just stayed with me because it was more convenient for you to stay with the woman you cheated with, that way you won't seem like a complete asshole."

"Delilah, I love you, you know that.. in fact." He went over to his suitcase to get something, probably the ring. There was a time all I dreamt about was how Karl was going to propose. In a eiffel tower, a box, I didn't care, I just wanted to have a family with the man I loved, but now I'm not even sure I want to be in the same room with him.

He finally pulled out the box and revealed the ring. It was so beautiful, I was almost tempted to scream in joy, but I don't. "She mentioned you were going to propose."

"What are you like best friends now?"

I scoffed and reached for my purse, "Right now, I would rather have an enemy who tells me the truth, than a boyfriend who looks me in the eyes everyday and still lies to face..." I said as I walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm in Paris, I'm going to enjoy it... Alone." I said and walked away from him, the more I looked at him, the more I wanted to punch him in the face.

I had always had this obsession at the back of my mind that Karl might realize I wasn't all that after all and leave me for a younger woman,

You know for that fresh start of an affair, the rush and excitement that comes with an affair is euphoric, that's what we lost after our secret bubble got erupted.

But up until recently It never occurred to me that he would want to get back with Jenna, the same woman he told me he fell out of love with a long time ago. How can I trust anything he said after that?

I stepped out of the door and threw everything behind me. I enjoyed myself, I was in Paris after all. I went to the Louvre and took a lot of pictures for Caleb. It might seem like Caleb and I are fighting, but it's not like that, Caleb and I have argued about worse things in the past. I just hated myself for what happened. "You seem American?" Some girls approached me out of nowhere, they had this forced accent to their tone.

"I'm Chante and this Rexy?"

They extended their hands to me and I took it

"Delilah?" I chuckled.

"It's nice to meet you Delilah. Well, we were admiring your hair from a distance, so we thought to come say hi and introduce ourselves." Chante said laughing.

"Chante and I are going to the showcase, would you like to come, Delilah?"

I didn't think of it and just followed them. I had lots of fun with them and returned to the hotel sometime at midnight to find the lights off and Karl on the floor, with a bottle.

I sighed, placing everything away.

"I thought you left me..."

I went and sat down with him, "I just needed to clear my head."

"Did you?" He asked to my surprise.

"Yes, I guess... I even made some friends." I told him to my dismay, I had a feeling they stole from me. I couldn't find the €100 note I had in my left pocket.

"That's good.." he muttered. I don't mention it and just snatch the bottle, each of us don't say anything else for a while, "It's okay, if you want to end it—"

"I slept with a bartender..." I blurted, and took another gulp. Karl doesn't speak but I knew he heard me, I just had to let that out of my chest,

The Paris trip hadn't even started and it had become a disaster.

"When?" He finally sweeps between the silence.

"When we took a break and Massey sent those pictures, I just lost it. I thought you left me for her, and— It Just happened."

"Okay...." That's all he said in reply and stood up to his feet, then he went to bed. We were back in L.A in two days, because Karl couldn't accept what happened. He wouldn't say it but I knew he was angry.

Jenna was gone by the time we got back, I guess she finally got her revenge and Massey got her phone back so she was almost invisible. Nicely put, the house was a ghost town.

But amidst the awkwardness and silence I somehow managed to convince Karl to start couples therapy with me, which brings us here---

"So what have you guys decided?" The therapist asked.

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