After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 1



I stood in the doorway of our bedroom with a beer bottle in my hand watching Karl, he was sleeping, the blanket resting on his waist and exposing his Latino chest.

He looks so sexy, I can’t believe my luck with him.

I feel like a stalker, gawking at my own boyfriend.

I chuckled, tapping my fingers against the bottle lightly, whilst wetting my lips. "Do you always gawk at me when I sleep?” He mumbled suddenly, with his eyes still closed.

I smiled, making my way to him and setting the bottle on the nightstand.

I tucked my hair, and slid beside him on the bed.

"I wasn’t gawking.... I was admiring.” I shot at him.

He opened his eyes and smiled wearily at me,

"My bad, I would rephrase then. Do you always admire me while I sleep?” He corrected himself, laying on his side so he would look at me properly.

"Sue me.” I let out and he grinned, leaning up to kiss me.

"Morning, beautiful.” He mumbled and I smiled hysterically.


He grabs my arm and pulls me down on him, so I would be laying on his chest, ”Don't you have to get to work? You're late.”

"Woman, I'm my own boss. I get to work whenever I want.” he says kissing my neck and causing me to giggle,

"Someone’s feeling cocky.”

He seemed like he was about to keep up with the discussion but he started taking off my nightwear, ”Karl...” I trailed in a whine, trying to get away from him, ”I need to get to work, some of us aren't our own boss.”

Karl groaned, grabbing my waist to prevent me from moving.

”Just stay a little...I would be quick.”

A soft giggle erupted from my throat, "Karl, I don't have time, by the time I get dressed and beat the traffic, I would be late for work.”

He stopped, and looked down to his lower body suggestively, "You see what you do to me.”

I chuckled, hovering our lips.

"Well, Karl jr will just have to wait till I get back.” I pecked his lips before hopping out of bed and into the bathroom. "What time are you heading to work?” I yelled from the bathroom.

”Well...” he started and I immediately knew something was wrong. I quickly hurried out naked,

"What now, Karl?”

He paused for a moment, pulling himself out of bed,

"Actually, I met with Jenna yesterday to talk about Massey, so apparently it turns out she's moving back, something about a new project she's working on a book.”

"Okay...” That's isn't exactly goodnews but not enough to get Karl up on his nerves, "There’s more?”

"Well, Lozenzo was there too and he invited us for... dinner.” He said and my eyes gaped open. Lorenzo is Jenna’s boyfriend, I think..

"What!? Karl, please tell me you said no.” I said wishfully and he cringed, “Karl!!”

"If you look at it it’s a good opportunity to clear the air. finally, I think this dinner is the best thing for all of us and Lorenzo agrees.” He tried to appease the situation.

“What are you guys like buddies now?”

“I’m just trying to move on..”

"I can't believe you, Karl.” I groaned and grunted out loud, storming into the bathroom to get myself ready for work, knowing tonight is going to be a complete disaster...

Later that night, I was standing in front of the mirror, hair straightened, light makeup, dress pressed to my knees, French heels.

I was trying not to drag any attention to myself and so was Karl... I think. He was wearing a black pants and a navy blue dress shirt, that he rolled up to his elbows, making him look even sexier, who knew that was possible? Who’s he trying to impress anyway?

He reached and stands behind me,

“You look amazing.” he mumbled, kissing my neck.

”Well, I'm trying hard not to be…”

“I’m not sure that’s possible.” He says and I chuckled with a huff,

“I still can't believe you agreed for us to meet up with Jenna, Karl. You know I've been avoiding her, and how much she hates me.”

Karl sighed, “Delilah, she doesn’t hate you. Stop overreacting.”

“You know what, it's funny how she could be cool with you and detest me, it’s not like I fucked myself, the same goes for Massey, they don’t have a problem with you, they even sent you Easter cards-” Karl’s spurned me around abruptly, stopping me from rambling,

I'm so fucking nervous.

”You need to relax, Delilah.” he whispered, soothing me, “If you like, we could call and cancel, we don't have to go.”

“What!” I snapped out of it, “And, give her something else to talk about. No.. We are going.”

Karl chuckled.

I did one last touch on my hair before dragging him out of the door with me.

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