After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 21


It was a Saturday evening, also known as Jenna's wedding day, the church service should be over by this time, and the reception should be in an hour.

I wasn't obsessing, I was just checking....

"Okay, this is about right." Caleb showed up out of nowhere in a suit,

"Where are you going?" I questioned.

"My dear, we have a wedding to attend." he raised the card, I shook my head hysterically in disapproval, "Delilah, It's rude not to honor a genuine invite, besides this might be your only chance to make things right."

"Make what right?"

"Do you really want to get into that right now, we have time..."

"I'm trying really hard to get through with this drama and I believe I'm almost there, attending this wedding would just take me right to the start."

"Huh, what happened to you. You used to love drama."

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?" I was frustrated with him.

"It's just a wedding, besides, when have you had the time to apologize...."

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the Tv,

"Delilah, Jenna sending you an invite means she bears no grudges, you ruined her marriage--"

I just suddenly snapped,

"Why are you suddenly all about this Caleb? And, why are you making it sound like I committed murder, it was an affair, a mutual affair, people have affairs all the time and they don't get persecuted for it like I have, how's mine any different?" It was after the words left my lips that I realized it.

Caleb retreated,

"Fine, you don't have to go if you want to... I'm just going to take this off---"

I threw my head between the sofa pillows and groaned frustrated before I dragged myself up.

"I'm going!!" I yelled,

Caleb jumped out of his room in joy,

"I don't know what to wear?" I groaned.

"Wear something that says, 'I'm not here to ruin your wedding, please don't notice me." I threw a pillow at him and he laughed, "Come on, let me help you."

Caleb helped me find an old dress and we drove to the reception,

"Wow." Caleb exclaimed, the reception was happening in an open beach, it had everything and it had a really beautiful theme.

Caleb and I found our way around, and took a chair at the back, from where we sat, I could see Jenna and Lorenzo chattering with the guests.

She looked really stunning, happy, and wearing a white lace dress.

"You should say hi." Caleb waved in,

I cringed and got up,

He gave me a thumbs-up as I walked up to them, they were greeting Jenna's parents.

I cleared my and heads turned to me,

"Hi.." I waved shyly.

Lorenzo threw in a smile, turning to Jenna's parents, "Have you had the greens?" he took them away, leaving Jenna and I standing there alone.

It was awkward,



We let out simultaneously.

"Um, you go first." She smiled.

I nodded, "You look beautiful, And.. happy."

"Thank you, " She beamed, "And, I'm sorry, Lorenzo sent out the invites...But I'm... glad you came."

"Thanks." I cringed a smile, "I'm sorry I missed the service, it's a lovely wedding." The conversation was getting awkward and awkward by the second. "And, once again I wanted to apologize, about how everything went down with Karl-"

"Delilah--" She cut in, "It's my wedding. I rather not today... It's nice to see you again. Try and make yourself comfortable." She smiled and went to attend to the other guests.

I took my eyes around, Caleb being the social butterfly made himself some new friends, leaving me to wander around alone.

"Wine?" A waiter offered,

I smiled and reached for one,

"Thanks." I said, he smiled and left.

I held the glass of wine and went down to the shore,

"I thought I saw you." I held my breath and turned, only one person could make my heart skip like that, Karl.

"Hey." I wavered, I thought he wasn't coming.

I'm going to kill Kay!

He reached and gave me an awkward side hug, "What are you doing here?" He asked as I broke away.

"Actually, I was invited."

"Jenna invited you?" he was surprised.

"No, Lorenzo did." I replied.

"That explains it..." There was a silence between us for a moment, "You look really really beautiful."

"Thanks, I mean you don't look bad yourself." he really didn't.

He smirked and scratched the back of his neck apprehensively, "I heard you and Kay are working together, how's that working out?"

"You know Kay, he's something...he's Kay..."

He laughed in agreement, speaking of Kay, I haven't seen him.

"How's Massey?" I asked.

"She's..." he looks around, "She's around here somewhere. Massey just started boarding school,"

"That's nice." I managed.

I didn't know what else to say,

"I got your message." he meant the ring, I stared uncomfortably,

"I'm glad you did." I managed.

"Is that really what you want?"

"Karl, It's for the best." I said again,

He leaned forward, whispering.

"Delilah, I really messed up with us, I realize that now." he greased my arm, making me uneasy, "I miss you, I miss the way we were."

I backed away uncomfortably, "Look Karl, I don't think this is the right place to talk about this..." People were starting to notice, so did Jenna and everyone else that had an idea about this situation. "Let's not ruin this day for Jenna."

"Okay, then have dinner with me. I really want us to talk about this."

I was reluctant, but somehow, "I don't think it's a good idea. I'm finally getting my life to where I want it to be and---"

"You need more time...I get it."

"You do?" I was surprised.

He smiled warmly, "Of course, take your time.." he leaned and kissed my forehead softly, "Take care, Delilah." he whispered and just walked away.

I was tempted to call him back, but then-

"Karl Randall, I have been looking everywhere for you, I want you to meet someone." A lady in a white jumpsuit, caught up with him halfway and dragged him with her,

I scoffed aloud in disbelief and turned back to the ocean with my drink, happy that I turned that down.

Caleb and I stayed at the party until dark, just us, everyone else had left. We sat there on the sand, with a bottle, recalling.

I was actually glad I came.

"I think I'm going to leave this city for a fresh start." I need that, perhaps find happiness again and get over Karl.

"Where are you going to go?"

"I'm thinking, New York, I haven't decided yet.."

"It's a good idea, you deserve some dose of happiness... just stay away from married men in general." I bumped his shoulder and he laughed,

"This is boring, " He stood and pulled his shirt over his head, then bent down to untie his shoes.

"Why are you undressing?" I asked and looked at the ocean. Oh no. "You are going to swim? In that?" I say and point to the water.

"Yea," he unbuttons his pants and I had to force myself to not stare as he bent down to pull his pants through his legs.

"I am not swimming with you in this." I don't mind swimming, but not like this.

"It's clean enough that you can see the bottom."

"So....It's still inappropriate. Besides I have nothing to swim in with.

"Skinny dipping, you don't need anything." he smirks and I gape at him.

"I am not skinny dipping in this weather." I say and remain on the sand. "I will just watch you freeze." I tell him and he frowns.

He is now only in his boxer briefs, and you would think I would be weirded out by the huge by his....

I have just never thought of him that way.

"You're missing out," he says and runs into the water. I keep my eyes on him. "The water is warm, are you sure you don't want to come in." he yelled from a distance.

I shook my.head reached the shore.

"You used to be fun like this, I miss Delilah Payne from college days, not Jones, Jones is boring."

I roll my eyes and chuckle. Then I took off my shoes and felt the water between my feet, Caleb was right, the water was warm.

I couldn't help but smile.

"It's nice isn't it?" he asks and I nod. "Just come in." he splashes me with the water.

I scoot back and scowl at him.

I eventually gave in and jumped in the water, that was all before we got busted and had to run miles naked, but for the first time in a long while I felt ecstatic.

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