After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 22


6 months later.....

I have lived in North California my entire life and I was excited about the exciting route my life was taking finally, but I was also very nervous to be moving to New York, it was a large city.

I hope I don't get lost in it.

It took a few hours of traveling but we finally arrived, I was told a taxi would pick me at the airport.

I made it out of the airport doors with my bags and smiled as I took in the vast city,

"You must be Delilah.." A man approached me,

"Yes." I grinned.

"I was asked by Ms. Avalon to fetch you." I was escorted into a car. I would be staying with my cousin Rose. Rose and I grew up together, but she got away from our parents and moved to New York when she was 18.

I haven't seen her since then. I'm very curious to know what she made of herself all these years. Was she still the same person?

The drive through the city took a few minutes but we finally arrived. I quickly got down and took awe of the building in front of me.

"Hey, you." I was lost in thoughts that I almost didn't see Rose standing there. I beamed and suddenly she was right in front of me, pulling me into a hug.

I hugged her tighter,

"Oh, my God, Rose! I missed you so much!" I let out still hugging her.

She laughed,

"I missed you too." She broke away to look at me, "How's it you've become even more beautiful?"

"Compared to you, I'm sure I look like a potato."

We both laughed,

She really changed, in a good way,

She looked like a model, she was taller, she had a shorter cut and her freckles were almost gone, most importantly she wasn't that reckless teenager she was years ago.

"You look so good, Rose." I told her and she beamed.

"Come on inside."

"Holy cow! This is your house." I gasped, following behind her.

I couldn't believe it.

"Nice, huh?" She exclaimed, opening the door, "Welcome to my humble home." She opened the door and let me walk in first.

I stopped and looked around.

It was beyond beautiful.

"Hot dang, Rosie, did you hit the jackpot or something? This place is freaking amazing." I said walking in;

She laughed a bit, closing the door behind us.

"I'm a model, I model for vogue, Calvin Klein and many big brands both home and internationally."

That explains her the look,

"Oh, my God! My cousin is a supermodel." I gasped and she laughed.

"You must have a drink." She said, then headed towards the kitchen. "Beer?" She yelled.

"Yeah," I yelled back, still looking around at everything.

The apartment was ripped out of a fashion catalog, it was quite spacious, with white bright curtains, it had a grey sofa in the living room, plus a huge Tv.

She had a cute table right in the middle and, in the area designated as the dining room, a large six-seater dining table, everything was so neatly placed.

She also had portraits of herself hung on the white walls, making it all look really stylish.

A few moments later, she reentered the living room with two bottles of beers in hand.

"There you go," she handed a bottle to me before taking a seat.

"Thank you," I took a sip of the cold drink and let out a sigh of relief, "You have to tell me everything, how you became a model, everything."

We both laughed.

"We have a lot to catch up on, but first let me show you your new room." she got up and showed me the spare room, "That's the bathroom." She said putting my bag on the made bed, "Freshen up and meet me downstairs.."

"Thanks," I smiled.

I got out of my clothes as soon as she left and walked in the bathroom with all the intention of thoroughly enjoying my bath.


I didn't even get the chance to rest properly, Rose took me around the city and insisted I told her everything on the way,

"Holy Jane! you're Diane James. I read the whole thing, we even discussed it at the book club a few months ago, you're popular in New York, you should come in the club some time..."

"I'm pretty sure they hate, Diane, the mistress.."

"Who cares? It's all in the past, I heard Jenna is releasing a new book next week, 'Finding happiness in an odd place.' she's been so excited about this one, technically you made that happen."

"You're siding me, that's not good."

"I'm saying it's not all your fault. Delilah, you're a good person, just you've always been a ridiculous hopeless romantic right from high school, remember Gabriel in tenth grade." She reminded me and I had a laugh at the old memory, "My point exactly, love is your weakest point and I'm almost certain he took advantage of that."

"He didn't." I defended him, "Actually, he asked me to marry him, I'm the one that went and ruined everything by cheating on him...."

She laughed shortly, "I still think it's his fault, he was married and yet he made you fall in love with him."

"I'm done talking about this, just tell me how I'm going to make a living in this big city? We can't all be a models."

"Write a book." She came out with it,

I laughed,

"You don't know how many times we've chatted about this at the book club, everyone wants to read Diane's point of view. You're Diane, my cousin is Diane, this is amazing." She gleed at the thought, "Write about Diane?"

I laughed again at her ridiculous suggestion,

"Rose, I came to New York to get away from the drama and not drag myself more into it. So no, I'm not writing about the affair." Jenna would chew me up if she found out.

"You would rather have that woman say trash about you in her book, she's making a lot of money living off as your victim. You have the right to your own side of the story, the right to tell the world what really happened between you and Karl."

I scoffed, "How can I do that when I don't even know what happened myself.."

"You fell in love with a married man, that's your story, love."

I sighed in frustration, "Can we change topics, this is getting ridiculous and I'm not living off as Diane, I came to New York to close that chapter of my life and not renew it, my life is not a telenovela series."

"Okay, but think about it, it's a good opportunity, you could make tons and tons of money, plus fame as Diane. That's just how I see it." We walked into a restaurant and took a seat.

"Nope, I'm not doing it."

"Whatever!" Rose and I went on discussing other things after that, don't get me wrong, it was a tempting offer, but I rather not drag it anymore.

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