After the affair (Red sequel)

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"Jenna's book sold over a million copies all over New York in less than a week after it was released, she gave us the boring, scorned wife everyday anecdote, people respected it, but Diane, that's the saga everyone wants to read, they want to know what became of her, and with a little steam, it's going to go off the roof."

"I told you it was a good idea." Rose and the literary agent were trying to convince me doing this was the right thing.

I'm sitting at a crossroads.

The offer was tempting, not to add I'm desperate right now, I want to make it in New York, and that costs a ton of money, it's expensive to live here.

"You have a live interview, let's start from there." The agent continued to pester me to give in.

"What do I even say in this interview?"

"Start from the beginning, tell them how it began, these interviews are all about empathy if you can get the audience to understand your side of the story, get them to take your side on this, add in a little tear once in a while and you've won them."

"What if they attack me? I'm not exactly innocent to these people."

"So what." Rose jumped in, "I'm sure 65% of women in the world if they are being really honest with themselves have had relations with a married man or even thought about it. I mean no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, you shouldn't be crucified for it forever... This is a really great opportunity, Delilah."

"I need to think."

"Oh, we are gonna be so rich." Rose jumped on me in glee, "I knew he could convince you, he's the best."

"I said, I would think about it, I haven't agreed on anything."

"You can't miss the interview, we've already set a date and the word is out there that Diane is speaking up."

"She's doing the interview," Rose said.

I pushed her off me and excused myself from them when I got a call from Caleb.

"Hey, you." I went outside and sat on an empty bench.

"Hey, it's been a minute."

"I'm sorry, I haven't called, a lot has been going on."

"Yeah, I heard you're publishing a book?"

"Wait, who told you that?!"

"Karl stopped by the academy asking for a way to reach you, apparently Jenna isn't happy you're publishing about the affair."

"Isn't that the same thing she did?"

"Delilah, honestly I agree with Jenna on this one, this is insane, I mean what's the point of dragging this any further? It's been what, 4-5 years."

"I know it's selfish of me but more than this I need the money, this is my chance to get an actual career and clear my name at the same time. Have you read Jenna's extras? Diane, who is supposed to me by the way, is portrayed as this devious woman that ruined the Randall's, I can't have people thinking that about me."

"No one knows who Diane is..."

"They know someone is Diane."

"What are you going to say? That you didn't have the affair."

"I'm going to tell them how we met, it wasn't planned or forced, it just happened."

"Delilah, this needs to die down. Karl, Jenna, and everyone else has moved on from this, you need to do the same, you need to accept whatever that's happened and move on. Isn't that the whole reason you moved to New York, to start over?"

"I need money to start over, New York is fucking expensive. This is a huge opportunity, I can't miss it."

"You have a law degree, Delilah. You can work anywhere. Is Rose making you do this?"

"No one is making me do anything."

"Del, I told Karl I would talk to you and try to convince you out of this idea but it seems like you've already made up your mind."

"I just want things to go back to the way they were, before Diane."

"They can be, you just have to let go. Forget Karl."

"How's he?" I chirped in.

"He's moved on, you need to learn to do the same."

"I have." I inhaled sharply.

"He even has a girlfriend now, her name is Zoe, she's very sweet, she and I attend the same dance class that's how I know her, and that's also how Karl approached me with this."

"I think I saw her at the wedding," I muttered.

There was dead silence before he spoke up again.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"You've got to move on from Karl, Delilah, and doing this is not going to change anything between you two."

"I'm not thinking about him, I haven't since I got here, or in a while." I wasn't mad Karl was seeing someone else, someone younger, it just hurts how he moved on so fast. I mean, did I ever mean anything to him? Was I just another young woman? Did what we had to mean anything to him at all, "I should go now, bye." I hung up and bit back the tears.

I returned to the guys to see them laughing with each other, they even notice when I walked in,

"Well...." I muttered having them turning heads to me, "I have decided not to publish the book. I came to New York to start over and that's what I'm going to do—


I raised my hand, stopping her.

"Let me finish. ..I'm still going to do the interview, I'm going to clear every misconception about me out there, I have seen the reviews, the curses, the body shaming, the name-calling, they are all too much. They think Diane is this whorish slut that seduced a married man into her arms, ruined his family and I can't have that out there about me, I'm Diane, it's me they are saying all those awful things about and I'm so done keeping quiet."
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