After the affair (Red sequel)

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I finished talking to Zoe on the phone when I heard Massey yell,


"Dad, come see this."

I sighed and went to find her, she's gaping at something in her phone,

"What now?!"

"Look.." She showed me, "It's Delilah, she's on the news."

"You've got to be kidding me.." I muttered and turned off her phone, "Massey, Go to your room now!"

"What, my phone."

"I'll hold on to it, go to your room." I don't want her to watch this.

"Dad! Give me back my phone... I have tons of snips to post."

"Massey, don't argue with me on this, leave."

"Give me back my phone!"

"Just go to your fucking room!!" I lashed out at her and immediately regretted it.

"What an exemplary father you are, dad." She scoffed and ran upstairs, slamming the door while at it. Massey's tantrum is the last thing on my mind, not to mention her suspension.

I groaned and turned on the tv,


"Can I call you Delilah, is that okay?" Laura, the interviewer asked.

"Yeah, just for now." She smiled.

"Every now and then we hear about affairs, how affairs ruin couples' relationships, but we rarely hear the other woman's side of the story. Delilah is a 25-year-old, she's from Cali and she's just moved to New York..., she recently wrote me a letter. Can you read out the letter you wrote to me?"

"Yes." Delilah pulls out a note, "Here it goes. ..Dear, Laura. I'm Delilah Jones. I was the other woman in Jenna Mackenzie's book. I had an affair with her ex-husband while I was working as their daughter's Nanny. She was very nice to me, she trusted me---"

"So--" Laura cut in, "Why come out now? Why come out at all with this story? Why not move on with your mistakes?"

"I guess I want to make something good out of a bad situation, for my own healing. I mean it's like you said, we hear about cheating and affairs but we never care to hear about the other woman."

"Were you in a relationship at the time?"

"I was, but it wasn't serious."

"So how did the affair start?"

"The first time I met Karl was at a bar where I worked, at the time I started working for Randall's I didn't know Karl, I never met him, just knew Jenna. So when we met at the bar I had no idea who he was, he was just another customer and we connected immediately.."

"Was it an emotional friendship?"

"We were just friends at first. When he had issues with his wife, he would ask me for advice, and I would help as best as I could."

"So how did it progress?"

"It started with flirting, he would visit and we would talk for hours--"

"He used to visit you?"


"And you didn't think to tell his wife?"

"I didn't think it was anything..."

"When did you realize that he wanted more?"

"So one day we were talking, having a beer and out of nowhere he kissed me..."


"I know, I felt guilty immediately and stopped him, but then he came begging."

"At what did you decide, okay, this is bad, I should tell his wife about this?"

"I never thought of it that way."

"Did you ever tell you he was going to leave his wife?"

"He said he wasn't happy with her but he couldn't leave his daughter, he didn't want her to grow up in a broken home. He kept asking me to be patient with him, he would say in six months he would make a decision, and then in another he would say the same thing, I believe so strongly everything he said--"

"How were you discovered?"

"I guess at some point, it became a lot and neither of us knew how to handle it, so eventually we decided to come clean and he asked for a divorce."

"Then he moved in with you?"


"Did his wife ever confront you?"

"Yes, multiple times."

"What did she say?"

"A lot, most about the trust.. She trusted me and I betrayed."

"Are you sorry it happened?"

"I am, mostly because, in the end, all that betrayal meant nothing."

"Okay....let's take some questions from the audience. let's see." The camera moved to the audience, "You with the blue shirt, yes, you. What's your question?"

"Hi, my name is Vee, I'm a psychologist and as a psychologist working with people's emotions, I've had the chance to talk with a lot of people in similar situations, and most of all the time I understand that these affairs happen because the other woman feels worthy of something more, they feel like they deserve more, so I want to know if that's the case with you? Was this because you felt like you deserved Jenna's life, or was there a part of you that felt jealous that you wanted to have her life."

"Yes, of course, I felt like I deserved more, I yearned for love and affection, I'm a human being. But I never, not even for once felt jealous of Jenna's life, the affair didn't start based on those terms...."

"Along the line, you must have wanted more, you wanted more from him?"

"I fell in love with him--"


I turned off the Tv with a sigh and grabbed the phone to answer Jenna, when I noticed Massey there, watching Shit!

"Massey, I told you to go to your room!!"

"Why is she doing this? Why is she saying all those lies? Why won't she stop?!" She's screaming. I got up to her before she starts breaking things again.


"Get away from me, I hate you, I hate both of you, go to hell and leave me alone!!" She pushed me away and ran upstairs.
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