After the affair (Red sequel)

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The sound of hard knocking on the door had me awake, I grabbed the bat from behind the door and tugged my way to the front door.

I set the chain lock before opening the door to see who it was about to break down my door, and my heart leaped in shock when I caught sight of who it was standing outside my door.


I gasped and quickly shut the door,

"Delilah, open this door!!" Karl growled.

I covered my mouth and tried not to shriek as my loins began to hurt, I tried to reach the phone but I couldn't move with the pain.

He starts to shake the doorknob trying to get in. I sunk down to the door and held my breath in both fear and panic,

"Delilah, open this door!"

"I-I never asked for this, any of it." I yelled back.

He kept tugging at the door.

I remain quiet and for a while I don't hear anything.

Then I got off the floor and unlocked the door, to find him still waiting on the floor, his weary eyes snapped to me, and just when I thought to shut the door again he grabbed it, forcing it open.

"Wow." He faltered, his eyes widening as he took in my appearance.

He got in and slammed the door behind him,

"It's true!"

I was six months pregnant,

I don't know how he found out about it, but he's been calling nonstop for the last two weeks, it never really occurred to me that he would actually fly to New York for a speculation.

I thought I could hide it from him, and raise it on my own because the last thing I wanted was to ruin another woman's home.

"You were going to hide this from me?"

"I-I didn't think you would wanna know." I stutter, not sure what to say to defend myself.

That just made him even more furious, "You didn't think I wouldn't wanna know I'm having a baby, and don't you dare say it's not mine, I did the math and it adds up."

After everything that happened, I found out I was pregnant, funny thing I didn't even know, until I was really late, how could I have known I was pregnant that whole time.

I felt so stupid.

Then a week after I met Dave, on an elevator.

I never thought there was anyone out there for me, anyone who love me, but there he was, beautiful in every form, and I pregnant.

It broke me apart, but somehow I managed to pull through. "What do you want, Karl?"

"I want you to move back home."

I laughed, "You can't be serious?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"What do you want me to move in with your fiance too, so we can be this one happy family, don't make me laugh, Karl. ." I snarled at him,

"I can arrange an apartment for you and the baby."

"Karl, first of all, you can't just swoop in my apartment and order me around, this is my life, my baby, I don't owe you anything and I definitely don't want you to take care of me or the baby. I don't need you to do anything whatsoever. . I have a job, and a boyfriend who is willing to be here for the baby and me, so you don't have to worry, we're fine."

"You think I would just walk away after this."

"Get out, Karl, before I call the cops." I snapped.

"You can't do that to me."

I reach for the phone and he quickly stops me,

"Let's just sit back and talk about this like adults."

"No, Karl, it's 3:00 Am if you haven't noticed, my whole body is aching from all the work at the office, so the last thing I need is to talk, especially about this, so you need to leave right now." I pointed at the door.

"Okay, how about I stop by tomorrow. Either way, I'm not leaving New York until you and I come up with a plan."

How do we keep ending up in each other's lives?
Why can't I just be over and done with the Randalls? No matter how much I try to move on from the drama, I always get dragged back in the middle, and it's like I never left.

"Just leave, Karl." I sighed depleted.

He was reluctant but left eventually,

Karl was persistent, he kept showing up every day, it was exhausting. And at some point, Dave convinced me to meet up with him and talk it out, that even if I wanted to raise this child alone, I couldn't deny that Karl was an amazing father and he was,

Shitty partner I admit, but a good father.

"Thanks again for meeting me."

"I didn't exactly have a choice." I settled down.

"What would you like?"

"Let's hope a decaf would do the trick."

He quickly went to get it for me, I have never seen him this anxious about anything, it's kinda cute.

He returns a few minutes later with a decaf and a soda, you would think he would ask for a beer with the way he's shuddering,

"You know you need to relax."

"It's... you won't understand how this feels, I thought I couldn't have any more children and I was fine with just Massey, but when I heard I was going to be a father again...I think I'm losing it,."

I chuckled, "How's Massey?"

"Still acting out, you think after this long she would have been over it by now, you're wrong, she's gotten even worse..."

"I figured when she wouldn't pick my calls, And Jenna?"

"Pretty much still thinks whatever is happening is my fault, Massey also agrees...So, yeah, my life is great."

"They are gonna love this one." I joined in the sarcasm.

"Ecstatic, I can wait to tell them either." He laughs, having me laughing too.

I took a sip of my drink and averted my gaze, he's doing that thing again when he stares at me, it's probably what got us in this mess again.

"You really look amazing."

I threw in a faint smile, "Yeah, it's been a hell of a year."

"Why didn't you call me?"

"And, say what, hey, remember me, Delilah, the girl you hooked up six months ago, yeah, that girl, I'm pregnant, call me."

"Delilah, I would have dropped everything and came running to you."

"Before or after you got engaged to Zoe." I said and he shrank with guilt. I scoffed, "Look, Karl, I'm not mad at you, or anyone, we both screwed up....I guess part of why I didn't tell you I was pregnant was because I didn't want to ruin our lives, I mean things are really good right now, at least for me."

"This Dave guy, does he know the baby is mine?"

"Wow. You think I would lie to him about having another man's child, what do you take me for, Karl?" That made me really upset for some reason.

"I'm sorry.." He quickly apologized.

"If you must know the moment Dave found I was pregnant...I also thought he would leave me, I was so sure he would and I accepted it, I was ready to raise this child on my own, but then he stepped up and decided to take the responsibility without questions, I've never met anyone like him, he's out of this world amazing, and I wish I had met him instead, maybe if I did I would be having his baby right now and not yours."

I remember a time where I wanted nothing more than to start a family with Karl and raise his kids, but he didn't want that, at least not with me, and now we are here, this was definitely Karma.

"I'm glad, you're happy, Delilah. I really am, That's all I have ever wanted for you anyway, even though I was a complete douche about it. .I want to make it right at this moment, I want to be the father of our baby, and you can't push me away anymore, I'm here."

"How did you find out?"

"Caleb let it slip."

"Right.." I scoffed in disbelief, "of course.."

He leans forward, curious, "Do you know what we are having?"

This 'We' thing, I'm not sure I can get used it.

"I'm having a girl, Karl."

"A girl." He grinned.

Having me smiling too,

"Del.." He reached for my hand on the table and rubbed it gently, I flinched a little at his soothing touch, I mean these things happen when you are pregnant.

I-if you've had a baby you would understand,

"Please, let me in.." He softens.


I don't know exactly had me give in to that moment, was it because I found out he flew out the moment he heard I was having his baby or the enthusiasm in his eyes as he was holding my hand pleading with me to let him be the father of his baby, it's probably both,

"Let me be a father, Delilah, to this baby, our baby." He squeezed my hand even tighter, pleading for a chance to be a father again, he starts kissing my palms.

I guess the joy of it all just overwhelmed him, and it was also at that point that I realized I've been really selfish with this,

"Fine, you can be in the baby's life, you can be her father, I'll even consider having your last name on the baby's birth certificate, that's if you want. But I'm not moving back to be your baby mama in a dollhouse, you will have to figure out a way to be there for both your children, and that's all I have to say about this."

"I will, promise. ." He muttered sharply and grinned in solace, "Thank you."

Oh, dear lord. ..on my way home I laughed at the crazy direction my life was taking yet again.

Well, let's hope it all works out, for Madison.
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