After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 5


The following morning I stood outside the busy station, peering around when I noticed Massey stridding towards me with her rolling suitcase.

I smiled making my way towards her, but her steps faltered and halted noticing me. This won't be good, I thought, reaching to her.

When Karl pleaded I pick her up, I knew it was another bad decision but he had to get to work early and today was my day off.

So I just had to give in and now she's looking at me like this can't be happening to her right now.

I exhaled and made my way to her.

"Hey.." I said, she dropped her suitcase looking around us.

"Where's my mom?" She asks, and turns to look at me.

"She couldn't make it, so you would be staying with us."

"Why, dad promised I could stay with mom this time?"

I had hoped Jenna and Karl had explained this to her earlier, so I wouldn't have to be the one to share the bad news.

"It's just for a while." I said, causing her to huff and run towards the parking lot, leaving her suitcase behind.

I took a deep breath before grabbing the suitcase and going after her, this is going to be a long ride, I thought as we reached for the car.

Massey quickly got in the back, leaving me to do the work. I just shook my head, placing her bag in the trunk before getting in with her,

I glanced through the mirror at her, finding her frowning with crossed arms, while staring out of the window,

"Seat belts, please." I said, starting the car.

She doesn't respond immediately but eventually does and I rest my hand on the window, driving and sighing in frustration.

"So how was camp?" I broke through the silence, it was sinking the poor car.

"Fine.." She mumbled.

I didn't expect her to answer me but when she did I was motivated to try again.

"Did you have fun?" I asked, she didn't say anything and I was at the point of sighing and giving up when she spoke again.

"I didn't like it..."

My lips gaped in surprise and I looked over at her in the mirror.. to find her already looking at me, "What happened?" I tried my luck again,

"I got bored, it was stupid and everyone just felt sick, throwing up everywhere-" She rants and stops talking abruptly,

I guess my luck had run out.

I reached to the compartment and grabbed her phone, knowing how much she misses her old friends, "Here..." I extend it to her behind and she quickly took it from me,

No gratitude reciprocated.

She spent the rest of the ride giggling on her phone like any regular teenager, which was fine by me, at least it reduced the awkwardness.

We arrived home and she got out of the car, and texted her way inside the house, leaving me, to grab her suitcase, like some maid.

I rolled my eyes, pulling out the suitcase and getting into the house as well,

I placed the bag on the side, and dropped my keys on the counter before reaching to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. At the same time Massey appeared in jeans short and tank top, laughing, with her eyes glued to the phone,

I stood one side watching her and from my view I could see she was talking to some man,

He was flirting with her.

I wanted to mind my business and look away but it didn't seem right, the man looked in his mid twenties, and she's barely thirteen. "Who are you talking to?" I chirped im, having her stopping and looking up at me.


"Who are you talking to?" I asked again.

"Mind your business.." She shot. I reached and snatched the phone from her. "What!? Are you serious right now?" She snarled, struggling for her phone.

"Who are you?" I snarled at the man on the screen.

"Hi, Mrs. Randall.." The stranger waved,

"What, she's not my mother..." Massey jumped in anger.

I ignored her, facing the man on the screen, "You should be ashamed of yourself, flirting with a twelve year old."

Massey snatched the phone from me,

"Mr. Rush, let me call you back." She hung up and turned to me, "How's it any of your business?"

"You're just 12. You shouldn't be flirting with a grown man."

"I'm 13 and who said I was flirting with anyone, he's just my art teacher... Why is it you never mind your business, first you make father throw out my good clothes and now you are poking into my phone.."

"Massey, those clothes were way too short and inappropriate for a girl your age."

"Quit acting like my mother... You're not and you're never going to be.. father is never going to marry you, so quit acting like you're part of this family, you are not, you are just some stupid maid.." She growled and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her.

I sucked in a deep breath and tried not to take offense. Believe it or not this is not the first time she's thrown a tantrum like this, so it doesn't come as a much of a surprise anymore.

I ran my hands through my hair and went around minding my business,

Karl returned later that night.

"You okay?" He asked and I continued to give him the silent treatment. I still was bent on knowing my place here or in his life, because sometimes I feel like I'm still Massey's nanny, add that to being his mistress, which brings us all back to the affair.

I reached and began taking out the pillows on the bed, ready to just call it a night, when I heard him sigh and start to speak.

"You were right?" He says,

My chest constrict but I don't stop or turn.

"I have been holding back lately.... I guess I might be missing my old life—"

I didn't think it would hurt this much hearing him admit it finally.

"But none of that has anything to do with how I feel about you or us, Delilah... I'm just---" As he spoke I was lost of words and the song Mercy by Duffy just kept playing and dancing in my head-

"I'm confused... Conflicted in fact--"

I drag myself out of my thoughts muttering,

"Do you regret me?"

"Of course, not. Why would you think something like that?"

I stared at him confused, "You just said you miss your life with her, you said you miss being married to her..." it tore me inside to hear those words.

"I didn't exactly imply that and yes, I do miss that life with Jenna...I don't know what to say or how else to explain to you, Delilah, but please believe me when I say I don't regret a second with're by far the best decision I've made..."

You know there times just like right now that I go still and wonder if Karl is taking me for a fool's ride, the biggest one by far.

It won't be the first time I've been taking on a fool's ride by a man I care about, then they would throw you out on the sideline when you become insignificant.

I guess I always thought what I had with Karl was different but who I'm kidding they are all the same, Karl, Mike, Jeff, Mark....every last one of them.

Instinctively, I went into the closet and began gathering my things. "What are you doing?" his tone read panic.

I gathered a few of my things into a duffel bag and wore on my jacket, before grabbing my keys.

I'm giving him the space to figure out want he wants. "I'll be at Caleb's if you ever decide what you want with me and until you do, do not come after me." I growled and left...

"Delilah. ..."

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