After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 6


I was looking through the net for some new inscriptions for my book when I got a call from Massey’s school, having me running over there, and it turns out Massey and her friends had set off the school alarm, causing a huge fuss in the school.

”What were you thinking?” I scolded her as we walked out to the car.

”I didn't do it... I swear it...” She defended, giving me the innocent look.

I shook my head at her unlocking the door and with a huff she jumped into the front seat.

Then, I turned around to get in the car while dialing Karl to let him know I was picking Massey early but it went to voicemail, so I had no choice than to drop her off at the house.

I mean Karl’s, mine is a mess right now.

I locked my phone and started the car with a sigh, ”Seat belts!” I reminded her and she reached out for it.

”Why can't I stay at your place?” She asked while buckling up.

I started the car,

”Well, uh..My apartment is a mess right now, I haven't had the time to clean up and it wouldn't be good to have you in such a situation.”

”I don't mind, I still have those sleeping sacks from camp, I could sleep on the floor.”

”How was camp?” I waved in promptly, "We’ve not talked about it? I mean did you have fun, did you make new friends, tell me everything.”

The previous topic was soon forgotten.

Soon we got home and using her spare she let me in, the first thing that caught my sight as I walked in was the state the house was in, things littered everywhere, clothes shoes, boxes of pizza-

It was a mess.

What does Delilah do around here if she can't clean up after them and herself?

"She left..” Massey read my mind, whilst tearing me out of my thoughts.


”Delilah, she left dad...”

My eyes widened,

”When was this?”

”A week ago..” She answered relieved,

I was more in shock, to think after everything they did to stay together she would walk out on him like this, it's surprising.

”Um..” I mused, looking around the mess to notice most of the things littered were Massey’s, “Have you been staying by yourself?” I asked.

”I is mostly at the workshop. Now Delilah is gone, there is no one to clean up or cook and I have school and lots of homework…” She murmured.

I sighed dropping my bag, ”Okay, why don't you go change and help me clean up. I don't like how this house is looking right now.”

”Okay.” She mumbled and ran towards her room, whilst I went around picking the dirty clothes, Massey soon joined with the laundry basket.

We cleaned up everywhere and did the laundry, chatting about school, boys and other stuff as we went on.

She was so excited, ”And, soon we would be a family again.”

I sighed…

I didn't want to be the one to tell her that wasn’t going to happen, or that I wasn't planning on getting back with her father, I'm aware that’s what this is about, this her new attitude.

”Mom, why don't you stay over tonight? You can stay in my room, please...”

”Massey, you know I can't... I have to get back to Lorenzo, the man I'm marrying soon, remember..” I said and she frowned.

”Are you really going to marry him?” She mumbled sadly.

”Massey, we talked about this and you said it was okay, you said you liked Lorenzo for me.”

”I do...but now the witch is gone, I thought-”

”It doesn't work that way Massey.” I cut in, “And, I don't appreciate you calling anyone names you know that..” I paused and sighed, looking down at her, “Massey..” I started again but with a calmer tone, “I understand it hasn't been easy for you, having to juggle between your father and me, and I also understand you're upset but it's been so long Massey, you’ve got to move on at some point. What you did at school today was not okay?”

”I’m sorry…”

“You also need to stay on your phone less and focus on your books, I didn't like your last grade, a C- in Math is not okay Massey.”

”Okay--” She cut in quickly, ”I will…”

I shook my head at her glancing at the time,

”Well, I still have some time to make dinner before your father gets here.”

”So is that a No on you staying over?”

”Massey!..” I warned.

”Fine...” She groaned following me into the kitchen.

”What would you like us to make?” I said, searching around for anything, they barely had enough, ”Um, why don't we make some rice and chicken then?”

”Just like you used to make when I was little..” She said excitedly, and I chuckled, touching her hair..

”Why don't you make the rice while I make the chicken.” I suggested and she beamed harder, helping me out, and showing me around everything.


The kitchen was definitely Delilah’s...

I could recall how she used to place everything in white plastic containers with labels and then line them up numerically, so she won't have to miss out on any of the ingredients.

I hated that, it was really confusing.

”Is there thyme..” I asked looking around and at the same time we both heard the front door opening and closing.

We both looked out in anticipation,

“Dad is back early!”

”Massey?” Came Karl’s voice, causing me to startle a little.

”Over here Dad!” Massey yelled back in excitement, and soon I heard the dropping of keys, followed by footsteps approaching the kitchen.

I went clumsy, gulping up and here, knowing it would be really awkward seeing me in his kitchen.

I quickly turned around and fidgeted my eyes on the pot on fire,

”Dad.” Massey yelled abruptly, causing me to startle. I slowly turned again to see them hugging, that's before they broke away and his eyes lifted to me, confusingly.

”Hi…” I threw in an awkward smile, whilst tucking my hair shyly.

”What’s going on?” he asks.

”Mom is making us dinner.” Massey chirped in excitedly,

His eyes gapes at me in surprise but he doesn't say anything, ”Come you can help us set the table, just like you used too..” Massey dragged him into the kitchen, where we set the table and had dinner.


”Okay, you need to stop doing that and get a hold of yourself, it's been a week.” Caleb scolded snatching my phone from me.

”Do you think it's the network? That could only explain why he hasn't called me, he’s never not called me. I should call the service providers and make a complaint about this.” I hoped,

Caleb shook his head at me, ”We’ve been through this Delilah, it's not the network. He just hasn't called you.”

“You don't have to be some about it..” I sniffled, sunken deeper in the chair.

”Look at you, you're a hot mess. When was the last time you showered, brushed your teeth or left the house? You would soon be out of a job at this point.”

I sniffed my shirt and let out a gag at the smell, I was really reeking of sweat. I haven't been able to function properly since I left Karl which is funny because I made that decision solely on my own and now I feel like I shouldn't have.

”How do you think he's doing?” I muttered suddenly.

”Not as terrible you, Girl you need to get up and realize that your life doesn't run around the Randall’s, you've had enough drama being around that family, add that to almost getting killed once or twice.”

He reaches and settles beside me.

”Isn’t that makes us stronger.” I mumbled gaining a look from him. ”You know what I mean..” I grumbled, setting my head on his shoulder.

He sighed,

”I don't know what Karl is doing right now but I'm pretty sure he's not sitting around and sulking all day about you, you need to get your ass together, Delilah.”

”How?” I asked, I have built my life around Karl, so much that I don’t even remember how I lived before him or any of this.

”This man you are sulking about has been through jail, marriage, a child, divorce… So he’s basically been through everything, all the heartbreaks and heartaches, this means nothing to him, he won’t even shed a tear for you.”

“Why are you being so mean?” I shot, smacking his shoulder.

“I'm just being honest…You know what, you and I are going to do something today..” he jumped up suddenly, ”We are going to do some shopping, get your nails and hair done and then later tonight we are going to hit the club. Who knows you might find someone more interesting tonight..” He suggested. I groaned and grumbled, stuffing my head on the couch. ”When was the last time you had time for yourself?”

”I don't want to..” I shot back.

”I’m not asking, now c’mon.”

I struggled and he whooped me out of the couch and into the shower kicking and screaming.

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