After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 7


I put Massey to bed and went out to the living room to find Karl desperately, searching for something.

”Can I help?” I chirped in,

” phone, I can't find it...”

I looked around to help him, then I remembered, ”I think I saw Massey playing with it when we were having dinner.”

He stops searching with a sigh, ”That must be it..”

”Yeah..” I pass him a smile and we stand awkwardly for a while.

He exhales, muttering. ”Thanks for this, though you didn't have to….I got it, It's been crazy around here but I'm working on getting help for Massey..”

I know he meant since Delilah left.

”Can we sit for a second?” I asked.

He nodded, gesturing me. I followed him and we settled on the bench outside. ”So what’s going on?” I started.

”Nothing, I'm just having a bad week.” he lied,

Karl’s has never been the type to talk about his feelings so it's no surprise, I struggled with that for ten years.

”Why did she leave?” I urged him.

He paused and scoffed,


I rolled my eyes, muttering.

"Yes. Now tell me what happened? Did you cheat on her?” I muttered and he narrowed his eyebrows sharply at me, "Well, it's worth asking?”

He chuckled intriguely,

"No, I didn't cheat on Delilah...” he muttered honestly.

"So talk to me...” He stares at me reluctantly, ”Karl, it's been almost three years, I'm over it... So talk...”

He then sighs deeply, running his hand on his face in frustration, muttering. "She left me, which is for the best.”

”Do you miss her?”

”Terribly...” he shot sharply,

”Then, what’s the problem?”

"I can't give her the life she deserves.”

I sat properly, chuckling, "And, what life is that Mr. Randall?”

He paused for a while before muttering,

"A family.”

”And, you haven't told her what happened?” I asked and he went quiet, the truth is that a few weeks after I got pregnant with Massey Karl had an accident in jail which caused some infertility issues, nothing serious.

The doctors even assured he would be fine with time, I remember how we tried and struggled after Massey but it was just one miscarriage after another, so we just gave up at some point and now that I think about it that's probably when our problems started,

He stopped believing in himself or us.

”I love Delilah, I don't know how to tell her something like that. The workshop on the other hand is not doing very well right now. I took a loan from the bank to pay for my last two installments, and now I'm six months behind-”

I sighed silently,

"Karl--” I whisper abruptly, he stops and looks up at me, waiting, ”Do you know why you and I never worked?”


”The affair..” he said and I snickered

"let's be honest with ourselves Karl, our problems weren't solely on the affair or my mental state, the affair just motivated our divorce, the truth is that we had problems way before Delilah came into our lives..” I paused for a while staring at him, it took a while before I realized that, ”And, you know why we had all those problems? we had all those issues because you locked everything inside, you never for once allowed me in, probably because you were afraid I wouldn't handle it. God! I remember feeling so lonely trying to guess what was going through your mind every second of the day, that I lost my mind. Now you are repeating the same routine with Delilah, it's no wonder she's left you.” I got up and reaching I squeezed his shoulders, "Good night, Karl.” I turned to leave when hands clasped mine abruptly,

I looked down at it and then at Karl with a tight breath,

”Yeah?” I managed to mutter.

He opened his mouth to say something but pressed them again, muttering, “Thank you, again...”

I nodded and hurried off,

I returned home to find Lorenzo, waiting for me on the couch, fast as sleep. I smiled and silently placed my things away, before fondling him, wearily he turned to look at me, ”Hey..” I grin and he smiles back. “Sorry, I’m late.”

”Where have you been?”

”I got a call from Massey’s school and then I had to take her home, I'm sorry. I should have called, I just lost track of time with dinner and...”

”It’s okay..” he cut in, “Just let me know next time...” he whispered and held to me.


”I can't believe you talked me into coming here.” I groan as we stand in line to get into an A- list club.

”You needed to get out, especially now you are single.”

I took a deep breath and pressed down my tight leather dress, another thing I was talked into doing tonight.

When it gets to our turn on the line, Caleb talks to the bouncer and he immediately unclips the rope, letting us in.


We headed inside the club and noticed the large dance floor filled with bodies grinding and rubbing against each other, In a crowd of humping orgies.

I winced, following Caleb to the bar where we ordered us Mimosa, with the glass to my lips, I scan the mass.

”See anyone you like?” Caleb waves in as he sips on his drink, I throw him a glare, ”Look, I'm not asking you to commit or anything, just have fun... Drink and dance to your heart's content and if you feel like adding extra spice bang a guy or two.”

”Really, that's your advice!” I shot at him, having him raising his hand in defense,

”I'm just trying to cheer you up..”

”So you know Karl and I are just on a break, we are not over...”

He rolled his eyes, ”Whatever you say, I'm going to catch some fun.” he winked at me, disappearing into the crowd.

I turned my eyes back to the cute bartender, ”Can I get something stronger?” I shifted the glass to him, ”this is not doing it for me tonight.”

He chuckled, ”Then what would you like?”

I pondered on it, ”I would like a sunset run, mixed in some honey, and vodka, that will do it...”

He was hesitant, ”Are you sure you can handle it? Those are pretty strong drinks for men, and not for ladies like yourself..”

I leaned over his stereotypical ass. ”You don't know shit of what I have had to deal with, so don't you dare stand there in those ugly pants and tell me what I can handle. Now give me my damn drink!” I growled in his face and he chuckled, raising his hand in defense.

”Okay, one sunset, with honey and vodka, got it...Jeez!” He said, and went on to get my drink, people were looking but I didn't care.

I rolled my eyes, turning my eyes to the mass, abruptly catching sight of Caleb heading towards the stairs with some girl, and from a distance he gives me the tongue.

I gagged, pulling out my phone, my eyes widening when I see a text from Karl, an attachment in fact.

I quickly opened it and everything in me froze, Karl and Jenna, were having dinner at the house and laughing together.

A tear abruptly slipped my eyes, why would he send me this, what’s this even supposed to me, this is why he hasn't called or tried at all because he wants back with his family, that's what it means. "Here you go...” The bartender places my order in front of me, ”Do you need anything else?”

I turned off my phone, picking up the drink, gulping it down in one sip, ”Another one..”

The bartender looked at me like I had gone crazy, ”Right on it..” But went ahead to get it anyway.

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