After the affair (Red sequel)

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Chapter 8


It was a sunny afternoon in school and I was walking with my best friend Gaby, we made it through the crowded hallway, "I think my parents are planning on getting back together." I said and she paused for a second.

"Wait, isn't your mom getting married, to that Italian chef."

"Yeah, but now they are getting back together, so we can be a family again." I grinned and almost jumped at the thought, "And, with that witch completely out of the way now--"

Gabby stared at me skeptically, "Mas, what did you do?"

I shrugged, "Well...I might have taken some pictures of my parents together and sent them to Delilah through father's phone...."

"Oh, my God.."

"I just wanted to make sure she doesn't come back...I'm sure she went nuts.." I said, giggling hysterically afterward.

"You sure do hate that woman.." She mumbled under her breath, whilst she looked through her phone. I don't know if I would call what I feel for Delilah, hate. I detest her. I mean she deceived me, I thought she was my friend, I trusted and confided in her, but the whole time she was lying and fooling me just to get close to dad, and not only did she ruin my family, she ruined my life and made mom suffer... you know what, I hate her and I wish she would rot in hell. "Are you even sure your parents want to get back together? They probably don't even love each other anymore, these things happen."

"Your parents got back together five years after they got a divorce and now they are having another baby, how's this any different?"

"For starters, I didn't force or make them, they did it because they wanted to and you should too, your parents are adults...." I heard father saying he misses mother after him and Delilah broke up. I know he made a mistake and he realizes it, so now it's my job to help him fix it, "Anyway--" Gabby snapped me out of my thoughts, "I just sent out the invitations for the party, you are still coming, right?"

"I haven't asked my parents yet.." I sigh, remembering I'm grounded for sending those pictures. Before my attention turns fully to Gabby, my eyes land on something or someone....

Gabby turns to what I was looking and lips crept, "Mr. Hush, huh?"

"He's hot don't you think?"

"Yeah, but he has a girlfriend, she's really gorgeous, I saw them at the mall last weekend and he's way too old for you. He would never be into you."

"We will see..." He's perfect for my next plan, I cleared and pressed my skirt as he began to make his way towards us.

"Ms. Helen?" he smiles at Gabby and she smiles back before he turns his cold eyes to me, "I'll be right back.." I said, following Mr. Hush into the empty art studio. We get in and lock the door, yanking me furiously to the corner.

"What do you think you are doing?" he growls.

I arched my brow at him, acting clueless. "What? I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Hush."

"Dont act dumb with me Massey, you know very well what I'm talking about. How could you send me such degrading pictures of yourself? Do you know what that could do to me?"

"You said I should be creative..." I said, suppressing a laugh, you should see his face right now, it's hilarious.

"I meant with your work, Massey, be creative with your art, not send me--" he cut himself short abruptly with a sigh.

Funny, he's acting like I sent him my boobs or something, all I did was send him a cute selfie of me in the bathroom. I wonder what he would do if I had taken off my towel.

I titter at the thought,

He took a long pause, before speaking again, "Look, Massey... I don't know what's going on with you, it's like you've become this difference person overnight. But you are very talented, one of my best students. I definitely don't want such a talent to go to waste, which is why I'm going to let this slide, but the next time this happens I would have no choice than to report you to the principal, are we clear?"

I smirked,

"What if I want you too?"


"I want you to report me to the principal, make sure they call my parents while at it, you can tell them everything."

This way dad and mom would realize they made a mistake getting a divorce, in the end, mom would call off the wedding to come help dad take care of me and dad would forget Delilah.

Way-lah, everyone is happy.

"Think about it, please."

"Get out, Massey!" He growled.

I chuckled hurrying out of the door to find Gabby still waiting for me, "Oh, my God! What was that?"

"He definitely has the spots for me..."

"You're crazy." she shook her head at me as we laughed and hurried down to the cafeteria.

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