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Trinity Weld is a simple omega who is considered a freak upon her pack. She is the only one known who can't complitely turn into her wolf. Growing up with only her family treating her equally, has made her reserved and cagey of people. She doesn't trust anyone apart from her family. Jason Collet is the oldest of Alpha Clayton's 3 sons and the strongest. He has a short temper and no remorse of the horrible things he has done. He doesn't care about anything else than his pack's well being. In the world where death and violance is a common thing and werewolfs fights for their right to exist, mates are a rare find that only a few lucky ones gets. What will happen when these two troubled souls find each other? Read the story and find out.

Romance / Fantasy
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It was 6 am and I was rushing to get ready for work at the pack house. As an omega, I was forced to have a shitty job as a maid. Not that there was something wrong to work as a maid, but because everyone I worked for or even with acted like I am a nobody, like I didn't deserve to be treated like everyone else. I guess that was because I was different. I was a black sheep of the pack. Pretty shitty feeling to know that everyone considers you a freak only because you can't fully turn into your wolf and even when your canines and claws grow out (we all are able to turn partly), I look different than any other werewolf. If, when any normal werewolf partly turns, your canines and claws grow out and your eyes changes color to amber, but nothing else changes, my eyes turns white with a small black circle line around my pupils, my canines grows out only a little bit, my claws turns black and my naturally dark brown hair ends turns completely white. I also can't communicate with my inner wolf but I do feel her.

So here I was, dressed in a simple maid outfit ready to get this day over with. I hated mornings. I went downstairs to grab something to eat.

"Good morning" my 2 years' older sister Tracy greeted me. She was my only sister plus my best friend. She has always stuck up for me when other kids picked on me. Because of that she didn't have many friends although she was sweet, funny, brave and smart.

"Morning" I mumbled.

"Someone is in the bad moon today" Tracy chuckled. She handed me a cup of tea.

"Thanks" I took as sip, "I am always in a bad mood" I smirked at her. She just shook her head.

"Come on, let's eat and go to the pack house. You don't want to be late. Plus Alpha Collet and his sons from Proelia pack are coming tomorrow for Christina's birthday and everything is has to be perfect otherwise we'll get punished. Christina already hates us as it is" Tracy rolled her eyes. It was true. Christina was our Alpha's daughter and spoiled like none other. She always got what she wanted and tomorrow was her 21st birthday. It had to be the biggest party of the year where everyone was supposed to admire her. Which sucked for us as we would probably be treated as her slaves today. Not that it would be any different from other days.

"Don't remind me. I hate her guts" I growled.

"Don't worry. She'll probably make a fool of herself as always. She wants to charm Jason Collet as he is supposed to be the next Alpha. But I have heard rumors that his father wants to make Brandon Collet an Alpha and not him, so who knows, Christina probably will try to charm him as well" Tracy laughed. I also chuckled.

"That wouldn't surprise me at all." I had finally finished my sandwich that Tracy made me.

"Ok, let's get going" I said and we went to the pack house. It took us about 15 minutes to get there. We went our separate ways as Tracy worked in the first floor, but I cleaned rooms upstairs. I grabbed all the supplies and went to the second floor where all the bedrooms were located. I started with the master bedroom. I made the bed and then dusted everything. Took out the garbage and took the dirty laundry away. Then I moved to Christina's bedroom. Thank God, she was too busy to prepare for tomorrow and wasn't even here. It took me half the day to finish with the second floor. I went to the kitchen to eat launch. Tracy was already there, eating.

"I am exhausted. I had to help to decorate the ball room and let me tell you Christina is one indecisive bitch" she whispered to me as I sat beside her. It made me laugh. All three ladies in the kitchen glared at me. They were cooks.

I ignored them and filled my plate with food. I was starving. Tracy and I talked about different stuff during our launch. Then we went back to the ball room and helped with the preparation.

I was carrying light chains to the backyard when someone bumped into me and knocked me down.

''Watch where you're going freak" a pitch high voice yelled at me. I looked up and saw Christina, our so-called princess. Anger rose in me. That bitch bumped into me and she dares to yell and blame me. I wanted to punch her so bad, but if I did, I would be punished and thrown in the dungeon.

"God, can you be more useless" she looked at me with disgust. I started to think that the punishment I would receive for punching her would be worth it.

"Sorry" I mumbled instead of doing what I wanted. My family would be disappointed in me if I would disrespect her. After all she was our future Luna.

"You'd better be, you poor excuse of a wolf" she smirked and left. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. Christina was very mean and conceited. But what made it even worse, she was very beautiful. Christina had long ginger hair that complimented her delicate facial futures. She was tall and thin. She always received a lot of attention from guys and many girls envied her. I used to be one of those girls, but then I realized that I would never want to be like her.

I grabbed the lights and carried them to the tree where I put them on. The rest of the day I worked in the yard. I didn't see her anymore for the rest of the day.

Finally, it was around 9pm and I was ready to leave. I waited for my sister. She came in the kitchen and was followed by our Luna. She was nice, not like her daughter or even our Alpha who was old fashioned and cared for the packs reputation more than for the packs wellbeing. Our Luna Marry was caring and really smart. She looked after her pack like Alpha should. She made sure that everyone felt good in her presence. Luna Mary was a petite woman and beautiful. She was only 37 years old. Yes, she was 15 when she got pregnant with Christina. Among our people, it's a common thing to get pregnant in a young age. It sickens me, but what do you expect if werewolf males follow their wolf needs and primal instincts more than their better judments.

As Luna Mary walked in the kitchen, she smiled at me.

"Hello Trinity. Ready to go home?" she asked me.

"Yes" I simply answered. I just wasn't used to people apart from my family to be polite to me.

"I wanted to give you both an invitation to tomorrow's celebration here. As you have a day off tomorrow and a day after that I figured that you deserve to relax and have a good time. Everything is explained in this invitation – dress code, the time of arrival etc." she handed Tracy a gold envelope.

We both were speechless.

"Alright. I have to go now. I'll be expecting you here tomorrow. Presents are not needed" she smiled once more and left. Tracy and I, we both stood still for a moment unable to process that we just got invited to a ball.

"Wow" I mumbled. I'm not sure that I like the idea of going but the tone in our Luna's voice told me that I had not much of a choice. It would be disrespectful to decline an invitation from the Luna herself anyway.

"I guess tomorrow we are going shopping" Tracy grinned. She loved shopping. I on the other hand was less excited.

"Let's go home and tell mom and dad the news. I bet they are going to be as shocked as we were" She chuckled. I just sighed.

"Yeah. Let's go home. I am too exhausted to even process the idea of going to Christina's birthday party" I yawned.

"Yeah. Tomorrow is going to be a long day" She took her stuff.

"Don't remind me" I grumbled. I was sure that I was going to hate what was coming.

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