Sleeping Lilly

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Ava had gotten the shock of her life when she went to the Alpha king to ask for permission to reject her fated mate. Who would've thought he was the prince and instead of facing the reality she freaked and ran into danger. Jaxson was not expecting his mate to come to the alliance paper signing or else he would have never been there. How will these two survive their time apart. Will Ava be able to get past her own suffering and accept her destiny. Will there be a happy ending for them or will their lives change for the worse.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Review in Jaxson's POV

Sleeping Lilly

Recap of My Sweet Lilly Ending

Jaxson’s POV

Me and my father were about to see the last pack Alpha and Luna along with at least one of their children. In order for the alliance to continue to work long after the alpha pass on their title we need the next generation to know who we are. They get more land and I am sure the Luau Pack would also try to squeeze out a little of something else to feel they got the upper hand. My father the Alpha king never gave more than what was agreed upon even so... some if not all of the Alpha’s tried to get me to take their daughters as a chosen mate in hopes to join the royal bloodline. Power hungry in a legal way. I was ready to meet Ava’s Pack alpha and luna so that when I arrive to claim Ava as my mate they will already know who I am as well as how important she is to me.

Hiding my scent from Ava has been hard but necessary for her safety as well as mine. Me and my father agreed to tell her soon but for now to wait and see how the alliance goes against the power hungry werewolves. I know he is hoping for us to not have to be in hiding anymore to be back in the castle where packs could come for guidance and know that the king is still alive and more importantly still cares. He has been dealing with issues behind the scenes/curtains for so long but with his new start in love he just wants to be able to give her everything.

As we were waiting for them to be cleansed and processed on their way to the meeting room I felt Max getting upset and then I smelled her..Run...mate is here…”What”; and as I was turning to leave the doors opened but she was not looking at me or my father. I knew she could smell me the real me and knew her fated mate was in this room. I was frozen to the ground and I could not move and even Max was upset sorry mate pull too strong... to fight “ I understand I can feel you fighting.” He was fighting the pull for us to finally see one another. You see since I was blocking my original scent the fated mate pull was being held back and now it is coming out full force. The Moon Goddess never wanted fated mates to be able to reject one another so she created a pull that drew them to one another.

She was hiding behind her alpha and luna..which must be her parents but she never told me she was an alpha female. She did not raise her head maybe we could get through this without her seeing us...that would of been awesome since I was not ready to see her disappointment in me... my lies ...please let the floor open and swallow me whole. Luck was not on my side for I heard the Alpha/her father and her luna/mother tell her to look up and greet the king and prince .. that she was being rude by hiding herself. She fought for a moment but soon was looking straight at me...and if looks could kill.

Her expression showed her emotions that switched from anger to betrayal and every other emotion under the sun. she bolted from the meeting room but I soon noticed she went to the front entrance not the safe tunnels we had them come through in order to enter the castle.

Worry set in and I knew that she was in danger so I ran after her. I pushed past my father and Ava’s parents not caring that they were asking me questions about what had just happened. I increased my speed to catch up to her but she was faster than I had ever thought. Once I was outside I smelled her and started to track her but all of a sudden I felt pain and weakness but not of my own I knew she was hurt or drugged I felt Lilly losing to what was happening… unable to control my rage and worries I growled a warning to those taking my mate… I will be killing each and everyone of them.

I no longer felt disgusted with myself no I felt rage and this did not help me in the slightest for the next thing I remember is my father and Ava’s parents coming out and me and Max wanting to rip them all apart. I slashed at my father before I blacked out ...blinded by rage has a whole new meaning to me now.

Swallowed whole by the darkness and I felt no escape from it as I felt heavy. I was weighed down by my own guilt of not being honest with my fated mate and here I was hurting ... without here by my side. My Sweet Sleeping Lilly…. Was stolen from me and I shall get her back even if I lose myself in the process.

This book is the second in the Lilly series and you may want to read My Sweet Lilly to understand the story line of this book.

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