The Alpha's Call

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I am his. Always his. If anyone finds out, he will kill me. WARNING 18+ Sexual Content Mild Violence Course Language Did i mention Sexual Content

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Chapter 1

I could feel the heat of his gaze burning into the back of my head, but I wasn’t scared. I knew I should be, but knowing he was here, watching me like this. Made me move in a way I hadn’t moved before. Almost like my body wasn’t my own. The music floated around me engulfing me in a sultry beat that filled me with a sense of confidence. I was wearing a dark red sequined dress, it was tight around my body and the fabric stretched around my behind and left my back exposed. It dipped in the front and the spaghetti straps were so thin I couldn’t wear a bra underneath. I spun around, moving my body in time with the beat as my eyes met his.

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip and he shifted in his seat, laying back against the back rest and stretching his leg out. Taking a long drink from his glass, the muscle in his jaw twitched as he watched me dance. The slow tempo had me moving my hips as I dipped towards the floor. He moved in his seat and I swear his eyes darkened as his hand moved over the front of his pants. My mouth dropped open and he smirked at me as he palmed himself. I looked around frantically to see if anyone was watching. Everyone seemed to be in their own little world and I knew he had commanded everyone to keep their eyes off him. One command from him through the mind link and everyone would obey, not daring to question their Alpha. Coming to that realisation I became painfully aware that no one was looking at me, they danced around me as though I was in a bubble. Perks of being the alpha, I guess.

I looked back at him and saw his hand still moving over the top of his pants, he cocked his head to the side.

‘Why’d you stop dancing little one?’ his voice whispered inside my mind. My mouth went dry and I shook my head. Why was I even dancing for him? He’s the alpha. I needed to get out. I started toward the bathroom. I made it to the hallway just before the bathroom when I was slammed against the wall. The breath was knocked out of me and as I gathered my bearings, he tugged at my wrists pinning them above my head. His dark eyes bored down into mine and I was suddenly panting. The pure heat that radiated off him reminded me he was dangerous, but somehow, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. My chest heaved in the small space between us, pushing my nipples against his chest with every breath.

“You think you can run? After that? Think you can do this to me and then leave?” he pressed his leg between mine and I felt his erection flush against my inner thigh. I gasped, feeling his full length. Oh shit.

“Alpha.” I breathed. “I- “

“You what little one? Spit it out.” He lowered his head to my neck and nipped at my ear, his hot breath caressing me, sending goosebumps up my spine.

“We can’t, you’re the Alpha. We can’t, this is wron- oh god.” He sucked on the hollow of my neck and I lost every thought I ever had. His mouth caressed my throat and I prayed to whatever god we had that he would take me right now. No! Shit we couldn’t do this. It was forbidden to lay with an alpha unless you were his mate.

“If it’s so wrong, why do you feel so good?” he groaned against me, his free hand sliding over my waist, his thumb brushing the underside of my breast. His words made my legs tremble and I felt need swell deep in my stomach. I struggled to break free from his grasp on my wrists, but he growled and slammed them back against the wall. A moan ripped through me with how rough he was. I felt him smile into my neck and I slid my leg up his. He growled using one hand to grip my thigh and pull it up against his waist.

“Hey Alpha, do you- oh shit, sorry man didn’t know you had company.” My eyes snapped to Jared, the Alpha’s Beta. I felt my heart stop, I was in so much trouble. I knew this shouldn’t have happened. He’s the fucking Alpha, I can’t do this, forget how wet he makes me and how good his tongue is against my neck and oh god who am I kidding this man was a god.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” My Alpha roared, his wolf at the surface. He twisted his body covering mine, he bared his canines at Jared, and I felt his claws elongating and start to dig against my wrists. I hissed as they pierced my skin and I felt the blood start to trickle down my arms.

“A-A-Alexander?” I whimpered. He whipped around, his eyes blazing red his canines poking out from behind his lips. His nostrils flared and I knew he scented the blood. He immediately let go and his canines retreated with a soft click. He picked me up and sent a warning growl in Jared’s direction.

“Do not speak of this to anyone.” He warned. Jared nodded in return.

He moved back into the crowd, pushing through the crowds of people, who were still not paying us any attention. He pushed his way into the small office in the back, he sat down on the chair with me in his lap. He gently grabbed my arms bringing my wrists in front of him.

“Alpha I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to address you by your name, it was totally out of line and I’m sorry I was all over you. I know the law, and I will accept any punishment you see fit.” I stuttered looking anywhere but him. I felt heat rise from my neck and burn my ears. I looked at my wrists and frowned.

“They’re not healing?” the blood still seeped from the nail punctured my skin. Without speaking, my Alpha raised my arms to his mouth. He is not mine, pull yourself together Victoria. His eyes flickered up to mine and his tongue darted out from between his lips and gently sweeped across the wounds. The feeling that went through my body was indescribable. My mouth popped open and I felt wetness pool between my legs. He kept my eyes locked on to his as he gently suckled the wound. When he pulled away, I watched as the open cuts began to stitch themselves together.

“Alpha?” I looked up at him, full of questions. Like how did he do that? Why didn’t I heal? Why was I sitting in his lap?

He leant forward, his breath mingling with mine, we were so close if I just leant forward, I could taste him. He stopped furrowing his brows and looking away from me.

“You should leave.” He whispered.

“Of course, I am so sorry once again Xander- I mean Alpha. It won’t happen again.” I stumbled over my words as I scrambled from his lap and towards the door. Xander!? So, I’m just giving him nicknames now? What the hell was wrong with me?

his lips twitched in a small smile and I couldn’t help myself, I crossed the room quickly and bent down, my hair a curtain around us and I kissed the corner of his mouth. I pulled back flushing red all over again.

“Just o-one for the road, Alpha, Sir.” I spun on my heel and left.




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