Forbidden and Desired.

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Gabby's first true love broke and devastated her heart. A lesson she learnt could never be repeated. A man she had spent her whole teenage life pining over destroyed her in ways, she could never understand. Chase had no other choice but to leave and walk away from Gabby. She would never know the reasons for it, but it was all for her. Doing the right thing, is never easy especially if it hurts the one you love with all you are. After Blake's death. Chase's twin brother who swore to keep Gabby safe. A reunion is inevitable. The truth will finally be revealed. Gabbies life gets thrown in turmoil when sinister secrets finally get revealed. How do things end up and will there be a happy ending to this story?.

Romance / Erotica
Sacha Britz
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Chapter 1


Blake was not my first true love but he sure as hell was the perfect substitute. We met through my true love which happened to be his twin brother Chase. Ironic I know right.

Our relationship put a wedge between the brothers. Chase and i dated for awhile but he shut down and turned cold towards me and i never got it figured out. Why?. He just packed up and left town one day, no reasons no explanations. Just gone. Blake had been there to help me pick up the pieces and move on.

I spent months in devastation crying, not eating and fading away. Blake stepped up to comfort and help me realise that life didn't just end because Chase left me. We Blake and I, were always close but in the upcoming months it developed into more. He taught me to love again, to see the proverbial silver lining as it were.

We married four years ago and were happily married as far as I knew, before his life was cut rather short. He was killed in a gruesome car pile up on his way back from a late dinner with his business partner.

Chase had built a real solid wall around his heart. He became distant and hard. He didn't even show up for his brothers funeral that was a week ago. Could he hate us this much that his own flesh and blood meant so little to him when he passed to not even say goodbye to him.

I don't get where the anger comes from either he walked away from us, he built up his walls and he left, not the other way around.

After the funeral my parents offered me the beach house for a little R and R. I took them up on the offer and if I knew my life would drastically change I would have declined the offer.

Sitting on the porch head tilted back. Eyes closed with her dark glasses on, dosing off to the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore. The peace and tranquillity of it all brought back a rush of memories of when her husband was still alive.

Him swimming in the ocean and her lying on the porch watching him before falling asleep only to have a shadow falling over her and a very wet husband falling on her, wetting her already heated skin from the sun.

Now here she was, lying on the same wooden porch in the same sun lounger, looking over the same ocean, yet instead of happy and fulfilled, she was left feeling empty.

It was as if in reality she was reliving her memory because all of a sudden a shadow fell over Gabby and when she looked up, she almost died. The same chiseled face and pearcing blue eyes was staring right back at her. He was standing right there looking wonderful in all his glory. The memory was starting to feel very real.

Gabby jumped up and threw her arms around Blake and kissed him furiously. Tears now streaming down her cheeks.

"God, I have missed you so much," she said.

"Blake please don't leave me again, I need you, I miss you and I just can't go on without you" she says sobbing into his shoulder.

"Sorry, my precious" was the response that froze Gabby on the spot. The one man she thought she would never see again. The one man that could bring Gabby to her knees. Only one man ever called her my precious and that was Chase not her loving and devoted husband.

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