Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 10


Two Months later:

We are all moved in, found the perfect house, with the perfect enclosed back garden for Gabrielle to play in.

I have made no attempt as yet to get in contact with Gabby, even though every fibre of my being is itching to be with her again. I have given her the space and time she required. I have no idea if she is back home yet... but I guess all I need to do is ask my mom. Her and Gabby are still very close, I guess there will always be a strong bond between them, my mother has always loved her. Well whats not to love. My mother was pissed at me for crushing her the way I did and she has never made me forget it or live it down. Maybe in time we can all be happy again.

Sitting in my office going through monthly stats and finances there's a knock at my door.

"Enter," I shout way to loudly even for my own ears.

The door creaks open and there at the door stands Nanny Stone.

"Sorry to interupt you sir, but there is a woman here to see you, she says it's urgent, sir" Nanny Stone looks very unhappy because her face is all twisted up. Almost like she is pain.

I get up from my desk and start walking towards the front entrance.

I see the curly black hair first and my heart is about to explode from my chest. How did she know where to find us.

"Sorry to just drop by uninvited" she says ever so softly, before turning around. My heart literally just sank to my feet. I breathed easier when she turned and it was Gabby standing there.

I tried to shake off the uneasiness I was feeling but I am pretty sure the shock is still evident on my face.

"Are you alright, you look as if you have seen a ghost?" Gabby asks walking up to me.

"You never called, you didn't drop by, you left, you promised me you wouldn't just disappear again, but you did?" I could see the hurt and disappointment in her eyes, I could here it in her voice. I threw my arms around her and just held her tight.

I knew she needed space, to clear her mind and gather her thoughts. I never intended to be away so long. I rubbed my hands over her back kissing the top of her head

"I am sorry precious, I just thought you needed more time to process. I would never have left you for so long if I knew" I was saying when she pulled away from me. Her eyes fixated on a photo against the wall. I followed her line of sight and practically froze.

There against the wall above the mantle was a photo of Claire and me, just before she went into labour. It was a happy day, one of the good ones.

"Let me explain something to you about Claire." I say walking up to her and placing my hands on her shoulders. Gabby never moved she stood like a statue in one spot.

"Claire became mentally unstable during the pregnancy, she never wanted the baby, wanted nothing to do with any of it. I had to be around a lot to make sure that she wouldn't just up and leave one day or worse kill our unborn baby." I say sadness clearly evident in my tone. Gabby never moved so I pushed on.

"This picture is for Gabrielle, so that she can imagine the happiest mom who loved her and wanted her, she doesn't know the truth about her mother. She believes that her mother got sick and left to get better. Claire has never seen her. And I doubt she ever will ever come back. I tried finding her but every time we got a lead she would up and dissappear. Eventually I just stopped trying"

Gabby grabbed both my hands and pulled them around her. She just held me tight. When I turned her around her face was wet with tears.

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