Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 11


I am in total shock at the photo of Claire. We really do look a lot alike. Same hair color, eye color. My nose is rounder and so is my face shape where Claire's is more sharper and her nose more pointier than mine. She is also, by the looks of it, thinner than me and a bit taller. I could swear if I didn't know any better she could pass as my sister.

A rediculous thought I am sure. So I shrug it off.

My heart just aches for this precious little girl that could never know the truth of what her mother was really like.

"Precious, what are you doing here, not that I mind you coming out all this way to see me?" He asks me surprisingly.

"I need you Chase." I say nuzzling my head closer into his chest. "I needed to see you, I needed to remind you....." Chase pulled away to lift my head with his finger. Looking deep into my eyes to see if the completion of that sentence lay there.

"To what, My precious?" he asks now probing for the rest.

"To pull your head out of your arse, and come back to me" I plead a tear running down the side of my cheek. Chase takes his thumb running it over the tear.

"Precious are you sure, you are ready for all of this?" He asks again looking deep in my eyes to make sure.

To be quite honest I am not sure about a lot of things anymore. But after everything I have been through and the past two months of thinking things over I am sure of one thing.

I still love Chase, I think I always have, very much, and being without him now, is not even an option. Yes it won't be easy, of that I am also sure of. Why? Because there is not just Chase to think about, there is also a sweet innocent little girl to think about.

"Where is Gabrielle?" I ask Chase with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

"She's probably outside with the Nanny" he responds and before I could think things through, I throw my arms around Chase's neck, and plant my lips smack bang on his, kissing him passionately. He lifts me in his arms and I wrap my legs around his waist.

"Let's take this upstairs" Chase says barely removing his lips from mine. Before I have time to comprehend a rational thought we are in the room and the door is closed. Chase has placed me gently on the bed then looks down at me.

"There is something wrong with this picture my precious" he has a smug grin on his face. I am now biting my bottom lip wondering if he has changed his mind.

"W.... what could possibly be wrong with this, with us?" I ask feeling foolish and panic stricken.

"No precious, what's wrong is, you are way over dressed for that bed" he says smiling while stripping at lightning speed.

"You lay down here baby, I have something that I want to do for you" I say feeling more gutsy than I have ever done before.

When Chase lies down I can see the level of his excitement and I become more nervous. Wondering if I can go through with what I have planned.

We are in a slow seductive dance. Our bodies mesh well, like they haven't been seperated by five long years. We are still so attuned to one another.

I get up off the bed and slowly start taking off my clothes. When I reach for the zip on my dress and start pulling it down Chase's eyes are buldging out of the sockets. The dress is now lying pooled at my feet. I am standing in my black lace panties and bra. Chase has his lip between his teeth. If he bites any harder I am sure he will draw blood.

"By all that is holy, precious, you are one sexy woman, come here?" He calls me over. My hips sashay as I walk over to the bed ready to remove my heels before I get on the bed.

"No, leave those on" he says with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

He pulls me by my arm until I am lying under him. Well there goes my plan. He looks down at me and kisses me passionately. We are all body parts in the heat of the moment, not knowing where his body begins and my body ends.

His soft tounge delves deeper into my mouth and a soft yet hungry moan excapes. Chase smiles and moves his mouth to latch onto my puckered and very hard nipples. He pays homage equally to both my breasts. Licking, nibbling and suckling on both simultaneously.

My back arches off the bed as his one hand glides to my core. He runs his fingers barely touching my pussy that sends a shiver all over my very sensitive body.

"So wet for me already, precious" he states smugly

"Chase please, I need you now, take me please" I am practically begging at this stage. I never thought I would ever beg to be taken.

Chase makes quick work of removing my lace panty. He latches his lips to my core and sucks, licks and nibbles at the hard nub that is standing at attention. His tounge swirls around the nub before he lightly nibbles. He sucks it in hard and just that move alone, has me shattered and convulsing on the bed in pure unadulterated pleasure. He licks up all my juices before kissing his way back up my body before latching himself back onto my mouth.

"Fuck you taste heavenly my precious" he says before reaching into his nightstand and pulling out a condom. I am still trying to catch my breath and come back down to this planet.

He rolls the condom on and swiftly places his body between my already open thighs. He kisses me passionately while he slowly enters my wet and expecting core. As he slides in a moan leaves my throat and it sounds very foreign to me.

"God precious, you are so fucking tight, I won't last long at all" my feet or should I say my heels are pushing into Chase's firm yet rock hard ass. He is now finding his rhythm and moving faster in and out of me making me scream, as I am moved closer and closer to the ultimate climax with every stroke of his hard solid cock.

"God presh, I am going to cum, fuck me" he stutters before his orgasm renders him and me both speechless. My nails are clawed into Chase's back, I think I may have drawn blood. Chase falls on top of me cutting off my already very limited air supply as it is. I tap his shoulder and he slowly rolls onto the bed next to me.

"Fuck, sorry presh" he says trying to even out his rapid breathing. He rolls onto his side and pulls me closer to him, where we both settle and I end up falling asleep.

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