Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 12

A/N: This is an entirely new Chapter 12, with a new characters POV. This is not a long chapter. But Nanny Stone had to be introduced before the big reveal. Sorry for that though I do hope you will enjoy the new twist to the story.

Lovies as always


Nanny Stone.

I have worked as a nanny for Chase, sorry Mr Bradley for five years. I was hired before Claire just disappeared. I have no idea what was going through that child's mind really. Who could walk out on this precious little pumpkin. I love Gabrielle dearly and I would move heaven and earth for her.

Mr Bradley has been single since Claire walked out of his life. It has been perfect it always left me secure and with assurances. Now that Gabby is spending time with Chase, she has now thrown a spanner in the works. Why the hell could Chase just not have steered clear of her.

Now things will change and I hate change. I am going to have to take some personal time, time to regroup and restratergize. Maybe go visit my daughter for a week or two. I am sure she would love that. It has been awhile since I last saw her, with us now moving out of the city.

I leave my little pumpkin on the swings with a fare warning.

"Pumpkin, Nanny needs to speak to daddy quickly okay, you swing you do not move from there you understand me"

"Ahuh Nanny Stone, I won't move" she says diligently.

I head towards the sitting room as that is where Chase and Gabby were talking. They are not here now, so I head towards the stairs and that's when I hear it.

"Oh for God's sakes, there is a child in the house, has this woman no decency" I scold her internally. I walk back outside before my pumpkin comes in here and hears that ruckus.

About half an hour later I take a stroll to the kitchen for some drinks for Gabrielle and myself and I see Chase at the table with a glass of water. Now is my chance to ask Chase for time off.

"Sorry to disturb Sir, but I was wondering my daughter has fallen I'll and asked me to help out for a week or two, would that be okay with you sir?" I ask so sweetly, butter could melt in my mouth.

"Sorry to hear that Nanny Stone, when would you want to leave?"

"Tomorrow sir, if it's not too much trouble"

Who do you guys think Nanny Stone is?

And ......

What is her story?

Looking forward to hearing each ones response. I will dedicate a chapter to whoever gets the answer right.

Mwhas lovies


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