Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 13

After the very hot sex that Gabby and I shared. She fell asleep, practically immediately. I silently unhooked myself from Gabby's embrace and move to the bathroom. I grab a quick shower, put on sweats minus a shirt and no shoes. I walk silently out of the bedroom as not to wake my precious. I head downstairs where I find Gabrielle in the TV lounge watching some cartoons. I snuggle up to Gabrielle and hold her tight. Her body is so tiny I am usually scared I am going to crush her.

As the roving credits came up on the movie I noticed my little precious was fast asleep. I moved to switch off the television, I bent down to pick up Gabrielle and carry her through to her room. After placing her in her bed, switching on her fairy nightlight to keep the evil dragons away. I left my baby and went back to my room to check on Gabby. On my way there I pass a flower vase filled with long stemmed red roses. I choose a rose and head for my room. A plan formatting in my brain.

I sit silently on the edge of the bed watching Gabby sleep. I am overcome with such a strong emotion. I feel really positive about the place we can be heading in. She is a good woman who has had a raw deal most of her adult life, even though she is still young.

She looks angelic lying on her back with her hair fanning out over the pillow, her one arm buried under the pillow and the sheet barely covering her naked breasts. My God she is beautiful. I take the red rose which is a fantastic contrast to her bronzed skin and circle it softly over her cheek and around her mouth. She squirms ever so softly then moves. I run the rose down her chin then follow further down her neck. Her eyes flutter open and a small smile plays on her beautiful features.

"Mmmm hey baby," she says stretching which totally uncovers her beautiful pert breasts I move closer practically straddling her then run the rose down slowly between the twin peaks. She truly is goddess.

"Goddamn woman, you're beautiful, when you just wake up." I say leaning forward planting soft kisses following along the trail the rose has just been. Gabby writhes under me moaning in pure extasy. Her moans high jack a route straight to my throbbing cock, which is pressed between her now hot, wet sex. I place my forehead against hers while trying to catch my breath.

"We need to slow down," I say more to myself than to Gabby.

For years I imagined what it would feel and be like to actually hold and touch this woman again. To actually call her mine again. To be with her body, mind and soul. Although all my senses were ringing with having had her and her still being here in my bed, the reality of the past years came flooding back. The way he broke and crushed her. The way he left her and deserted her when she needed him the most.

I slowly remove myself from Gabby and lie down beside her. I just need to hold her. To feel her heart beating against my flesh. To know that in this moment she is here and she is real. After everything we have been through to be together.

With Gabby's head firmly laying on my chest again I asked a question that I never thought I would ask in bed with my brothers widow non the less.

"Tell me about Blake, what he was up to, the past five years?" I ask placing a soft reassuring kiss on the top of her head. The question was barely uttered before I felt Gabby stiffen then slowly relax again in my arms.

Gabby swallowed hard probably contemplating her response.

"What the hell, Chase not the time or the place to discuss this?" she responded coldly before grabbing the sheet then headed for the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I didn't hear the lock activate. Yes I have already had a shower, I didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. I get out the bed and head towards the closed bathroom door.

When I entered the bathroom the steam from the hot water had already started misting over everything. Gabby was standing in the shower crying. Shit, this is not what I wanted, or was expecting.

I strip out of my clothes rather quickly and join Gabby in the shower. The water is scolding hot. I take Gabby in my arms and just hold her.

"I am so sorry precious, I didn't think. I didn't mean to upset you like this" I repeat holding her close.

"You mean the world to me, I would never intentionally hurt you, you need to know that Gabby?" I say almost pleading.

"I know Chase, just the wrong time to discuss your brother. I mean I don't mind telling you about him, it's just during intimacy, not such a good idea." She says.

After talking for awhile Gabby went home and the wonderful evening ended. While I was getting ready for bed my phone rang and when I answered, nothing not a sound so I switched off the light climbed into bed and finally went to sleep thinking of that phone call. For the past six months or so, periodically my phone rings but no one talks back. It's been really weird, I can't shake this eary feeling about it tho. My mind slowly starts drifting to Gabby and where things could go for us from this point onwards. It's a good feeling.

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