Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 14


It's been awhile since Chase and I have spent time together, like we did a couple of weeks ago. He has been rather distant. Blamed it on work and something about strange phone calls, he has been receiving lately.

After serious deliberation, I have decided to not keep my distance any longer, that this weekend I will bridge the gap thats been building between us. To make a weekend of it spending quality time with Chase and Gabrielle. He has no idea, what I have planned, so it will kind of be a big surprise.

Chase, however has invited me to dinner tonight. I am hoping that tonight's date will be the start of great things for us. A weekend with just the three of us. A weekend to see how we all blend together as a unit. Hell the question I continuously ask myself is, Can we blend together as a unit?

It's almost time to go and my nerves are frazzled. My weekend bag is packed and stored in the trunk of my car already. I down the last bit of red wine in my glass, it has taken me forever to drink it. It was supposed to help settle my nerves. I rinse the glass, gather my keys and handbag, switch off the lights and lock my front door before heading off to Chase and Gabrielle.

I am parked outside his house. I take my phone out my bag and put it on silent, I do not want any distractions tonight.

I get to the front door and finally take a deep breath to gather the courage to ring the door bell.

I hear the door know rattle and did not expect Gabrielle to be standing there.

"Baby, what did daddy tell you about opening the door?"Chase asks firmly while drying his hands on a dishcloth standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

Gabrielle sinks her head and looks at the floor.

"You told me not to" she answers back almost looking as if she wants to cry.

"Don't do it again baby please, go wash up love, dinner will be ready

soon, okay" he says softening his voice, he ruffles her hair as she runs to freshen up.

As soon as Gabrielle was out of sight, Chase pulled me closer for a chaste kiss.

"Hello Gabby, sorry about that, you look absolutely gorgeous tonight" he says pulling me inside the house before shutting the door.

"It's alright" I say while following Chase into the kitchen.

I thought we were going out for dinner but by the looks of it plans have changed. I am pulled from my thoughts when Chase clears his throat and says

"I hope you don't mind the change of plans, it's just Gabrielle thought it might be better if we just stayed in tonight, having lasagne and watching movies, I kind of agreed with her" he says playing with his hair in the back of his neck.

"I don't mind at all, actually I would prefer it, besides that really smells delicious. I have a bag in my car, if you don't mind can I change into something a little more comfortable then?" I ask biting on my bottom lip in nervousness.

"Ok sure, babe are you sure you don't mind?" I cut him off before he can finish that sentence.

"Hey, I am sure, relax okay. I am just going to fetch my bag, I will be right back"

"Was this a foregone conclusion that you came prepared babe?" He asks smiling at me as I make my way to the front door, smiling, then to my car.

While grabbing my bag out the car, I am overwhelmed with the sense of being watched. I lock the trunk of my car and look around. It's rather dark so I don't see anything or anyone for that matter. I can't shake this feeling though, something is definitely off. I pick up the pace and lock the front door behind me. I try yet again to shake the unease off while I head towards the bathroom to change.

When I reamerge dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the table was set and the food ready to be served up. Gabrielle is already seated and waiting.

Conversation is easy flowing between the three of us and I soon relax and actually start having fun. Laughing at Gabrielle's antics and jokes.

Once dinner was done, Chase and I quickly tidied up while Gabrielle changed into her pj's. We headed towards the lounge where we are going to watch a movie.

We are three squashed onto the couch. Strangely enough it wasn't uncomfortable. Chase lying by the one armrest with Gabrielle lying in front of him and me lying up against Chase. It was very cosy.

Chase's phone rang and he stiffened when he saw the screen

"Private Number" been highlighted by the light. He ignored the call. Then the phone rang again. Chase answered. His response was short but direct. When we were almost at the end of the movie, his phone rang again. Chase just switched his phone off and pulled me closer.

"What's with the calls Chase?

What's going on?" I ask nervous and really concerned.

"Sshhhh, it's ok babe, don't worry about it" he says kissing the top of my head in comfort. I can still feel the tension radiating off of Chase.

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