Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 15

Please note this chapter is short due to it being the POV of a four year old. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Lovies Sacha

Gabrielle. (POV of a four year old)

There's a knock at the front door, daddy is in the kitchen so I don't think he heard the knock. I run to the door and open it.

I have grown up seeing photos of my mommy, Claire. This lady looks very much like my mommy.

Is she my mommy?

Daddy said my mommy was very sick and couldn't look after me, so she went away to get better.

I wonder if mommy will ever get better and come home, to come home to daddy and me.

Daddy is now standing in the kitchens doorway. I know I was naughty by opening the door.

"Ella what has daddy told you about opening the front door?" He asks me sounding angry. I look down at the floor now staring at my feet.

"You told me not to" I say wanting to cry.

I don't want to cry not in front of this lady that looks like my mommy. I want to show her how good and how big I am.

"Don't do it again Ella please, it's really important that you remember that okay, go wash up baby dinner is almost ready?" Daddy says ruffling my hair, that makes me giggle.

The nice lady looks at me and she is smiling. She is really pretty. I smile back at her then run off to the bathroom to wash up.

"Daddy where is the pretty lady?" I ask when I don't see her anywhere. I hope I didn't Chase her away because I was naughty.

"Ella she is just changing quickly and that pretty ladies name is Gabby" Daddy says with a broad smile on his face.

"Gabby is really pretty hey daddy, do you like Gabby daddy?" I ask really interested in daddy's answer.

"Yes, she is baby, go sit down let's get ready to eat" Daddy says carrying food to the table.

When Gabby joins us, she looks even prettier, well I think she does anyway.

When Gabby sits down daddy pours her and him a glass of wine and I get milk.

"Daddy can I have some of that please?" I ask pointing to the wine.

"No Ella, maybe one day when you're bigger" he says laughing at me.

"When I am big like Gabby, daddy?"I ask now pointing at Gabby who is smiling at me aswell.

Daddy is really happy, he spends a lot of time laughing and smiling at things that Gabby and I are saying.

I wish Nanny Stone was here so she could meet Gabby aswell. I think Nanny Stone would like Gabby. Nanny Stone's sister is very sick so she has gone to her house to look after her for a few days.

After a lot of laughing we are now finally finished with dinner and now we are going to watch a movie. Daddy and Gabby tidy up the dinner mess and I run to get the movie and jump on the couch to wait for them to finish up.

Daddy came and squeezed in behind me. I was lying down in front of him and Gabby was also almost lying on daddy and daddy was holding her. This is really nice and comfortable, like a real family.

Halfway through the movie I must've fallen asleep. I don't know when daddy carried me through to my bedroom but that is where I found myself the next morning.

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