Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 16


After tucking in Ella, kissing her forehead I switched on her fairy nightlight and closed the door behind me.

I am slowly walking down the passageway just staring at Gabby, something is really off with her tonight, I just wish she would talk to me about what it is, thats bothering her.

"My precious, are you alright?" I ask her, sounding very concerned.

"Mmm I don't know, I have this aerie feeling and I just can't shake it. It's probably nothing just me being stupid I guess" she says, but I just don't buy it. Stranger things have happened because I am kinda feeling the unease myself.

For the past six months or so, I have had the strangest phone calls at all ungodly hours, yet no-one speaks, I wonder if it's all connected somehow. I push it to the back of my mind as all I want to do right now is concentrate on the person sitting in my lounge.

"You wanna talk some more my precious or are you ready for bed?"I ask manoeuvring my eyebrows for emphasis on my intentions. Gabby gets up shaking her head and smiles at me.

"I get where your head is at, Mr Bradley, but would you mind just holding me tonight, please?" She asks sincerely. As if I could ever deny this woman anything.

"Of course my precious, anything for you" I say and actually mean it.

I place my arm around Gabby as we walk to my bedroom. The closer we get the cooler the passageway is getting. When I push open the bedroom door, the window is standing wide open and the bedroom has been completely overturned. The cupboards and draws have been thrown out and everything is strewn around the floor.

Gabby and I are frozen solid standing at the bedroom door. Our mouths are agape and shocked doesn't even begin to cover what we are both feeling right now.

"What the fuck" is all that escapes me right now. My mind goes fuzzy and the thought that sends shivers radiating all over my body, scares me half to death.

"Oh my god Ella" I say as I turn and run towards Ella's room. I push open the door and switch on the light. I breath a deep sigh of relief. She is still comfortably fast asleep and unaware of what has befallen us. I switch off the light and shut the door.

I head back towards my room only to find Gabby on her knees sitting on the floor between a lot of photos and papers. Before I move closer to her I pull out my phone to call the police. Once the call was placed I moved closer to Gabby.

They coming Gabs, they say not to touch anything in here" I say crouching down next to here, placing my hand for reassurance on her shoulder.

Gabby is holding a photo of Claire in her hand.

"I am still so shaken by our resemblance Chase, it really is unnerving. Can I please borrow this photo please, I promise to return it?"

"Sure Gabby, but what are you thinking?"

"I am not sure, baby, but I sure as fuck plan on getting some answers. What all do you know about Claire, where she grew up, family, anything?" The look on Gabby's face isn't one of fear. It's determination and frustration. It's scarey as hell seeing her this way.

"Well damn Gabs, we weren't together all that long, She only ever spoke to her mom on the phone and ....." the doorbell rings.

"We will finish this conversation later baby" I say walking out to answer the door.

I take the officers through to the bedroom, Gabby is now standing at the doorway bag in hand. She moves out of the way giving the officers entry to the bedroom.

"Baby, let me go home, you deal with this and I will come see you again tomorrow, we can clean this shit up together in the morning. Then we can talk some more" she says holding onto both my arms then kissing me on the mouth.

"Phone me once they leave, please" then she was gone. No time to even protest from my side.

I decided that once photos and statements were finally taken, which took about two bladdy hours, that a phone call would not suffice. I quickly packed an overnight bag for Gabrielle and myself and loaded it into the car. I went back to fetch my baby. I locked up the house and activated the alarm. We were going to spend the night at Gabby's. She just didn't know it yet.

Gabbies house was in total darkness her car wasn't even in the driveway, that only means that she is at the beach house. It's almost twelve when I pull into the drive and switch off the car.

I knock on the door and Gabby answers immediately. The phone to her ear and the look of shock etched on her features. I go grab Gabrielle and carry her off to the spare room following behind Gabby who is still on the phone. I then head back for our bag. I lock up and head back inside.

Glabby is now off the phone she locks up the beach house then turns wrapping her arms around me.

"What happened to tomorrow Chase?" She says whispering.

"I couldn't wait till tomorrow baby, besides I couldn't sleep there tonight not with all that mess, I hope you don't mind?" I ask kissing her tenderly.

"Not at all, would you like something to drink or would you like to go straight to bed?" She says feeling unsure of herself.

"After this exhausting day babe I think bed will be exactly what the doctor ordered" I say while being led to the bedroom, once again this evening.

"Who were you on the phone with baby at this late hour, if I may ask?"probably pushing my luck but inquisitive non the less.

"My mother, she says we need to have a talk, that it should happen soon. I tried fishing for more details but she clammed up." She says yawning.

"Ok let's talk tomorrow." I say kissing Gabby good night. We lie in others arms and within minutes we are fast asleep.

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