Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 17


I haven't slept this comfortably or peacefully in forever. Sharing a bed with Chase is so surreal, especially with everything that is happening.

Today we are going to clean up that god awful mess, that someone has left behind in Chase's bedroom. Then I think I need to take off to go see my mother. That talk we need to have is wearing thin on my nerves. I have this feeling though, that no matter what she has to say, I am not going to like it. I could here the dread in my mother's voice.

There is a stirring next to me and warm arms are suddenly wrapped around me. Chase pulls me closer to him placing a kiss to the side of my face.

"Good morning my precious" he says with his raspy morning voice that sends shivers igniting every pore on my body.

"Mmmm, morning babe" I smile cuddling closer into his body.

The next minute we hear snickering which sounds a lot like giggling, from the bed. We both lift our heads and are confronted with Ella sitting on the edge of the bed. Her hand pressed over her mouth trying to suppress more laughter.

"Aagghh, good morning my little precious" Chase says suppressing his own frustration, grabbing at Ella and placing her between us while tickling her tummy. Her wriggling and laughter really brings joy and happiness to my life. Makes me realise exactly what I have missed out on, and what I would definitely want in the future.

"Daddy, why we here?" She gets out between gasps of sucking in air from her laughter.

Chase had to do some quick thinking and his response brought a sweet smile to my face.

"Daddy wanted a sleep over my precious. Besides we have the beach right outside" he says hiding the fact that anything is wrong.

"The beach, yippee, we going to swim Gabby?" She says looking at me full of expectations.

My response is labored with uncertainty.

"Mmm maybe love, we have some things to do first but maybe a little later, we can" I say smiling back at her. I glance over at Chase, who is now smirking at me.

"Baby in the room, is your bag, why don't you go freshen up and change before we have breakfast, then we can decide what we going to do for the rest of the day, okay?" He says while Ella excitedly rushes from the room screeching in excitement.

Chase pulls me closer to him, now nuzzling into my neck.

"Mmmm do we have time ......" he starts to say

"Oh no stud, we have things to do today, if we have any hope of adding the beach to our already planned schedule, we need to get up and showered" I screech as Chase runs his tounge across my neck.

We get out of bed and head towards the shower, where we both freshen and clean up before breakfast.

We decided that a beach day would have to wait till later in the afternoon. We are now headed towards Chase's house in seperated vehicles as I will be leaving later to go to my mums.

Cleaning up Chase's room never took long at all, considering that when we reached the house, Nanny Stone had already cleared up most of everything already. She packed all the clothes away now it was just the photos and some private papers laying around.

While Chase tackled his private papers i tackled the photographs that i had already seen lasr night. Seeing pictures of Claire and Chase together is rather unsettling. I can see Chase is completely enamoured with Claire. The way he looks at her and holds her, touches me. Yet the way Claire looks back at him is distant and cold.

Now the room is complete and I am on my way to my mother's house. Nervousness etched in my white knuckles around the stearing wheel and my pulse beating so fast I think I am hyperventilating. I am not looking forward to this at all. I wonder what could be so bad that we needed THE talk. I am trying to relax my knuckles and steady my breathing, but nothing is working. My nerves at this stage are shot. I head towards the patio where my mom is already waiting for me.

"Hello mum" I say hugging her close to me. She looks incredibly stiff and uncomfortable. Past nervous. Which gives me reason for concern.

"Hey baby girl" she says shaking while she hugs me back. This makes me realise that what she has to say is truly drastic to give this type of response.

"Would you like something to drink baby?" She asks already walking us towards the kitchen.

"Coffee please mum" I respond sitting at the wooden table in the kitchen.

Mum scurries around getting the coffee made when she stands with her back towards me breathing really deeply.

"Did you bring the photo Gabs" my mom asks turning to look at me now.

I take the photo out of my bag and my mom picks it up and almost falls down. She sits quickly tears streaming down her face. I have never felt so confused as I do right now. What the hell is going on?

Tears now streaming down my face as I listen to what my mum says. I am in a state of shock and disbelief. I am sitting in my car at the beach house without recollection of how I even got here.

How the hell does life get so screwed up, so quickly?

How can family be so crewl? What type of family was I born into?

What type of family treats members that way?

I am riding back to the beach house in utter disbelief and I am horrified. I haven't stop crying since mum revealed the family secret. What the hell, like seriously how do I even do this?

I get back to the beach house without any recollection of how I even got here. I go inside wash my face and change into my bikini and shorts. I put on my dark sunglasses to hide my red, puffy, swollen eyes. I put on some music to try and change my solemn mood to a cheery disposition instead.

I hope Chase doesn't pick up on anything right now, I need some time to sift through all this information before I can say anything to him.

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