Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 4


Walking behind Gabby he was astounded at the maturity she exuded. Her perfect hourglass figure. The way her jean shorts clung to her perfectly rounded ass, her long shapely legs that I can only picture fitting perfectly around my waist or face. The way her sleeveless white crop top hugged her perfect breasts. She is most definitely a remarkable specimen. He placed his admiration on the back burner for now as he followed Gabby into the kitchen.

Gabbies likeness to Claire was astounding. In looks that is. That's where the resemblance ends. I fucked over Gabby and Claire fucked me over. Payback is a bitch I suppose. The wheel always turns and that's the irony, but I guess I have learned my lesson and I learnt it well.

"Listen my precious, let me rather go, I have some things I need to sort out before dinner tonight, say I pick you up here at seven thirty tonight" I didn't even wait for a response I walked over to Gabby held her face in my hands and kissed her gently before turning away and walking out.

I have spent almost five years dreading this very day and I still don't know how to break Gabbies heart all over again. God I wish things were different.

I walked over to my SUV jumped in and sped away. When I looked through my rear view mirror Gabby was standing on the porch, looking so lost with her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

I got to the hotel where I am staying handed over the car keys to the valet and walked right through to my room. I braced myself for the onslaught of Gabrielle. The only other woman to break through all my defenses. The only other woman who could make my life worth living. The only woman in my life, since Claire. I take a deep breath and open the door.

"Daddy, daddy look what I drew for you?" Gabrielle shouted while running and jumping into my arms.

"Wow, my little precious that's beautiful" I say kissing her on her rosy cheek.

"Where is Nanny Stone my precious, daddy needs to speak to her quickly can you go find her and tell her to meet me in the study please?" I ask while placing her two feet firmly back on the ground, before she took off running shouting for Nanny Stone all the way. I just stood there shaking my head while smiling.

My daughter truly is a remarkable little human being. She has stolen my heart since the day I heard I was going to have a daughter.

Nanny Stone walked into the office.

"Sir, I believe you're looking for me?" She says always sounding so formal.

"Yes Nanny Stone, I know I said you could have tonight off, but I have a last minute dinner meeting would you be able to take care of Ella tonight please" I ask finally looking up at Nanny Stone from a pile of papers lying on my desk.

"Yes sir, not a problem, I was going to meet my sister at the fun fare that's in town, would it be ok to take Ella with us, I am sure she would have plenty of fun" Nanny Stone says practically hoping from one foot to the other. I sit back in the chair and agree to Ella going with tonight.

"Sorry for messing with your plans, Nanny Stone. I do appreciate it really" I say standing then I dismiss the Nanny and head over to spend some time with Ella before I needed to get ready for dinner.

I knocked on the door and stood patiently waiting for Gabby to open up. When I raised my hand again to knock the door swung open and Gabby stood there in a very tight red halterneck midthigh dress her hair perfectly framing her face and black high heels. God this woman is a vision looking so delicious.

"Uhm sorry, do I look okay, I had no idea where we were going or what to wear?" she is babbling she is nervous. Well then that would make two of us. My palms are sweating and I feel like I am hyperventilating.

"Hells my precious, you look stunning, " I say practically feeling like I am going to swallow my tounge.

"This way my lady, your chariot awaits" I say placing my hand on her lower back pushing her towards my SUV.

We end up at some snazzy restaurant because I know Gabby hates making a scene and she will behave when I finally get to explain myself and my actions over the past almost five years.

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