Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 6


I knew things would be tough for Gabby to swallow but I had no idea she would have this reaction. No idea that she would pass out from the news. Now this is something new to deal with.

I paid my bill and then I loaded a semi concious Gabby into my SUV then proceeded to drive her the block and a half to my hotel. This is going to be a hell of a risk. She might actually meet Ella.

Ella has never seen me with another woman before, ever. She has always been my number one priority. Random woman on a weekly or a weekend basis has never been my MO, and it shouldn't start now, Gabby is different though she isn't just some random woman. I broke her heart. She was my everything until I destroyed it with Claire. I would like to get her back. I would do anything and everything to get her back, and that reality scares me.

The looks that were thrown my way while carrying a semi concious woman through the lobby of this very upmarket establishment to the elevators was priceless. God alone knows what these people must be thinking, but right now I really don't care, getting Gabby comfortable is my main and only concern. To hell with everyone else. I will explain to the manager tomorrow if he bothers to ask.

This woman always had a knack of surprising me. Tonight, again was no exception to the rule. She is still as light as feather just as I remember her always being, carrying her is no problem at all. Using my arms and hands, now that was an obstacle worth overcoming.

I lay her in my bed and cover her with a thin throw that is laying at the foot of my bed. She looks so peaceful so I move some of her hair that has fallen into her face and her eyes gently flutter open.

"I am so sorry, I never meant to ....." she started saying before I cut her off.

"Sshhh It's ok my precious, rest, we can talk about this tomorrow" I say placing a soft tender kiss on her forehead. I move the single seater chair from the window to next to the bed, where I can keep a closer eye on Gabby for incase she needs me. My eyes fall shut at some stage through the evening.

"Daddy," I hear Gabrielle from a distance, then I feel her small hand tugging at my arm.

"Daddy, daddy, who is that?" She asks pointing to Gabby, who is still fast asleep on my bed. Her dark Shirley Temple curls hanging over her shoulders and her forehead.

"That my sweet little precious is a very old friend of daddies" I whisper softly lifting Ella onto my lap and kissing her plump little cheeks.

"Oh, she looks a lot like my mommy, daddy" Ella says that makes me stiffen slightly. The fact that my daughter can see the resemblance is overwhelming.

Gabby shifts and her eyes flutter open and land on a smiling Ella and a very concerned look from me.

"Morning my precious some coffee and breakfast for you?" I ask when Ella pipes up and says

"Daddy I am your precious" she says leading me towards the bedroom door.

"Yes my little precious you are, but you are not the only one" I say giving a glance over my shoulder to Gabby on the bed, before heading out the door.

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