Forbidden and Desired.

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Chapter 7


Looking at the retreating Chase with a much smaller Gabrielle leading the way is a shock to the system that's for sure. I throw myself back on the bed and shake my head. There is still so much I need to hear and we never really got to talk much, not after my fainting spell. I am sure last night was only the tip of the ice berg. My God how embarrassing.

I get out of the bed refold the blanket and head for the on-suite bathroom where I scrounge around for a brush and a tooth brush. I pick up Chase's tooth, god forgive me and brush my teeth quickly then I open the top drawer and find a brush to do my hair. Nothing like going to breakfast with bed hair.

Once complete and I am looking presentable again, I take a stroll to the kitchen where I stand at the open doorway watching Chase and Gabrielle working together making toast for breakfast.

I am so lost in thought that I never heard Chase speak to me until he had to repeat himself.

"Gabby, I just asked you if you'de like anything on your toast?" He says with a smile on his face.

"Mmm sorry, no, just butter on the toast is fine thanx, do you guys need any help?" I ask feeling rather uncomfortable not doing anything.

Gabrielle turns to look at me and that's when I almost fall flat on my ass again. Now I really get to see Gabrielle properly. She has the most gorgeous mop of black hair that is full of curls and the bluest of blue eyes. Dimples on both her cheeks, when she smiles. She could really pass as my daughter, the resemblance is uncanny.

"You could pour the orange juice for me, please" she says smiling from ear to ear.

"That's all right pumpkin, I will finish up here, you guys sit down and I will bring it all through now" A woman's voice says from behind me.

"Ah Nanny Stone, thanx so much" he says smiling down at the beautiful woman.

"Nanny Stone, let me introduce you to an old friend of mine, Gabrielle McIntosh, or Gabby" he says smiling at her then me.

"Gabby this is Nanny Stone, Ella's Nanny and my right hand"

Nanny Stone's facial expression becomes reserved and stoic.

"Pleased to meet you Gabby" she says, with what I would classify as a fake smile that is now playing on her lips.

Nanny Stone is a mother figure, probably around forty eight maybe already in her early fifties. Beautiful short curly black hair that is slightly greying and big beautiful green eyes. She gives off that air that reminds me a lot of my mother.

We sit down to enjoy a small breakfast with very polite conversation when Chase asks Ella to go play by Nanny Stone. He then looks over to me once we are alone.

"And you, my precious, we still have a conversation to finish, and some catching up to do. It's been years since we have seen each other" He says looking rather nervously at me.

"Okay" I say nervously chewing on my bottom lip.

"Chase I honestly don't know if I can deal or stomach more than I have received right now, I mean I am really confused and need time to process all of this". I say pointing around intending that he understands his home with Gabrielle.

"Do you have any idea what it's like seeing your daughter that looks so much like me, to know you named her Gabrielle like me and her pet name is what you have always named me. I mean that in itself is a lot to take in. I know I am babbling Chase, but these are feelings or words that need to be said. It's all just a bit much"

"Look my precious, I know it's a lot to take in and process. You're right, maybe in smaller doses, I agree, but walking away from you was harder than what you think it was. But i assure you one thing today, I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay, for Gabrielle and for you, I will not loose you again" He says sounding resolute.

"Again, I lost you once before but I will not loose you again, no matter what, I am here to stay" he says holding onto my hand as if I would just disappear.

Before I could register anything more, his lips were plastered against mine. I couldn't stop it. In all honesty I wasn't sure I wanted to stop it. Our tounges dueling in perfect synchronisation.

"Daddy" was all it took to make me realise this was all wrong. It was like a thousand litres of ice cold water was thrown out over me. It was like I was being shocked. I had no idea where I was, I grabbed my bag and ran out the front door. I needed to get home and clear my thoughts. And maybe a good idea after that steamy kiss, an ice cold shower.

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